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THE HINDU 30-06-2023 National
T.N. Governor “dismisses” Minister, back tralks later.
In an unprecedented move, Tamil Nadu governor R.N. Ravi on Thursday evening
unilaterally “dismissed with immediate effect” arrested minister V. Jenhilbalaji form
council of Minster only to hurriedly back track his decision late in night.
On Thursday evening, a Raj Bhawan Press release said,
” These are reasonable
apprehension that condition of thiry”.
Senthilbiji will adversely impact due process of law including investigation that may
lead to breakdown of the constitutional machinery in state, Under these circumstances,
Honorable Governor has dismissed thiru V. Senthilbalaji form the council of ministers
with immediate effect” However among all these it was not mentioned that which
constitutional provision is he using to dismiss senthilbalaji.
Senthilbalaji, former electricity minister of T.N. Govt, was booked by enforcement
Directorate in case of getting bribe during Jaya lalithagovt, why she was CM.
Rahul flies to riot-hit Manipur district after police block road.
After being stopped from travelling by road allegedly on the order of CM N. Biren Singh,
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took qerial root to violence hit churqchandpur, a kuki
dominated district.
Tie visited two kuki relief camps – One in Tiubong and other in Hiangtan and interacted
with vitims and leaders of civil society.
“I came to Manipur to listen to and understand what has happened and to try to bring
back peace.”
He met the indigenous Kukisciberation force (ITLF), an apex body of kukis and
associated tribes, submitted a memorandum to Mr. Gandhi, seelcinghis help to the total
separation of tribal people from state. Govt has already rejected any such demand.
Rahul’s visit to Manipur shows imen-sitivity to prevailing condition.
The BJP spokesperson sambitPatra who is also in charge of Manipur told that the local
administration had asked Mr. Gandhi not visit by road which he refused and visited area
by raod.
“Rahul Gandhi behavior was highly irresponsible. Rahul and responsibility never go
together. He has again proved it today”. There had been to incidence of loss of life.
Since June 13,
“very sadly — there is news about loss of life today” he said.
Gunfight erupts after armed fighters open fire at Manipur village; 2 killed.
After a lull of 16, days Manipur saw death because of violence again. At least two
persons were killed in Kangkopki district of Manipur after a gunfight erupted between
security forces and armed miscreants who were attacking hill villages, the police and
army officials said.
Next opposition meet in Bengaluru on July 13,14.
Shared pawar on Thursday told that the next opposition meet will be held in Bengaluru
on July 13,14.
“the decision to choose Bengaluru as next venue was taken to day. There we shall
discuss future electoral strategy” Mr, pawar told.
On economic cooperation
Russian official briefs NSA on revolt, holds talks on issues in ties.
AjitDoval National security advisor sporke to his counterpart Nikolaipatrushev,
secretory of Russia’s security council. They discussed development as well as bilateral
and multilateral ties. Apart from co-operation in security field and strengthening ties
Mrpatrusher informed AjitDoval about recent muting in Russia and developments
following that.
The talk comes a week before will be holding SCO meeting Through video conferencing.
Heads of SCO states including vladmirputin, Xi Jinping, will be participating in this. Over
the past few days, after muting putin has spoke to Belarusssian president A. Lushkenko,
Turkish president RacepTayyiperdogan, Kazakhastan president tokay Uzbekistan
president Mirzivoter, and Saudi Arabia crown prince Mohd. Bitinsalman.
India-Philippines to explore scope of joint sales, patrols to boost defence
Phillipines secretary for foreign affairs Enrique A. Monalo is on 3 day visit
(June 27-30) visit to india.
On Thursday he meet EAM S. Jaishankar.
A Joint statement was issued after 5th meeting of the joint commission on
bilateral commission in this both ministers expressed keen interest to
continue to work together on defence co-operation, including through the
regular or upgraded official level interaction among defence agencies opeing
of a defence attaché office in Manila consideration for India’s concession line
of credit to meet phillipinesdefence requirements, acquition of naval assets,
and expansion on training and joint exercise on maritime security and disaster
response, among others.
The two leaders also discusses about cyber security, Artificial intelligence,
and space co-operation on defence co-operation
Co-operation through training courses, greater military exchanges, and in future joint
exercises were the topics apart from weapons, sources told.

Improved access to the phillipines market was discussed both countries have shared
interest in free, open and inclusive Indo-pacific the two sides discussed improved
access to the phillipines market.
From August 15, day digital payments in panchayat.
Union panchaytiraj ministry has issued a notice according to which all payments for
development work and revenue collection will mandatorily are digital payments for
development work and revenue collection.
Sushilkumar, secretary, Panchayti Raj said almost 98% had already used UDI based
India’s largest radio telescope plays vital role in detecting universe’s
vipratia. India’s giant Metrewave radio telescope (GMRT) was amongs six large
telescopes that played a vital role in providing evidence confirming the presence of
gravitational waves using pulsar observation said scientist on Thursday an international
team of astronomers from India, Japan and Europe has published the result from
monitoring pulsars called “nature’s best clocks”
, by using six of world’s most sensitive
radio telescopes including India’s largest telescopes, the pure based UGMRT.
Unrest spreads in France over police shooting the teen s
On Thursday protesters set several cars alight in Nanterre, a working class town on the
western outskirts of paris, following a largely peaceful street march in Paris.
3 days ago a police fire killed a 17 year old African during a traffic stop the attitude
showed racial discrimination, that is widespread among police personal towards French
Macron govt is trying to have firm response against this
Exhibition of notes from G-20 nations from today.
An exhibition “Banking on world heritage” under G-20 will feature notes from G-20
nation five notes from India currency will be featured.
20 notes – image of sun temple of konark
10 note – image of Ellora Cave
500 note – image of Red fort
100 note – Kanchenjunga mountain image
Will appeal against Rawandu policy sayssunak.
Rishi Sunakgovt decision to shift asylum seekers to rawanda got a setback from U.K.
high court U.K. court raled against govt decision to send the asylum seekers to
Mr. sunak has said he will seek to appeal the decision in the country’s supreme court.
“Stop the boat” strategy –
“Stop the boat” strategy of U.K govt applies to asylum seekers in U.K. many of these.
According to this U.K. will depart asylam seekers to RAWANDA.
What the editorial is all about?
The editorial is about recent surge in prices of mainly tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes and
Tur dal.
It analyses in rise of price of these and tells that to policymakers should guard against
missing food item prices to ensure sustainable growth
Policymakers must guard against inflation to ensure sustainable growth.
Data of price rise on some essential Kitchen items
Tomato prices has more than doubled on month-on-month basis.
May 29 – 24.37
June 24 – 53.39
Onion prices rise month-on-month basis – 7.5%
Potato prices rise month – on-month basis – 4.5%
Tur dal prices – 130.75 kg (7.8%) june 29 month on month
Just two months ago farmers in rural Maharashtra had to dump large amount of Tomato
Just because they were offered very low price on their produce that was mainly
because lock of cold storage facility and reasonability
Other risk and way ahead :
E1 Mino effect is a major challenge and this can keep food prices high unless policy
makers intervenes.
Govt. need to walk the talk and kap a laser focus on food inflation.

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