Summary of The Hindu 5th NOVEMBER 2023

Nepal earthquake claims 157 lives in remote village

At least 160 people were killed and over 160 injured when a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal .

It was worst since 2015 earthquake .

The epicenter of earthquake was Jajarkot district about 500 km west of Kathmandu was recorded at 11:47 PM on Friday .

Friday’s earthquake was most devastating since 2015 when more than 9000 died and more than 22,000 got injured .

The impact of earthquake was felt in Kathmandu and Surrounding districts , and even in New Delhi . The Jajarkot district and Rukum  district of Western Nepal were worst affected .

Free ration scheme to be extended for five more years

The Union govt’s programme to provide free food grain to every month to 80 crore Indians which is slated to end this December will be extended  for another five years ,  PM Narendra Modi said on Saturday .

The Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalayan Anna Yojna (PMGKY ) was introduced during Pandemic in 2020 . Under PMGKY 5 kg free food grain per beneficiary provided in addition to the 5 kg of subsidized food grains they were entitled to under National Food Security mission .

PM Modi announced this in a rally in Durg .

Air quality worsens across North India

Air quality deteriorated sharply across North India with farm fires registering an uptick as paddy harvest picked up in Punjab , Haryana and Uttar Pradesh .

The highest stubble burning was recorded in Punjab . Haryana currently is worst hit . AQI in eight district  Haryana has crossed 400 mark .

Haryana agriculture minister has blamed Punjab for rising pollution .

Festive shopping has been hit in Haryana and Punjab . Chamber of trade has called for immediate meeting with PM .




Israel Military strike kills multiple civilians at center in Gaza strip

Israeli military strike killed multiple civilians on Sunday  at a UN shelter hospital in main city of Gaza .strip as a assault intensified upon beseized enclave’s Hamas rulers , amid growing international uproar over the Israeli attack on Gaza .

The new attack came when US secretary of state held meeting with Arab foreign ministers in Jordan , he met Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to assist for humanitarian pause .

Netanyahu , assisted that there could be no humanitarian pause until all hostages held by Hamas be released .

Egyptian official proposed that Egypt and Qatar is proposing humanitarian pause for six to 12 hours daily to allow aid in and casualties to be evacuated .

” The humanitarian situation is horrific” UN secretary general Antonio Gueterras told .

More than 9400 palestinians have been killed so far including 3900 children .

Ranil questions double standards of US over human rights in Gaza and Sri Lanka

Srilankan President Ranil Wickramshinghe has accused west and in particular  US for  ” double standard ” in addressing human rights concern in Gaza and Sri Lanka .

Naming US and Canada during inauguration of a court Mr. Wickramshinghe told ” The all got together and passed a resolution against Sri Lanka ” He was referring to 2022 human rights resolution against Sri Lanka .

Contemplating that ” what applies to us , must also apply in Gaza ”

” what the US has told us , they must also ensure in ensured in Gaza ”

Sri Lanka recently. voted in favor of humanitarian truce in UNGA resolution voting .

India had abstained from voting .

Pakistan military kills nine who attacked Air force base

Pakistan military. claimed it’s forces killed nine armed men who attacked an airforce training base on Saturday .

” All nine have been sent to hell  ” , military sent in a statement. 

Tehreek e Jihad Pakistan ( TJP ) , a newly emerged group from Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan ( TTP ) has taken responsibility of attack on a Air Force base in Mianwali , Pakistan .

They damaged 3 already phased out military aircrafts .

Turkey recalls Israel envoy ‘ breaks off ‘ contact with PM Netanyahu

Turkey said it was recalling its ambassador to from Israel and breaking all contacts with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in protest against bloodshed in Gaza .


Larger scale warfare may have occurred 1000 years earlier

A recent study published in the magazine the scientific reports has revealed that a larger scale warfare might have occurred about 1000 years ago than thought to be .

In a excavation in Roja Anvesa in Northern Spain  the dead remains  fifty two persons have found , they died of arrowhead . Carbon dating suggests that they dead were  5400 to 5000 years ago .

The war among them was not organised the battle suggests that were fought among small groups of 20 to 30 people

Environmental factors determine height of children

In. A significant findings , scientists have discovered that environmental factors okay a greater role in determining the height of children than environmental factors  in low and middle income countries  ( LMIC ) than those from European nations , where genetic factor predominate in regulating  childhood height .

It was found in a study by Hyderabad based Center for cellular and molecular Biology ( CSIR – CCMB ) .


What has led to the Maratha quota agitation ?

Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange Patil  broke his nine day long fast on November 2 after getting assurance from govt to make law for reservation of Marathas by 2 nd January 2024 .

The demand of Jarange Patil is to give Maratha status of OBC and reservation in education and govt jobs .

Maharashtra govt in 2018 had given reservation to Marathas for jobs of state govt but Supreme Court in 2021 scrapped it .

Currently OBC community in Maharashtra which forms about 19  % is protesting against govt agreeing to include Marathas in OBC .

What is the status of Kavach installation

Recently a train accident happened in Vizianagaram district in Andhra Pradesh , 14 persons were killed and 50 got injured in the accident . The accident reportedly occurred due to loco pilot crossing red signal and hitting other stationary train.

Indian govt has developed Kabach system that can be used to prevent such incidents . Kavach in such cases when train oversteps red signal automatically applied brakes .

Kavach prevent accidents even when the two trains are on same track and there is some distance between it .


Currently only 1800 km of track is covered by Kavach . Total track length of Indian railway is 6800 km .

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