Summary of The Hindu 30th SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

Cauvery dispute : CWMA upholds panel decision

The cauvery Water Managment Authority ( CWMA ) on Monday upheld decision on Cauvery Water Regulation Committee ( CWRC ) asking Karnataka to release 3000 cubic feet per second to TamilNadu till october 15 .

It also told Karnataka to make good the shortfall of .71 thousand million cubic feet that arose during the 15 day period that ended on September 27 .

In CWRC meeting TamilNadu had demanded release of 12500  cusecs of water till , Karnataka had referred difficulties on supply .

Karnataka had also told that it has to rely only on South West monsoon for water while TamilNadi gets water from southwest and Northeast Monsoon both .

The Bandh called in Karnataka over Cauvery water dispute passed peacefully .

Twin suicide attack in Pakistan kills 57 .

At least 57 including seven children were killed were killed in two suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan on Friday , police and health officials in Pakistan said .

No group immediately has taken responsibility of these attacks .

First blast took place in Mastung in Balochistan province . Second attack was in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province  .

Age of Consent under POCSO must remain

Law commission in its report released on 27 September has said that govt should not tinker with age of consent under POCSO .

It has told that reducing age of consent will increase cases related to Child marriage and Child trafficking .

Earlier Karnataka High Court and Madhya Pradesh High court in different cases had told that current age of consent which is 18 year amounts to injustice in several cases such as lovers eloping and having sexual intercourse before 18 .

POCSO ( Prevention of Child from Sexual Offences ) defines a child to those at age less than 18 years . Sexual relation between adolescent of age less than 18 is punished under this .


Law commission in its report has recommended  rolling of filing e FIR  in a phased Manner . It has told that eFIR filing should be allowed in cases where maximum punishment is less than 3 years .

Bangladesh minister hits out at Canada

Bangladesh Foreign minister AK Abdul Momeen in an interview with India Today TV network raised  Bangladesh’s concern of SMMB Noor  Chaudhary being in Canada .

Noor Chaudhary is key accused in killing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and few of his family members  in 1975 .Mujibur Rahman is key figure of Bangladesh independence and was President at that time . Current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is his daughter .

” Canada must not be hub of all the murderers .

Murdered could go to Canada and take shelter , and they can have wonderful life while those they killed , their relatives are suffering ” Bangladesh Foreign Minister said .

After Canada’s accusation on Nijjar killing , Even Sri Lanka has accused Canada of propagating false propaganda that SriLaka was doing genocide .

Afghan consulates counters embassy’s decision to shit down

The last Afghan embassy in India in New Delhi is planning to exit citing the reason of resource crunch and lack of support from external affairs ministry .

The move can bring shadow on future of 25,000 Afghan Refugees in India .The move can also result in Taliban takeover of Indian embassies in Afghanistan .

Afghan consulates in Mumbai and Hyderabad has however rejected and distanced itself that the embassy in New Delhi will be closed .

Currently no govt recognises Taliban govt in Afghanistan . About 15 countries including India run diplomatic mission there .

Discussed India Canada issue with Blinken

External Affairs minister S Janishakar on during a discussion  at Hudson institute told that on September 28 during his meetings with US secretary of state Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan  , he discussed Canada issue .

S. Jaishankar accused Canada of having ” very permissible ” attitude towards terrorists and extremists .

US state department Spokesperson told that secretary Blinken urged India to cooperate with Canadian investigation over killing of Nijjar .

Law panel working on Mechanism of simultaneous polls

Law commission is working on a  formula that will enable simultaneous polls of Lok Sabha , Assembly  from elections after 2029 , sources said .

Union govt has also  formed a hight level committee headed by Former President Ram Nath Kovind to look into this .

Ruijiang Zhang to receive SASTRA Ramanujan Award

2023 Shastra Ramanujan Prize will be given to Ruziang Zhang of University of California .

Under this a prize of 10,000 dollar is given to individual in area of Mathematics influenced by Great Ramanujan.

Shanth Kumar of Deccan Herald is new PTI chairman


Judge from Mullaitivu flees Srinlanla citing threat of life .              

District Judge T.Sarvangana from Mullaitivu in Srilanka has resigned and fled to foreign country citing threat to his life . In his resignation letter he wrote

” Threat of my life due to a lot of stress ” he recently pronounced judgment in two sensitive cases related to religious site in Kirithirmalai

and Remembrance event to commemorate LTTE member Thilleperam .

It is still unclear whether the threat was from govt side or


China’s cross sea bullet train will link five cities in Fujian

China on Friday opened its first cross sea bullet train , linking major cities in South eastern Fujian province .

It will connect five major cities including capital Fuzhou and Xiamen . It will cross 20km through sea  , the route will have total length of 270 km .

Bullet train is known as High Speed Trains in China , their speed is around 350 km .

China currently has world’s largest network of around 42000 km .



Imran PTI leaders involved in plotting may 9 violence

Former Pakistan President Imran Khan and several top leaders of his party men were involved in orchestrating the anti government violence in May 9 , Joint Investigation team has informed anti terrorism court .

It said that around 400 pieces of video evidence proves that attacks on military installations were pre-planned .




     Palak ( 10 m air pistol )

     Aishwary Pratap , Swapanil Kushale ,  Akhil Sheoran ( Men’s 50 m rifle )


Extended exclusion

With or without AFSPA center should not allow Manipur situation to fester

The editorial is about recent notification by Manipur govt to put hill areas of Manipur under AFSPA for another 6 months .

The Imphal valley areas has been exempted from this.

AFSPA gives special powers to military and central forces to operate in the region . The editorial tells that just mentioning Hill areas under AFSPA is partisan politics .

Hill areas are mostly inhabited by Kuki zomi tribes while Imphal valley is Meitie majority region.


Troubled waters

China and Philippines should desist from raising the risk of South China sea

Recently the Philippines govt ordered removal of 300 meter rope boundary put by China around disputed Scarborough shoal .

Scoroborough shoal is disputed between China. And Philippines , it was earlier held by Phillipines but in 2012 China seized it from Phillipines .

China and Philippines are confronting each other on regular basis in South China sea . Few days earlier Philippines had accused China of harassing it’s ships .

Editorial says that recent action by Phillipines was not necessary and will unnecessarily increase tension in South China sea .

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