Summary of The Hindu 2nd DECEMBER 2023

India offers to host 2028 climate meet

Refraining from fresh committment to contain global temperature rise , PM Modi in his CoP 28 address offered to host 33 Rd edtioon if summit in 2028 .

A proposal to host Conference  of Parties must be approved by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC ) . India has hosted CoP summit in 2002 .

“ A small part of humanity have ruthlessly exploited nature . But the entire humanity is bearing the cost of it , especially the habitants if global South . The selfishness of few will lead the world into darkness , not just for themselves but for entire world “

he said at high level segment of the summit .

Launch of Global Green Credit Scheme

PM Modi launched Global Green Credit Scheme  references on Friday to generate “ credits “ for plantation on waste and degraded land and river catchment areas to rejuvenate and revive natural ecosystem .

Green Credit Scheme was launched in India by ministry of environment firesty and climate change few .

It was told to be “ innovative market based mechanism designed to. Incentivise voluntary climate action “

UAE announces 30 billion dollar fund to boost climate investment.

The UAE host of the 28 th Conference of Parties (CoP 28 ) announced a 30 Billion dollar

ti investment to a fund named  ALTERRA .

The privately managed fund aims to mobilise 250 billion dollar by 2030 . The fund will be invested for climate investments , transforming g emerging market and developing economies .

From the initial tranche , an unspecified amount has been earmarked for the development of over 6GW of new clean energy capacity in India  . This includes 1200 MW of Green and Solar Projects that will begin producing clean power by 2025 .

COP 28 President Sultan Al Jaber will chair the fund .

ALTERRA will have four key verticals namely – Energy transition , Industrial Decarburization , Sustainable living and Climate Technologies .

T.N governor cannot offer reenacted bills to President , says SC

The TamilNadu government in Supreme. Court on Friday criticized Governor R.N Ravi for observing “ constitutional obstinacy “ by referring 10 bills reenacted by state assembly to the president for consideration on November 29 .

Chief  Justice of India talked about Governor’s power to send back the bill to President once it was repassed by assembly .

“ Once the assembly has repassed the bills , now you cannot say now I will refer it to the president “

Earlier AC had passed judgement that Governor can not held the bill with himself . And he has to send it back to assembly for reconsideration .

‘ Glad’ that India has set up an enquiry on plot to kill Pannun : White House

The White house on Thursday praised India for setting up its own investigation on allegation  by setting up a panel to investigate it . US NSA Coordinator for strategic affairs told “ these allegations in this investigatiion , ( we ) take it very seriously . We are glad to see that Indians are too by announcing by announcing their own efforts to investigate it “ .

PM meets Israel president , calls for durable  resolution of Palestine issue .

PM on Friday met Israeli President Isaac Hagroz , on the eve of climate summit 2018.

In the first in Person meeting with the Israeli leadership PM Narendra Modi expressed condolences over the lives lost in Israel attack . He asked to let Humanitarian aid reach palistabians . He also advocates for two state solution to Israel Palestine issue .

World Bank recall paper on decline in climate toilet usage in India

World Bank has dropped two papers it had published about India , citing the papers lacked internal approval .

The papers titled “ progress of sanitation in rural India : Reconciling diverse Evidence “

The paper concluded that despite “ breathtaking gains in uses of public toilet access , toilet usage has been going down in rural India since 2018 – with the largest drop among people of scheduled castes ( 20% ) , and scheduled tribe ( 24%) communities .

The other two papers were titled : “ what lies beneath ? An assessment of India’s groundwater quality and Monitoring system “

and “ Drifting the lid : Process and Delivery of Swachh Bharat Mission “ .


Israel resumes bombing as week long Gaza truce ends

Israel  resumed it’s deadly bombardment on Gaza on Friday , vowing to destroy Hamas .

About a week long truce between Israel and Hamas ended despite global call for its extension .

Israel resumed bombing over Gaza , Israeli defense department said that missiles were launched from Gaza on Israel just before end of the truce period .


Hamas run health ministry  in the Gaza strip said that 109 palestinian militants has been killed after after the truce ended .

Jens Laerke  spokesperson of United Nations Humanitarian crisis said the resumption of hostilities meant “ hell on earth has returned on Gaza “ , it urged both parties to bring about a lasting ceasefire .

Phillipines sets up a new monitoring base in South China sea .

The Phillipines inaugurated a new coast guard monitoring base on Friday on Thithu island in South China sea . It also plans to expand joint patrol with US and Australia to counter China’s “ pure bullying “ in China’s strategic waters in South China sea .

Arrests under PTA sparks concern in Srilanka


US to impose Visa ban soon on Israeli extremist settlers

Joe Biden administration has informed Israel that Washington will impose Visa ban on a few weeks in Israeli extremist settlers engaged in. Iolence agianst Palestinian civilians in the occupied west bank .

US Secretary of state Antony Blinken in his meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet has let him know about the decision .

Israel is increasing its settlement in West Bank , which is meant for Palestinians , this has led to increased conflict between Israelis and Palestinians .

US has said that it will take its own action against undisclosed number of Israeli settlers in West Bank .

China Vietnam weigh raillink through tafe earth heartland

China and Vietnam are working together to upgrade their raillinks to upgrade to boost the line that crosses Vietnam’s rate Earth heart land and reaches countries top port in the north.


Finding funds

The loss and damage fund is finally online but more needs to be done

The editorial is about List and Damage fund that was approved on first day of Loss and Damage ( L&D ) fund . The L&D fund will be used to finance countries developing countries for technologies and claimate Declaration they are facing .

The Loss and Damage fund was proposed durinf COP 27 in Sharm el Shaikh . Among the contributors in L&D fund are UAE and Germany each contributing 100 million dollar each ,  European Union contributing 145 million dollar , Japan contributing 10 million dollar , etc .

The secrearriat of L&D fund will currently will be in World Bank for four years  , after four years . The editorial says that for success of Loss and Damage fund depends that it is truly distributed to the needy nations .

Patchy expansion


A broad  base is a must to sustain momentum and reduce inequality 

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