Summary of The Hindu 4th DECEMBER 2023

BJP sweeps Hindi belt , Congress bags Telangana

In the assembly elections results in Rajstahan , Madhya Pradesh , Chhattisgarh and Telangana , BJP has emerged victorious in. Rajsthan , Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Madhya Pradesh  : Total seats – 230 ,

 BJP – 163 , INC – 66 , Others – 1


Rajasthan : Total Seats – 199 ,

BJP – 115 , INC+ – 70 , BSP – 2 , Others – 12


Chhattisgarh : Total seats – 90

BJP – 54 , INC – 35. , Others -1


Telangana : Total seats – 119

INC – 65 , BRS – 39 , BJP – 8 , AIMIM – 7


In previous assembly poll.

Madhya Pradesh – INC – 114 , BJP – 109

Rajsthan. –  INC – 100 , BJP – 73

Chhatsgarh – INC – 68 , BJP – 15

Telangana –  BRS – 88 , INC – 19 , BJP – 1 , AIMIM – 7

AAP losses all seats in polls , gets fewer votes than NOTA

Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) continued its poor running assembly elections on Monday .AAP failed to win a single seat in three states it had contested Rajstahan , Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh , it secured fewer votes than NOTA ( None of the Above ) option .

In the official statement AAP told that it accepts will of people and hoped that BJP will fulfill its poll promises .

A.P. braces for heavy rainfall , as Michaung intensifies

Cyclone Michaung has intensified over in its move along South coast bay of Bengal and is likely to make landfall in Bay of Bengal ,and is expected to make landfall between the coastal of Nellore and Machhalipattnam on Tuesday .

The wind speed on Sunday was recorded between 90 kmph to 100 kmph .

A red alert has been issued in parts of TamilNadu’s Chennai , Tiruvalluvar , Kanchipuram , and Chefalpattu districts , which are expected to be lashed by a heavy downpipe over the next two days .

PM Narendra Modi talked to AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on Sunday to take stock of rescue and relief preparations , and assured him of Union govt support .

The coastal districts of Nellore , Tirupati , Prakasam , Bapatala , Guntur , Krishna and West Godavari are likely to face damages due to inundation from the expected storm surge ,of one to 1.15 meter .

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin visited rescue operation sites .

From coastal areas many has been shifted to safe camps , NDRF and SDRF companies has been deployed .


 Cyclone Michaung map and Andhra Pradesh map

TamilNadu vigilance officials stole sensitive documents : ED in Petition to state police chief

The Enforcement Directorate ( ED ) on Sunday , Petitioned on Sunday accusing Tamil Nadu Vigilance department of “ illegal search operation “ by barging into Madurai zonal office on December 1 and “ stealing sensitive case documents “ .


Israel orders people to evacuate as bombing shifts to southern Gaza

Israeli Military has ordered citizens to evacuate areas around Israel’s largest city Khan Younis .

to evacuate on Sunday .

The order followed by heavy bombardment in Southern part of Gaza.  Palestinians are telling that they are finding it hard to search for any safe place . Earlier Israel had  2.3 million palestinians to leave north and move towards South .

Currently more than nine lakh displaced refugees are sheltered in 99 UN facilities in Southern Gaza .

Heavy bombardme was reported around cities Khan Younis and Gaza .

According to Palestinian health ministry total death has crossed 15500 .

UN human rights chief has urged to end war ,telling that civilian sufferrinf was “ too much to bear “ .

India agreed to withdraw troops from Male , says Muizzue after meeting Modi

India has agreed to the requests of new Maldives govt to withdraw about 75 military personal stationed in Maldives to work on humanitarian operationa , Maldivian President said on Sunday . The statement came two days after , Mr. Muizzui had met PM Modi during CoP 28 in Dubai .

The ministry of external affairs did not comment on the development , Sources have said that the issue was “ briefly discussed “ between the two leaders in Dubai .

Mr. Muizzui campaign was focussed on “ India Out “ campaign .

Earlier he had told India to move out 75 military soldiers working there . Maldives is also looking to review many of this agreements with India .

Ukraine accuses Russia of killing surrendering soldiers  soldiers

Ukrianie launched an enquiry in what it said was an “ execution “ by Russian forces of two unarmed Ukrainian solidiers who had signalled their intention to surrender .

Ukrianian officials condemned the incident as “ war crime “ .

On Saturday a short video was posted on telegram showing two men coming out of a shelter , one with his hand above his head before lying on the ground in front of another group of soldiers . This is followed by what appears to be a gunfire , and then smoke arose .

“ The killing of prisoners of war is a gross violation under Geneva conventions . As is termed as “ War Crime “ .

135 Chinese ships were spotted near reef off Phillipines

More than 135 Chinese vessels were “ swarming “   Wbotshun reef off its coastal describing the boats growing presence as “ alarming “ .

The Chinese boats were “ dispersed and scattered “ along the reef .

The reef is 320 km from Palwan island of Phillipines . It is 1000 km away from Chinese landmass Hainan province .

The information. Was gathered as Phillipines recently deloyed equipment on the reef to track Chinese ship movements..

Whitshun reef belongs to Phillipines .

China claims most of the islands and reefs in South China sea as its own .


Indonesia’s Marapi volcano erupts , spewing ash 3000 m into the air

Indonesia Merapi volcano erupted on Sunday spewing volcanic ash upto as high as 3000 meter in air . The height of Maeapi is 2891 meter .



Decisive win

The BJP rode on the back of its national leadership in Hindi heartland , while cogrees relied on its regional satraps for its success in Telangana

The editorial is about Election results . BJP won concincingly in Madhya Pradesh , Rajathan and Chhatisgarh while Congress stood victorious in Madhya Pradesh .

All the three states were won by Congress in last elections .

BJP didn’t disclose the CM face but fought elections on Modi face . In Chhatisgarh policies of Bhupesh Baghel was not able to attract tribal population . And in Rajsthan followed the suit .

The only consolation for Congress is Telangana where it defeated BRS . BJP gained even in Telangana . It won 8 seats compared to 1 seat won last time .

Text / Context

On recriminalising adultery

Adultery – Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse .

One person doing adultery has to be married   . He can be male of female .

Why in news ?

The parliamentary standing committee which is examining the three new criminals bills that will replace IPC ,CrPC and IEA has recommended criminalakisation of adultery on gender neutral

lines . The committee has held that criminalisation of adultery will help make marriage a sancrosanct institution .

On other hand opposition voices not to criminaliae adultery .

History of adultery laws :

Earlier adultery was a crime under section 497 of IPC . Maximum Punishment for husband who had sex with other woman was five year imprisonment . While if a wife does sex with other man she was exempted from prosecution . It was not gender neutral here .

 A five judge  Bench of Supreme Court in 2018 decriminalised adultery . While it observed it to remain a basis of divorce .


The problem with adultery laws is said to be two fold one basis of institution of marriage and the other making it gender neutral .

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