Summary of The Hindu 2st NOVEMBER 2023

First evacuees leave Gaza as Rafah crossing opens briefly

After 3 weeks of seize , the first Palestinians – dozens of dual passport holders and seriously injured were allowed to leave Gaza and enter Egypt via the Rafah crossing , when it was briefly opened for Wednesday .

AlJazeera on Wednesday reported footing of Jabaliya refugee camp in Wednesday . THE Hamas run govt told that that the strike killed many people but exact number is still unknown .Israel told that those strike killed dozens of militants including a senior Hamas leader .

Israel ground forces was pushing to the outskirts of Gaza City ,

Selective confidentiality in electoral bonds may not suffice : SC

Supreme Court on Wednesday said that Electoral bond scheme only gives selective confidentiality , such that which does not prevent the ruling parties from unearthing the identities of donors to opposition parties and then hounding them through its ovestgavtive agencies .

Justice Sanjiv Khanna observed that there are ways and means for ruling party to know the donation of opposition parties , while opposition parties can not know the funding of ruling parties . The ruling party can hound donors of opposition parties , and that can act as disadvantage for opposition party .

Solicitor General advocating for electoral bonds said that scrapping electoral bonds may  further increase corruption in contribution to political parties .

October gross GST collection cross ₹1.72 lakh crore

Growth in India’s GST collection rose  10 month  highest of 13.4 % to ₹1.72 lakh crore . ₹1.72 lakh crore GST collection for October is second highest ever .

₹1.87 lakh crore GST collected in April 2023 was highest ever .

Bangladesh nominee defeats Nepal in race for WHO regional post

Saima Wazed on Wednesday was chosen regional director of World Health Organisatio ( WHO ) . She has been chosen as South East Asia Region director of World bank . she defeated Shambhu Acharya , public health veteran from Nepal . Saima Wazed will succeed Punam khetrapal .

India , Bangladesh , Bhutan , North Korea , Indonesia , Maldives , Nepal , Srilanka ,Thailand and Timor leste  10 out of 11 nations participated in this .

Myanmar didn’t send delegation to participate .

” We will work to promote community based mental health services in member countries , encourage prevention and promotion in mental health while expanding efforts to include mental health in public health agenda . ” Saima Wazed said after getting elected regional director of Bangladesh

India is proud to be the biggest development partner in of Bangladesh : PM

PM Narendra Modi and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina inaugurated 3 development projects on Wednesday

     Akhaura Agartalla rail link , that will relink raillink between Northeast India and Bangladesh after 7 decades .

This will also connect Kolkata to states like Tripura and Mizoram reducing distance .

     Khulna Mongla port rail line  – 65km tail line  will connect Khulna to Mongla port . India had given concessional credit of about 339 million dollar for this project  .


     Unit 2 of Maitree Super Therma Power project – The project is 50: 50 joint venture of  Bangladesh Power and India’s NTPC .

On this occassion PM Narendra Modi said that ” India is proud to be the ”  biggest development partner ” of Bangladesh . ” India will continue to support your idea of ” samet Bangladesh ” .”  I am confident that our effort for ‘ samrt Bangladesh ‘ .  I am confident that our effort will create the golden Bengal ” PM Modi said .

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina said that Bangladesh attached highest importance with its ties with India and that she hopes for more such developmental projects in upcoming future .


Author Nandini Das wins 2023 British Academy Book prize

Indian born author Nandini Das has been named 2023 British academy book prize for global cultural understanding . She is awarded this for her book courting India : England , Mughal India and Origin of Empire .

Kozhikode and Gwalior enter creative cities list

Kozhikode in Kerala and Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh have made it to the prestigious creative cities list of UNESCO for contribution in the field of literature and music . The announcement was made on Wednesday on October 31 , which is designated as world cities day .

55 cities has been chosen for creative city this time .

” ….Congratulations to the people of Kozhikode and Gwalior on this remarkable achievement , PM Narendra Modi posted on X .”

53 accidents , 19 deaths per hour in road crash in 2022 , says ministry

Ministry of road transport and Highways released a report on road accidents on Wednesday , No of road accidents on 2022 were 4.61 lakh , 1.68 people died in these .

It accounts for 53 accidents per hour and 19 deaths every hour .

In 2021 it was 4.12 lakh accidents with 1.53 lakh fatalities .

India ranks among 20 worst countries in road accidents according to World Road Statics ,2022 published by International road federation Geneva .

National and State highways which account for 4.9% of total road network , witnesses 56.1% of all road accidents and 61% of all road crash fatalities .

Of the factors causing the road accidents ” speeding ” was the most common . It accounted for 72.3% accidents and 71.2% deaths. Uttar Pradesh registered highest percentage of deaths ( 13.4% ) , followed by Tamilnadu ( 10.6% ) and Maharashtra ( 9%) .


Netanyahu promises ‘victory’ despite ‘painful loss’  in Gaza

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Wednesday to continue Israel’s war on Hamas despite sufferring ” painful losses ” in ground fighting inside Gaza strip .

” We have so many important achievements , but also painful losses . We know that every soldiers of ours is an entire world ,” Mr

 Netanyahu told in a televised address on Wednesday . Army confirmed at least 11 soldiers killed in a ground fighting on Tuesday .

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, on Wednesday accused Israel of committing ” barbaric massacre against unarmed civilians  ” in Gaza war  to cover its own ” defeats ” . ” Hanniyeh whose ” Its villainly act will not save them from resounding defeat ” he said in a interview with AlJazeera .

Palestinian health ministry said 8, 796 people were killed in Israel strike since the war erupted . The isolated Palestinian , home to 2.3 million people is in the grip of severe humanitarian crisis. , Over half the populations has fled their homes , and supplies of food , medicines and water is running low .

Politicians , leaders gather for UK’s tech summit

Two day Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and safety summit started at  Bletchley Parkn in England on  Wednesday .

Politicians and tech  officials participated . On Wednesday ” Bletchley Declaration ” was accepted by the countries .

UK’s science secretary michalle Donnelan said that the declaration emphasised the govt , technologies , and civik society to work together to deliver AI safety .

UK wanted to lead in AI safety  , but other countries such as US , EU and China are taking lead in this . And has already formulated towards AI safety .

India currently chairs the Global Partnership on AI , a coalition of 15 govt launched in 2020 .

Taliban call for more time for Afghans to leave Pakistan

Afghanistan’s Taliban govt on Monday urged Pakistan govt to give more time to undocumented Afghans to leave the country .

Pakistan interior ministry had told that illegal and undocumented foreigners must leave country by November  1 , otherwise face deportation .

More than 1.7 million undocumented Afghans live in Pakistan out of which 1.3 million have already left Pakistan .

Pakistan has built four deportation camps . Illegal migrants will be first put in these camps and later deported .

Bolivia cuts ties with Israel , Chile recalls envoys , Brazil seeks ceasefire

Bolivia said on Wednesday that it was severi g ties with Israel over its ” disproportionate ” attack in Gaza . Chile said that it is recalling its ambassador to Israel in protest to ” Israel’s unacceptable violation of International humanitarian law ” .

Brazil Presidedt  Lula Desilva has urged a ceasefire .

Iran urges  Muslim countries to halt trade with Israel

Iran’s supreme leader Ayotollah khameini urged Muslim countries on Wednesday to halt trade with Israel over Gaza attack .Mr Khameeini lambasted on western countries US, France and UK for ” standing against Palestine ” .


Malware Malice

Repeated allegation of spyware use need thorough independent probe

The editorial is about recent email messages on some leaders and journalists of Apple iPhone users  . The messages on their emails said that govt was  spying on them .

The editorial connects this with Pegasus episode . Pegasus is Israeli company’s software . In 2021 A New York Times report earlier published that Indian govt was using Pegasus on 40 leaders and Journalists .Later when Supreme Court Panel examined about 29 phones it found no credible evidence that govt used Pegasus on these .

Editorial says that govt might be using Pegasus in current case .

Virtues of Planning

Blue print to develop India by 2047 must factor in critical govt reform

The editorial is about the Vision India@2047 document that will be released after few months . The document shows path for making India a developed countries by 2047 . It aims to make India 30 trillion economy by 2047 . India’s share in world GDP is currently 3.5 % ,  it was 1.1% in 1991 . India is now world’s fifth largest economy . In last nine years govt has invested heavily on infrastructure both physical and digit . This has made a base for country to propel .


Middle income trap is one of the cahlleges , to over come this India will have to increase quality of its product and dominate global market .

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