Summary of The Hindu 5th JANUARY 2024

8 Indians get 60 days to contest Qatari jail terms

Ministry of External Affairs ( EAM )  on Wednesday confirmed that death penalty of eight Indians  in Qatar has been committed .

EAM spolesperson told that court has given. 60 days , to appeal against the jail terms .

On Dec 28 the Israel Appeallate  court gave verdict in which the death sentence was reduced to jail term of varying quantum .

SC declines to take up plea by Indian held in Prague , for ‘plot ‘ to kill Pannun

The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to intervene in a plea by an Indian National for assistance from the Union govt to defend his rights in foreign courts , after being detained in Prague .

Bench headed by Justice Sanjiv Khanna said that the court has to respect principles of International law and the sovereignty of courts and will go strictly by Vienna convention .

Viena convention says that the accused be governed by law in the country where he is held .

Justice Sanjiv Khanna further said “ This is a sensitive matter for govt also … We will not make any statement in this court . it is for the govt to do what they want to do .”

Changes in Navy’s top deck ; Dinesh K Tripathi new  vice chief of Naval staff

Health Ministry seeks data on single women opting for ART

To assess the functioning of ART ( Assisatted Reproductive Technology ) act , 2021 , the Union health ministry and sought data from all states and UTs category wise data on  couples and single woman who opted for surrogacy , successfully following the implementation of the surrogacy Act .

Under ART act aims to regulate ART clinics , and Assisatted Reproductive bank , prevent the misuse of ART .

ART is offered as a treatment to infertility , and to prevent congenital abnormalities , etc .

India , like the rest of the world , is facing dip in fertility rates , and increasing cost of ART cycles.

IVF clinics comes under ART .

ISRO to perform crucial crucial manuvwde tomorrow to take Aditya L1 into L1 orbit

Around 4pm on Friday ISRO scientist and engineers from ISTRAC will perform a maneuver that will put Aditya L1 in. An orbit around L1.

Aditya L1 is India’s first solar mission . It carries seven payloads to observe the photosphere , chromosphere , and the outermostnlayer of the sun , using electromagnetic and particle detectors .

L1 point is about 1.5 million km from earth to sin . The distance is about 1% of the earth sub system .

New antibiotic could target drug resistant bacterium : scientists.

Researchers have identified a new class of antibiotics with potential to kill drug resistant bacterium .Acinetonactor baumanii , Zosurabalphin , the antibiotic was found to be effective against CRAB ( Carbapenem Resistant Acinebacgir baumannii ) induced pneumonia and sepsis in mause models .

The research related to this was mentioned in Nature magazine .

“Modi remark “ ; Khera gets no relief from SC

The SC on Thursday declined a plea by Congress leader Pawan Khera to quash criminal proceedings inatitituted against him for allegedly calling Prime Minister “ Narendra Gautam Das Modi “ at a press conference in Mumbai .

Delhi LG recommends CBI probe into tests of  “ ghost “ patients by Mohalla clinics .

Delhi LG VK Saxena has recommended a CBI enquiry into allegations that Delhi Government’s Aam Admi Mihalla Clinics ( AAMC ) prescribed Medica test for “ ghosts “ or “ non existent “ partients costing hundreds of crores to government .

The other allegations are that doctores at AAMCs used orerecorded videos to mark their presence .

AAMCs is Delhi Govt flagship project . The citubhas over 550 such health facilities , that offer free primary health care facilities . Patients can avail 450 medical test at these center’s , cost of it is born by state govt .


Iran vows revenge after biggest attack since 1979

On Wednesday explosion at a peaceful gathering on the death anniversary of Qasssim Sollemani .

Iranian authorities revised the toll of Wednesday to be 84 .

Islami State has taken the responsibility for the attack .

Earlier a US representative said the blast appeared to represent “ a terrorist attack “ .

Cowardly act : Iran’s powerful Guards vowed to “ strengthen the resolve to decisovwkyband justly punish the preprators “ .

India has conveyed it’s shock at blasts at Iran memorial .

Deadly strike hit Gaza as tensions rise in West Asia

Israeli bombing killed dozens of people overnight in Gaza , the health ministry of Hamas run palestinian territory said .

 US secretary of state was due to head to West Asia .Tensions have also surged  with Israel’s Nothern border with Lebanon , where a strike in Beirut , on Tuesday killed Hamas deputy chief Saleh Al Aruri .

Hezbollah has vowed that killing of Aruri and Six others on its home turf will not go unpunished .

Hezbollah chief Hasan Nasarallah said “ for now , we are fighting on a front line  , following meticulous calculations “ , but warned “ if enemy thinks of waging war on Lebanon , we will fight without rules , without limits and withiuth restrictions “ .

This comes after Israel army Chief Herzo Halevi visited Labnwse border “ and said “ troops were very high on readiness “ .

4 Hezbollah fighters killed in South Labnon

Fourt Hezbollah fighters were killed overnight in southern Labnon , in what Labnwse state media said , were Israeli strike on the border town Naqura .

Hezbollah is in constant fight with Israel in border areas since October 8 ,2023 .

Nearly three months , of cross border fire , have left 175 people of Labnon, including 129 Hezbollah fighters , but also more than 20 civilans .

Beijing condemns Armed conflict on Myanmar Border

Chinese media outlets reported on Wednesday that an artillery shell in Myanmar had fallen across the border  in the town , in the town on Nansan in Chinese in Chinese Yunan Province , where it exploded and caused injuries to multiple people .

Asked about these reports in media briefing Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said “ China expresses strong dissatisfaction that the armed conflict has caused Chinese Casualties “ adding that Beijing had made “ Solemn representation to the relevent parties “

“ China will take all necessary measures to safeguard the security of its citizens’ lives and property “  Chinese spokesperson added .

Ethnic Alliance in Myanmar is in conflict with Junta Army , it has seized several towns and border hubs vital for trade with China .

Last month Beijing had mediated talks with Beijing .

China , US hold rival drills in disputed South China sea

China showcased it’s military might in South China sea during Navak exercise .

Currently US and Phillipines are doing Navak exercise in South China sea .

Phillipines went through tense conflict as recent incidents of Chinese coast guard blocking Phillipines ships near a shoal emerged. .

10,000 pardoned on Myanmar’s independence day


Myanmar’s military govt on Thursday pardoned nearly 10,000 prisoners to mark 76 anniversary of gaining independence from Britain .

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