Summary of The Hindu 5th FEBRUARY 2024

MLAs return as Champai faces floor test today.

39. Legislators from Jharkhand Mukti  Morcha ( JMM ) led ruling alliance returned Ranchi from Hyderabad . 80 member Assembly required 41 votes .

Srilankan Navy arrests 23 fisherman from TamilNadu

The Srilankan Navy arrested 23 fisherman from TamilNadu  on charges of poaching , and impounded two mechanized boats near Neduntheevu on Saturday .

Fisherman association of Ramanathapuram has called for a boycott of upcoming Lok Sabha elections as a mark of protest .

Meanwhile , Srilankan Navy in a statement said , it has conducted a special operation on Saturday night , the operation resulted in the seizure of two Indian trawlers , and apprehending of 23 Indian Nationals , “ poaching in Northern waters of Sri Lanka  , off the Delft island of Sri Lanka “ ,off the Delft island in Jaffna “ .

The Navy said  it conducts regular petrols and operations in Srilankan waters to curb any illegal fishing practices .

Moscow India embassy staffer held in UP on espionage charges

The Uttar Pradesh Police on Sunday arrested and employee of the Indian embassy in Moscow  for allegedly spying for Pakistan’s intelligence agencies , the Inter Service Intelligence ( ISI ) . The employee was giving information related to defense deals to the Pakistani Agency . He was possibly honey trapped or was given money to Passover confidential information.

French electronics major Thales , to expand strategic collaboration with India

French electronics major Thales is significantly expanding its funding as well as it’s sourcing from India . A joint venture , Thales Reliance Defense Systems Ltd in Nagpur is now Groups ,Global production center for airport navigational aids . Bharat Electronics Limited ( BEL ) – Thales Systems in Bangalore manufactures high tech products such as low band receivers such as. Low band receivers for the electronic warfare suite of the Rafale jet .

India is currently negotiating to buy 26 Ragalae Jets for the Navy .

Thales  will also be establishing a maintenance ,repair and overhaul facility in Delhi.

SIAC denied Sony’s plea to stop enforcing g merger , says ZEEL

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd on said at said that the Singaporean International Arbitration Center ( SIAC ) has denied the Sony group’s plea to restrain the Indian Media company from approaching the National Comlapy Law Tribunal ( NCLT ,) to enforce merger .

Sony last month had terminated the agreement with Zee , to merge with two Indian entities – Clever Max Enterprises ( Earlier known as Sony Pictures Networks India ) and BEPL..

Sony Groups Corporation ( SGC ) had said that ZEEL didn’t satisfy the initial conditions of merger .

Zee filed a petition before NCLT , seeking direction to Sony group to to initiate merger scheme. 


US and UK aircraft bomb multiple Houthi targets in Yemen

The United States and Britain. launched strike against  36 Houthi targets in Yemen .

Houthi military spolesperson said that the strikes “ will not pass without a response and consequences “ . The Houthis did not announce the casualties .

After US strikes , Iran warns against  threatening ships

Iran issued a warning to US on Sunday over potentially targetting two Cargo ships named Beashad  and Shaviz ..

Beashad and Shaviz are Iranian Lotttered ships in Red sea off Yemen.  US has Earlier accused Iran of spying through these ships .

Currently US and UK is bombing Houthie territories and this comes just after that .

Sri Lanka’s JVP led alliance invited for talks , to new Delhi for first time

The Indian govt has invited a delegation led by Anura Kumar Dissayanke ,leader of Srilanka’s leftist Jantha Vimukhi Peranuna ( JVP ) , to New Delhi , in a significant outreach to country’s most popular politicians at the moment. .

The delegation is going to visit three cities New Delhi , Ahmedabad and Thiruvananthapuram and hold meeting with govt officials  , members of business community .in addition to visiting center of excellence of govt and industry .

According to a survey Mr. Dissaynke is most preferred candidate to be President of Srilanka . This visit also shows a shift in JVP’s position on India . JVP earleir was not in favour of India .

Russian Minister visits South  Korea after diplomatic row

Russian Deputy Foreign Ministry Andrey Rudenko is on Indian visited South Korea , to discuss the Ukrianian war and bilateral ties . South Korea’s foreign ministry met his South Korea. counter part Chung Byugwon on Monday .

A offical stateme from South Korea said that Mr. Chung expressed  Seuol’s “  grave position “ on Moscow’s growing military cooperation  with Pyongyang and urged “ responsible actions “  in the statement .

Earlier Moscow’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zalharoce said that heightened tension on the Korean Peninsula was “ Primarily due to brazen policy of United States and its allies , including Republic of Korea and Japan “


A sunshine initiative

Center’s solar initiative should be accommodated to states

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman  during the interim budget proposed a scheme on installation of Solar rooftops at 1 crore households . This will save around 15,000 to 18,000 rs manually for the households .

In earlier schemes the Rooftop solar panel installation center used to give 40% subsidy .

.Under New scheme, the entire cost will be borne by the government. Y center and Public Sector Enterprises . Consumers will have to pay nothing .

India’s goal is to install 40 GW solar panel capacity by 2030 . Itnhas installed only 12 GW till now of which only 2.7 GW comes from household Rooftop solar panels .

The scheme will play a significant role in enhancing solar power capacity . It will boost domestic industry to manufacture solar panels .

Unending vows

Center must incentivise fisherman to give up bottom trawling

The editorial is about the recent abduction of an Indian fisherman by Srilankan Navy . On Sunday 23 fishermen from TamilNadu was abducted .  Last year the number of fishermen who were arrested was 240 , this year 69 has been arrested .

One of the accusations on Indian fishermen here is that they use bottom trawling which has been banned in Sri Lanka quite a long time ago .

India had promised to end bottom trawling in deep ocean and replace it with deep sea fishing under the Blue Revolution scheme .

Another major point is that the distance between Dhanushkodi and the International Marine Boundary Line is only 9 nautical miles  and that results in frequent breaches of marine boundaries .

India should completely remove bottom trawling  with deep sea fishing , also the issue of fishermen under detention should be solved by talk .

Bottom trawling fishing technique harms fisheries and Marine environment by catching juvenile fish , damaging sea floor and leading to overfishing .

Bottom trawling

On Uttarakhand’s Uniform civil code

Uttarakhand is likely to pass Uniform Civil Code ( UCC ) during four days long assembly session . Earlier a state appointed committee submitted the draft the draft of the final report of UCC to be submitted . The introduction of UCC was a key promise to BJP is run up of assembly election.

What does UCC aim to do ?

UCC seeks to create a uniform set of laws a kit marriage , divorce , inheritance and adoption for every religion .

UCC has been discussed in Article 44 of the constitution .

Difference from Muslim Personal laws :

     Equality for women – The draft UCC proposes to end  polygamy .

     End ‘Iddat’ – Iddat is a practice only for Muslim women ,Under this After divorce a Muslim woman has to take some time before getting married again . This time period is not required for men .

     Share in Property – Under Muslim Personal laws women can get only upto  25% of property of parents . This has been extended to equal property share to Muslim women .

     Divorce , marriage registration , adoption , and social security forces aging parents have also been included  under the draft law .

Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are other two states which has also formed similar committees.  In times to come these states can also implement it 

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