Summary of The Hindu 6th DECEMBER 2023

114 seats , migrant quota cleared for J&K Assembly

The Lok Sabha in Monday passed the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation ( Amednment ) bill  , 2023. Jammu and Kashmir Reservation ( Amednment ) bill  , 2023.

·      The Bill increases the total number of seats in J&K assembly to 114 from 107.

·      Nine seats are reserved for Scheduled tribe for the first time .

·      It also empowers the Liutenant Governor to nominate three members from assembly , two from Kashmiri migrant community and third member being a representative of people from PoK .who took refuge in India following the wars with Pakistan in 1947 , 1965 and 1971 .

·      The Bill replaces the term “weak and underprivileged in the J&K reservation act , 2004 to “ other backward classes “ as declared by the Union territory .

Govt needs latitude to make peace , says CJI

On Wednesday , Supreme Court was hearing a case filed by indigenous groups of Assam and which has challanged the citizenship act 1955 . The petitioner represented by senior Advocate Shyam Diwan claimed that provision became a “ beacon “ of more foreign “ infiltration “ into Assam , leading to the destruction of local cultural identity .

“ Illegal immigration into Assam has been awarded with the.benefits of Indian citizenship “ Mr. divan told SC .

CJI observed “ You must give the govt that latitude Even today , there are states in North East affected by insurgency and violence , , “CJI heading constitution bench observed .

Section 6A of. Citizenship Act 1955 , includes Assam Accord by which it was clarified which migrants from other states and Bangladesh can be given citizenship and which not .

Migrants to Assam before 1966 were given citizenship . It was brought because of regular protest from Years .

India reminded Myanmar to return to ‘federal democracy

India’s foreing secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra met a Foreign ministry delegation of Myanmar .

Both sides held discussion on wife range of issues covering the situation along the border , security , trade and commerce .  The Indian side reiterated its support to Maynamar for a transition towards a federal democracy . “ Said a press note from the ministry of External affairs , on Wednesday .

 Myanmar’s military is battling  armed insurgent who have forced it out over the several township in past few weeks . Chin , Shan and Singing provinces bordering India , Chuan and Myanmar is facing it .


Panel Working on guidelines on seizure of personal digital devices , center tells SC

The government in the Supreme Court on Wednesday remained unambiguous , a kit framing guidelines about investigating agencies to follow the guidelines for investigating agencies to follow during the seizure of Electronics evidence from personal devices , including mobile phones and computers especially if academia and pressoersons .

A bench headed by Justice ce Sanjay Krishna  kaul said that government has been sitting on the issue of framing guidelines for 2 years .

Govt in its reply told that a “ committee” was working on the issue and he would get instructions by next week .

Move away from colonial mindset , encourage use of Bhartiya language : NCERT

In a question in Parliament about whether Center has received any recommendation from a “ panel  “ by NCERT to use the term ‘ Bharat ‘ in place of ‘India ‘ .. Ministry of Education replied that it recognises both India and Bharat as the Official name of the country which can be used interchangeably .

“ The NCERT duly acknowledges the same spirit and does not differentiate between the two.  “.

“ As we collectively move from colonial mindset and encourages the usages of word in Bhartiya Bhasha , NCERT as an autonomous body under the aegis of Ministry of Education involved in preparation of school curriculum and textbooks , will also do it’s best in furthering the same “

Garba dance of Gujrat makes it to UNESCO list

Gujarat’s traditional dance form ‘Garba ‘ was in Wednesday included in the list of intangible cultural heritage by United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organization.

UNESCO described ‘Garba’ as a ritualistic and devotional dance performed in India .



Gaza civilians suffers as heavy fighting halts aid delivery

Israel forces battled Hamas militants across Gaza on Wednesday . Israel forces are battling in Khan Younis and nearby areas .

Israel had earlier told Gaza citizens to move to South , About 1.87 million people left their homes and went to southern part of Gaza . Now Israel is attacking southern part of Gaza , so makeshift shelters and family homes are overflowing with many sleeping on the streets .

Egypt has deployed thousands of its troops to prevent mass influx to refugees .

Hamas still has 138 hostages in this capture ..


Indian Origin media executive Samir Shah to head BBC board

 Samir Shah a British Indian has been chosen by the British Government to head the British Broadcasting Corporation ( BBC ) .

The previous chair Richard Sharp , stepped down in June over his failure of to disclose that that he had helped arrange 800,000 euro loan to former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson .

BBC runs it’s Broadcasting in 46 languages in many countries .

Recently it is facing funding crunch and it stopped broadcasting in few African countries .

As Ukraine War grinds on , Putin visits Saudi Arabia , UAE

Russian President Vladimir  Putin began his trip on Wednesday to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates .

Four Russian Sukhoi – Su 35 fighter jet accompanied Mr Putin on the flight , Russian state media reported .

UAE has highlighted it’s increasing business ties with Russia since sanction from West on Russia .

Ukrainian on hand for event expressed outrage over Mr. Putin being in the  country .

Google unveils ‘Gemini ‘ AI tech trained to behave like humans

Google has unveiled ‘ Gemini ‘ , AI tech trained to behave like humans that’s likely to int sifu technologies potential Perils and Promise .

The rollout will enroll in phases with less sophisticated versions of Gemini called “ Nano “ and “ Pro “ being immediately incorporated in Google’s AI powered chatbot Bard .


Bard is Google’s Generative AI platform similar to ChatGPT .

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