Summary of The Hindu 8th DECEMBER 2023

Revanth sworn in as Telangana CM

Revanth Reddy was sworn in as Chief Minister of Telangana on Thursday . He immediately signed his first file , to implement six ‘ welfare guarantees ‘ that was made in Congress poll manifestos . He extended invitation to public to attend Praja Darbar and present their grievances .

Center announces ₹1500 crore aid to T.N. and A.P. after Cyclone wreaks havoc

The Indian govt on Thursday released ₹493 crore to Andhra Pradesh and ₹450 crore to Tamil Nadu in the wake of damage inflicted by severe cyclonic storm Michaung this week .

Apart from this center has approved another ₹561.29 crore for Chennai for flood motivations efforts .

Pannun ‘assassination plot ‘ likely to be at top of FBI chief’s agenda on India visit next week

USA’s Federal Beuraeu of Investigation ( FBI ) director Christopher Wray will travel to India next week . The issue of India plotting to kill Pannun is going to be in the focus in the talks of FBI chief visit .

US senate’s Foreign Relations Committee had put India with countries like Russia , China and Iran that is accused of targeting “ dissidents “ in other countries .

SC asks center to give details of inflow of  ‘ illegal ‘ migrants.

Supreme Court ( SC )is hearing petition by indigenous Assamese Group challenging Section 6A of the citizenship Act , 1955 .

The court on Thursday observed that  “ unlimited influx “ of migrants from  Bangladesh not only changed demographics but alsoposted a burden on Indian  citizens .

The Supreme Court ordered home secretary to file an affidavit before Monday on “ estimated inflow of illegal migrants in India , including Assam after March 25 , 1971 . “  . It has also asked what steps govt has taken regarding this and extent of timeline for border fencing.

Section 6A of Citizenship  Act 1955  , is about Assam Accord passed in 1985 .

Section 6A decided India into three time period.

Those who entered India on or before January 1 ,1966 , were deemed India. Citizen . Those who came between January 1 , 1966 and March 25, 1971 were registered as Indians provided they fulfilled certain conditions . Those who entered after March 25 , 1971 were illegal migrants and were to be deported .

Indian ambassador granted Consular access to 8 death row prisoners in Qatar: MEA

The Indian ambassador to Qatar received consular access to eight Indian death row prisoners being held in Doha last Sunday ,  The Ministry of External Affairs stated . It further said that matter is being closely looked and all consular and legal help is being provided .

The information came days after meeting of PM Modi and Emir of Qatar , Tamir Bin Hamad Bin Thami on the sidelines of CoP 28 in Dubai .

The Qatar court had delivered death sentence to all eight persons on October 26 .

The matter was related to security .

Both India and Qatar have been tight lipped about the cases .

US shared evidence on Pannun issue , Canada did not    : Jaishankar

On a question in Rajya Sabha on why Indian government didn’t reply in same words about allegations on plot to kill Gurupatwant Singh Pannun  , Foreign Minister told that “ No specific evidence or input was provided in case of Canada , while US has given some inputs .

“ In so far the US is concerned , certain inputs were given to us as part of the security cooperation and those  inputs were of concern to us because they related to nexus of organized crime , trafficking and other matters . Because it has bearing on our own security , it was decided to institute an inquiry “ Mr Jaishankar told in his reply .


Israel fights Hamas militants in Gaza’s second largest city

Israeli troops battled Hamas militants on Wednesday in and around Khan Younis , Gaza’s second largest city .

The situation for citizens in southern Gaza has become very bad as aid delivery is blocked.

UN has said that 1.87 million people over 80 % of the Population of 2.3 millions has already left their homes .

On Wednesday UN Secretary General Antonio Gueterras used a rarely exercised power to warn security council of “ humanitarian catastrophe “ in Gaza and urged members to demand a ceasefire .

Israel accused the UN chief of  “ a new Morale low “ and “ bias “ against  Israel .

US signalled that it would not support security council action .

Israel campaign has killed 16,200 in Gaza and wounded more than 42,000 .

Republicans stall aid for Israel , Ukraine ; Biden calls it greatest govt got Putin

US senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked the advance for 110 billion dollar package of wartime funding for Ukriane and Israel as well as other national security priorities .

The also tried to force Biden to include change is US border law .

Spaeking in white house US  president Joe Biden said “ Republicans on Congress are willing to give Putin the greatest gift they could hope for . “

EU tells China ‘differences ‘ must be addressed : Italy pulls out of BRI pact

EU – China summit started in Beijing on Thursday . In his opening remarks EU president Ursula Van DerLayen  told Mr. Xi “ there are clear imbalances and differences which we must address “ . She said that there are times when interest of EU and China coincide in issues like cooperation on AI and Climate change , however there are issues  whether there is differences and it should be managed responsibly .

On the eve of summit , news broke that Italy has withdrawn from China’s Belt and Road Initiative ( BRI ) . China has slammed this move by Italy .

EU’s largest trading partner is China . However China exports more to EU than it imports . This has led to trade deficit of more than 250 billion dollar in recent years . EU is concerned about this trade deficit . 18 EU countrie out of 27 are part of China’s BRI . After pulling out by Italy 17 countries are part of BRI .

Under BRI China has invested heavily to build Infrastructure projects .

European countries that are part of BRI

Cash strapped Pakistan get 658 dollar million package from ADB

Cash strapped Pakistan has secured 658 million dollar package of financing from Asia. development Bank .

Chinese Navy ship becomes first to dock first on Cambodian base

Chinese Naval vessel has become the first to dock at new pier , at  a Combodian Naval base .US and security analyst has said that the base is going to serve as a strategic outpost for Beijing in future .

Ream  Naval Base to be used by China

 No fait accomplii        

Restoration of statehood and polls in J&k Should not be delayed

The editorial is about the restoration of state hood of Jammu and Kashmir which is still under suspension .

Years after government removed Article 370 and split Jammu and Kashmir in two Union territories  , Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh  .

Decisosins about legality of  revocation of article 370 is still pending with Supreme Court .

Recently govt passed Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation ( Amendment ) bill 2023 .

The major amendment are :

     The seats in J&K assembly has been increased from 107 to 114 .  9 seats has been reserved for STs ( first time ) . Lieutenant Governor can nominate two members from Kashmiri Migrant community . Kashmiri Migrants means those who came to Kashmir after Indo Pak war in 1947 , 1965 and 1971 .

     The term “weak and underprivileged class ( social castes “ in J&K reservation act 2004 has been replaced with “ other backward classes “ .


The editorial presses that government shoukd restore statehood of J&K as soon as possible .

Gaza in flames

Israel should not be  allowed to extend and expand the war against Palestinians

The editorial is analaysis of the Gaza offensive by Israel . Istael decided to eliminate Hamas after Hamas attack on Israel killed about 1200 Israelis  . Israel plundered Nothern Gaza telling ciivilinas to move to South . Now it is attacking southern part especially around city of Khan Younis . These cities population has doubled as many from northern Gaza who left their homes are staying  there . Egypt has increased its border security as civilians can  try to move to Egypt .

Two months has passed of the strike by Israel , ,it has cost death of around 16,000 . US though has called for humanitarian pause but it has not told anything about ceasefire . ISraeli President has told that strike will go on till elimination of Hamas .

International community should look in to it , the attack is causing huge loss of life ti civilians . International community should pressurise Israel for cease fire at an urgent basis .


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