Summary of The Hindu 3rd FEBRUARY 2024

Champai Soren is 12 th CM of Jharkhand

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader Champai Soren took oath as the twelfth Chief Minister of Jharkhand .

39 JMM MLAs were flown  to Hyderabad after the oath taking ceremony on the fear of defecation or getting lured by Opposition parties . The floor test in assembly is On February 5 .

Hemant Soren has been sent to five day Police custody by  a court under PMLA act .

Meanwhile , SC refused to a plea by Hamant Soren in which he said that he was Harassed . Court asked him to move to High court .

Court declines interim bail to mosque panel

The. Allahabad High court on Monday declined to give interim relief to the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee that runs Gyanvapi mosque over .

The Muslim side wanted an interim ban on district court permission to Hindu side to worship in Gyanvapi temple .

Varanasi court has earlier allowed Hindu side to perform Puja inside Vyas Tahkhana which is basement  of Gyanvapi mosque

Actor Vijay floats party , to contest TamilNadu assembly polls in 2026

Tamil Cinema leading actor Vijay on Friday announced formation of a new Political party named “ Tamozhaga Vetri Kaghzham “ .

He positioned himself against the politics of “ corruption “ and “ divisiveness “ . He told that his party would enter the electoral fray in 2026 Assembly elections .

Center likely to foot bill for PM rooftop solar scheme

Center will bear the entire cost of setting up household Rooftop Solar ( h RTS ) systems .

Under Pradhan Mantri Suryoday Yojna .

     Under hRTS scheme , Solar panels will be installed in over 1 crore houses .  These 1 crore households will be given 300 units of free electricity generated by Solar panels . 

     PSUs will be given a task to find out households that have power consumption of less than 300 units . 60% of installation cost will be born by the center while the remaining cost will be borne by  PSU , the PSUs will take bank loan for this , that will be set up by selling electricity above 300 units .

     Households that have consumption above 300 units can also take advantage of this scheme , but here they will have to pay 40% of charges of installation .

     The scheme can cost the center at least ₹1 lakh crore.

  The above information was given by Minister of Renewable Energy R. K Singh ..

Solar panel scheme will boost battery industry : PM

Speaking at the inauguration of Bharat Mobility summit , PM Modi said that the solar Rooftop installation scheme will boost battery manufacturing industry and will bring down cost of batteries for Electric vehicles .

The PM further said that if clean cooking is implemented then there are around 25 crore households in the country and clean cooking will further boost demand for batteries .


Facilities for drivers – PM announced that the government was working on a project to build 1000 buildings for trucks and taxi drivers that will provide amenities such as food stalls , clean drinking water , toilets , parking and rest places .

“ This will give a boost to both ease of traveling for truck and taxi drivers , thus improving their health and also help in preventing accidents “ the PM said .

Navy foils piracy attempts off east Somalia , rescues 11 Iranians and 8 Pakistanis

The Indian Navy foiled a piracy attempt on an Iranian flagged shipping vessel off the east coast of Somalia .

The Indian Navy’s  remotely piloted aircraft ( RPA ) was deployed for surveillance  , after finding  piracy attempts INS Sharda took over the charge .

7 Somalian pirates boarded FV Omaril the Iranian flagged shipping vessel and hijacked it . Indian Navy personals rescued 11 Iranian and 8 Pakistanis crew members and sanitized the vehicle .

Law panel suggests retaining of criminal defamation

22 nd Law Commission has recommended that Criminal defamation should be retained under the scheme of Criminal Defamation in India .

The Panel submitted its report to the ministry o. Tuesday . The Law Commission it its report has emphasized that Criminal defamation comes under Article 21 of constitution that guarantees Right to life and Personal Liberty , and that is why it has to be protected .

The new BNS has retained Criminal defamation as an offense with punishment upto 2 years of jail and fine .

As Ariha turns 3 , mother Dhara Shah appeals to PM to intervene

Dhara Shah mother of Ariha has writtent to PM requesting him to intervene in matter . Shebhas cited that under German Youth Services , German Authorites are making no attempts to introduce her to Indian culture .

Ms Shah was allowed to visit her daughter last week under strict supervision . The court judgement on Ariha says that the child be brought up culturally .

Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) sources told that MEA is in “ constant engagement “ with German Authorities , so that Ariha be taught Indian languages .

Ariha Shah is 3 year old daughter of Dhara Shah .  In 2021 Ariha was given to care of Germany Youth Authority after German authority found that Ariha had gone through some harassment under her parents .


Israel flattens border area to create new buffer zone

Satellite images show new demolition along one Kilometer path of Gaza strip’s border with Israel , according to analysis of experts .

Israel has said that it wants to create a buffer zone there . This will eat more land in the Gaza strip for Palestinians . The Gaza strip is 41 km long and 6 to 12 km wide .

This decision of Israel is likely to be criticized by the International community  , which already is against increased occupation by Israel .


Hamas supports Israel’s initial plans to truce plan as fighting rages

Mediators from Qatar  have said that Hamas has given an “  initial “  support to a hostage prisoner exchange deal that would temporarily pause the war . The truce proposal was initially consented by Israel .

Hamas sources said that the group has been presented with a three stage plan which would start with a six week halt to the fighting , that will result in six week aid delivery to Gaza . The pause would also see the release of “ women ,Children , and sick men over 60 “ among the Israeli hostages in exchange of palestinian prisoners in Israel , the source said .

Iran Guard among 3 dead in Israel strikes , in Syria , says reports

Three Iranian guards were killed in a strike by Israel on Friday  near Damascus . This was confirmed by Syrian and Iranian agencies .

In Syrian Civil war Iran and Israel are on opposite sides , though the civil war has ended , Israel has targetted hundreds of such targets during civil war . Israel rarely comment on individual strike but has said repeatedly that it will not allow Iran to expand its presence in Syria .

Over 100 Rohingya escapes from Malaysia detention center following a protest

More than 100 Rohingyas immigrants have escaped from detention centers in Malaysia after protest .

This was the second time in two years that such incidents have occurred , earlier in 2022 ,528 Rohingya Refugees , staged a protest and escaped from detention in northern Penang state . Six were killed while trying to cross the highway .

Malaysia is a Muslim dominant country , the country currently has more than 1,00,000 Rohingya Refugees .

India to ‘ replace ‘ military personnel in Maldives  in two phases by may 10

India will replace its military personnel in Maldives in two phases by May 10 .

The decision  came after the second meeting of the joint core group of the two sides .

“ Both sides agreed that Government of India will replace the military personnel in one of the three aviation platforms by 10 March 2024 .

And will complete removing the military by 10 may 2024 “ , a statement issued by Maldivian side said .

A statement by Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA )  said the two sides “ agreed on a mutually workable solutions to enable India aviation platform that provide humanitarian and medical services to the people  of Maldives “

Earlier Maldives had given a 10 March deadline to the Indian government to bring back its troops from Maldives .

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