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CAA rules allows dual citizenship : pleas in SC

A written submission filed In Supreme Court by India. union Muslim League has following contention about the CAA rules

     CAA rules overlook “ effective renunciation of citizenship “ . Means the CAA provision does not have a provision that those who will get citizenship will avoid the citizenship of a previous country . This is a violation of construction . The Indian constitution does not allow dual citizenship , and a person must abolish citizenship of any country before becoming an India citizen .

     The other defect pointed by petitioner is that CAA does not included , Ahmadiyya community which is widely persecuted. Also that CAA does not include atheists are not included .

     Only a “ selected group “ has been chosen for citizenship . Refugees from Sri Lanka , Myanmar , Rohingyas has been excluded .

The court is set to hear the case on April 9 .


New all whether road adds to Ladakh’s strategic heft

Border Road Organization ( BRO ) on March 27  got a major breakthrough in completion of  Nimmu – Padam – Barcha road . The road has got completed but a tunnel under ShipkiLa pass still has to be constructed.

The work for the tunnel was started by BRO . The tunnel is likely to be completed by 2025 .

About Nimu – Padam – Darcha Road

The road will allow surface movement from Leh to Lahaul Spiti through the world’s highest tunnel at Shinku La pass at 16,580 feet .

“ It will be the first all weather road to Ladakh connecting the rest of the country .

It is the third axis and shortest route compared to  currently operational Manali – Leh Road ( 428 km ) and Srinagar Leh Road ( 439 km ) .

At present security forces , stock ration and ammunition months in advance to maintain vigil on borders .China on other hand , has developed all weather networks close to the Line of Actual Control ( LAC ) .

Opening the Shinku La pass will make the road much faster and less exposed for mobilization of troops in Ladakh .

The apprehensions

However there are murmurs and discontent among local people over the project . Climate activists are concerned that the project might change the landscape of Zaskar .

States identify thousands of  hectares of ‘degraded ‘ forest land to be offered for earning green credits

Weeks after the Union Environment ministry Announced  the rules for its Green Credit Programme ( GCP ) , 10 states have identified parcels of degraded forest land , totalling about 3853 hectare  , will be available for individuals , groups , public , private units to earn and potentially trade green credit .

The green Credit programme shall  incentivise environmental green credit through market based mechanisms  and generate green credit .

The credit will be generated in several ways .

     Under the scheme  , registered and approved entities  can pay to finance afforestation projects in specific tracts of degraded forest or wasteland . Two years after planting and after proper evaluation  – each planted tree could be worth one ‘ green credit ‘ .

     Offset Obligation – The green credits can be used by companies which have diverted forest land for non forest purposes  .

     Companies can also finance the forest department and give the land to forest .

     In several states including Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh , where large tracts have been historically diverted foe mining, getting contiguous non forest land for compensatory afforestation is challenging .

Pak slams  Rajnath’s provocative remarks

On Friday Defense Minister Rajnath Singh ahs commented “ If terrorist run away to Paksitan , we will enter Pakistan to kill them “

Pakistan’s foreign minister spokesperson on Saturday  “ denounced the provocative remarks’ ‘ while asserting that Pakistan stands resolute in its “intent and ability “ to safeguard it’s sovereignty against any “  act of aggression “ .

Leh Apex body calls off March

Leh Apex body called of the border march on Sunday , as Ladakh administration stepped up measures to  block proposed events .

Climate Activist and Sonam Wangchuk and Leh Apex Body ( LAB ) had organised bfor ‘Pashmina March’ , this was to highlight the plight of Changpa  nomadic tribes who are losing thousands of square kilometres of land


Israeli troops dig up body hostage who died in Gaza

Israeli forces has said that on Saturday its special forces had discovered the body of a hostage killed while being held captive in Gaza .

Hamas has made around 253 people hostages .

Hamas announces participation in new round of truce talk scheduled to be held in Cairo .

Israel is yet to take a call on whether it will be participating or not as it believes that the event will be ‘  more political theater than actual progress ‘ .

 Russia evacuated more than 4000 people as dam bursts

Russia on Saturday said that it had evacuated 4,000 people in the Orenburg region , in the Southern Urals near Kazakhstan , due to flooding after a dam burst .

The press service of the Offenburg governor said that “ 4208 people , including. 1019 children “ had been evacuated and more than. 2500 homes were affected by flooding .

Russia opened a criminal case  for “ negligence and violation of construction safety rules “ over the dam burst  on Friday .

Chinese don’t want to  follow security rules , says Maryam Nawaz

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has said that the Chinese nationals living in Pakistan get “ resentful “ when they are asked to follow the protocols .

This comes just after a recent bombing killed five Chinese persons in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province .

Pakistan is working on providing fool proof security to Chinese national residing in Pakistan.

Mexico breaks ties with Ecuador after police storme embassy

Mexico has broken diplomatic ties with Ecuador . This comes just after Ecuadorian police broke into Mexican embassy in capital Quito to arrest a former vice president  Joege Glas .

Mr Glas has been convicted of bribery and corruption charges . Since December he had been hiding in the Mexican embassy .

Diplomatic premises are considered “ inviolable “ under vienna convention .

Mexico has called the event violation of international law , and has said that it will move to the International Court of Justice in this case .

Ecuador in Green 

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