Summary of The Hindu 29th MARCH 2024

Core sector output growth spurts to 6.7% in February .

India’s core sector growth in March was 6.7 % , this was a three month high .

This was led by Coal ,Natural gas , and Fertilizers with the double digit growth of 11.3 %. 11.6% and 10.2% respectively

The core sector growth in December 2023 and January 2024 were 4.9% and 4.1% respectively .

The eight core sector of Indian economy are electricity , steel , refinery products , crude oil , coal ,cement , natural gas and fertilizers .


Delhi HC dismisses plea to remove Arvind Kejriwal as CM

The Delhi High court on Tuesday rejected a petition  seeking the removal of Arvind Kejriwal from the post , following his arrest by Enforcement Directorate .

The petitioner has argued that CM will not be able to perform his duties under custody . The further argument was the failure of law and order that may lead to failure of constitutional machinery if Mr. Kejriwal works from behind the bars .

The court said that Article 239AB ( Provision in case of failure of constitutional machinery )  is not to be applied by the governor .  The Governor will exercise it .

Article 239AB gives the President power to interfere in NCT Delhi , in case of failure of constitutional mechanism .

The President in such cases is empowered to make provisions accordingly .

ED’s mission is to finish AAP off , Kejriwal tells Delhi Court

The Rouse Avenue court has extended ED custody for Arvind Kejriwal till April 1 .

Earlier arguing his case Mr Kejriwal alleged that the only ED was only intended to implicate him . He accused ED of running a extortion racket . He said that the form accussed under excisr policy scam had donated to the ruling BJP .

ED said that Mr Kejriwal was giving evasive reply during interrogation and was refusing to share password of his accounts with the agency .

Bengluru cafe blast case : NIA identified bomber , arrests one

In a major Breakthrough in. Rameshwaram Cafe blast case  in Bengaluru the National Investigation Agency ( NIA) on Thursday said the bomber had been identified as Mussavir Shahzeeb Hussain and the key conspirator Abdul Matheen Taha .

Both are wanted in several terror cases . The duo are also the masterminds of the Bengaluru cooker blast case of November 2022 .

NIA has arrested one key conspirator who was involved in supplying logistics for the blast .

On March 1 , An Integrated Explosive Device (IED ) exploded in Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru during lunch time . The incident had left 9 people injured .

India should lead the way on Peace Process : Ukraine FM

Ukrainian FM Dmytro Kuleba has reached New Delhi  . This is the first such high level visit by Ukrainian leader after Russia Ukraine conflict started  .

Ahead of his meeting with MEA S Jaishankar , Mr. Kuleba said that Ukraine hoped that India would join the Peace Summit that will be held in Switzerland this summer .

Mr Kuleba also urged India to bring it to the table of negotiations .

Switzerland on request of Ukraine will be helding a Peace Summit in June . There are chances that Russia will also be invited in this.

Peace summit can play a major role in ending Ukraine Russia war .

Sources have said that India has got an invitation to attend the Peace summit .  But India has not responded yet .

Households across the world waste one billion meals a day , says UN report

United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP ) and WRAP ( Waste and Resource Action Plan ) , a UK based  on profit organisation, have released the Food Wastage Report 2024 .

Thus, households in 2022 wasted one billion meals a day in 2022 , even as 783 million  people struggled with hunger and a third of humanity faced food insecurity .

The report had other findings as :

     Out of total food wastages 60% occurred at household level , with food services responsible for 28% and retail services 12% .

     The reports point out lack of tracking of food wastage by countries . At present only some countries Japan ,UK , US , Australia and European Union have food wastage estimates suitable for tracking progress .

     Food wastage is not a  “ rich country problem “ as there is a very small gap in wastage by high income and other not economically well off countries .

     Hotter countries appear to generate more food wastage per capita income household  ,due to higher consumption of fresh foods with sustainable incredible parts .

Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG ) 12. 3 talks about halving food wastage by 2030 particularly in retail and food services .

Govt extends AFSPA in parts of Arunachal Pradesh

The Union ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday the Armed Forces special Powers act ( AFSPA ) , in three districts and areas falling under three police stations in Namsai District of Arunachal Pradesh .

Advisory board has to consider if detention is needed in eyes of law : SC

 Supreme Court ( SC ) on Thursday observed that the advisory boards under draconian retention prevention laws should not behave like “ mere rubber stamp authorities “ , but act as a safety valve that stands between capricious use of Power by state and the right of person’s liberty .

Article 22 makes it mandatory for preventive detention laws to form a advisory board of persons of high court judges .

The panel certifies whether govt’s move to arrest some person under preventive detention was right or not . The panel also reviews the detention after three months .

The court here in this case was hearing a plea by a person detained as ‘ goonda’ under Telangana Prevention and Dangerous activities prevention Act .

Preventive Detention – Under these laws state has power to arrest or detain some person as his presence can cause public disorder , and threat national security and sovereignty .

Police can detain in such cases for 60 to 90 days .

Under UAPA the center has power to detain for.

 six months   .


A living will , so the terminally ill can avoid the indignities of prolonged hospital care

On March 12 , a gathering of 30 in Kerala’s Thrissur district signed a “  living will “ .

A “ living will “ is  a legal document prepared in advance detailing the preferences of medical termination in case of the person is not able to do so in medical conditions .

Supreme Court in its 2018 Judgement rmhad held that a person has right to decide against artic f al life support by writting a living will .

Text / Context

Tech Giants facing EU scrutiny

European Commission has launched non compliance investigation against tech giant such as Meta , Apple , Google , Amazon to ensure that they are complying with newly passed Digital Marketing Act (DMA ) . The investigation foucs on alleged violation related to inhouse services , ranking practices in marketplace and compliances under DMA .

Under DMA these companies has designated six companies : Alphabet , Meta , Microsoft , ButeDance , Amazon and Apple as “ gatekeepres “ These companies will have to face more scrutiny than other companies under EU laws .


Bombing continues in Gaza as US says Israel is ready to restart talks

The Israeli military said that they struck dozens of militant targets including the tunnels .

UN reported on Wednesday that   “ famine is ever closer to become a reality in northern Gaza “

US officials said that they were rescheduling a meeting between Israel and the USA .

After the recent cancellation of the US visit by Israeli PM Netanyahu . Netanyahu canceled his visit after the UNSC  passed a resolution that demanded “ immediate ceasefire “  .

ICJ says Israel must ensure : urgent humanitarian assistance ‘ in Gaza

The International Court of Justice ( ICJ ) has ordered Israel to “ ensure urgent humanitarian assistance “ in Gaza without delay . Saying “ famine has just set in “ .

China sends glacier water from Tibet to climate hit Maldives

China has sent more than a million bottles of water from melting Tibetan Glaciers from Maldives.

A gift from the world’s highest  mountains to a low -lying archipelago threatened by rising sea .

Maldives foreign ministry said that the gift was from Yan Jinhai , governor of Xinjiang region or Tibet .

Maldives has run out of ground water and is dependent on expensive desalination plants .

Phillipines leader warns of countermeasures as China steps up aggression in sea

The Phillipines President on Thursday said that his government would take action against what he called a dangerous attack by the Chinese coast guard , and suspected militia ships in the South China Sea .

The action would be  “ proportionate , deliberate and reasonable in the face of open , unabetting ,illegal , coercive , aggressive and dangerous attacks by agents of China coast guard and Chinese maritime militia .”

Chinese officials have not responded on this

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