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THE HINDU 29-06-2023




ð  Bio fertilizers scheme gets govt, green light

The cabinet committee on economic affairs (CCEA) on Wednesday approved the PM-PRANAM (PM-programme for restoration  and Awareness generation Nourishment and Amelioration of mother earth) schemes a promise made in cost budget.

The new scheme would promote are of nutrient – based bio fertilizers for sustainable agriculture and it would have a total outlay of 3,70,128 crore the scheme was aimed at saving the soil and promoting sustainable balance are of fertilizers, and it involved the participation  of state govts it will have a total outlay of 3,70,128 crore. Centre would incentivize state which would adopt alternative fertilizers with subsidy that was saved by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers for example :- If a state using 10 lakh tonne of chemical fertilizer reduces its consumption by 3 lakh tonnes and thus saves 3,000 crore. “out of that subsidy centre will give 50% of it”.


Clrea subsidy scheme will continue

CCEA approved continuation of  area subsidy scheme price 242/45 kg per bag: use of nano area has also increased Apart from that, 1451.84 crore has been approved for Marked development assistance for promoting organic fertilizers under Golo orelhan plant.

ð  Centre Plans ‘market’ scheme to promote sustainable living

The ministry of environment has issued a notification detailing a proposed “green Credit scheme’. It will incentivize a host of activities through “green credit”.

The credit will be marketed. It will encourage private sector industries and companies as well as other entities to meet their existing obligations.

Eight sectors has been listed out in which credits will be provided.

·         Tree plantation based green credit to promote free plantation.

·         Water – based green credit to promote water conservation, water harvesting and water saving included treatment and reuse of waste water

·         Sustainable agriculture based green credit to promote natural and regenerative agricultural practices

·         Hand restoration to improve productivity soil health and nutritional value of food produced.

·         Waste management based green.

·         Air pollution based green credit.

No where in the world this wide range of actions are considered under green credit.

The government’s immediate priority is to “create supply (of green credits)” via voluntary actions and them “create demand by bringing laws or rules that will incentivize company and organization that can buy credits that can be traded” A senior official in ministry said.

ð  Cabinet clears NRF Bill to offer strategic direction to research

Union cabinet on Wednesday approved the national research foundation (NRF) bill, 2023.

The legislation aims to establish NRF as apex body to provide “high level strategic direction” to scientific research in the country under National education policy (NEP) at an estimated cost of 50,000 crore between 2023 and 2028. A press statement at (OST) said.

NRF will come under DST. PM will be its ex-officio president. Its functioning will be governed by principal scientific advisor to the NRF will repeal science and engineering Research Board (SERB) estd in 2008.

·         Right now a bulk of research funding goes to IITS and IIScs while other state university lag in research funding NRF will correct this

·         Close to 36,000 is expected from the private sector

Currently department of science & tech (DST) is main source of research funding

ð  NOTTO warns against online promotion of organ trade.

National organ and tissue transplant organization issued a warning against private websites and social media posts promoting and offering organ for trade.

NOTTO has written principal secretory (Health) and authorities of every state and UT to take steps to prevent organ trafficking.

ð  Karnataka govt. set to give cash in Lies of free rice from July 1.

Karnatka’s govt. Anna Bhagya Scheme is set to be launched on 1 July. Karnataka govt. is unable to procure enough rice in the market at reasonable cost in time.

Karnataka govt. a Wednesday temporarily decided to give 170 per person every month from July 1 in leia of promised five Kg rice.

Anna Bhagya scheme – BPL families has to be provided 10 kg free rice per person per month.

It is over and above centre govt’s National food security Act.

This will cost Karnataka govt. around 750 zr to 800cr.

ð  Centre earlier had stopped OMGG scheme under which states used to buy cheap rice and wheat from FCI (food corporation of India).

ð  Bhim Army chief shot at by un identified person in U.P, his conditons stable.

Dalit activist and Bhim army chief chadrashekhar Azad Ravan was shot by un identified assailant in deoband area of Saharanpur district in U.P. He was taken to hospital and his condition is stable.

Mr. Azad issued a video message from hospital asking his supporters to maintain peace

ð  SC collegium get make over with two new Judges Joining.

5 Judge collegium appoints SC Judges and HC Judges.

5 Judge collegium


New                                                             OLD

CJI D.Y. Chandrachud.                               Dy. Chandrachud

Justice S.K. Kaul                                        S.K. Kaul

Justice B.R.Gavai                                        M.R. Shah

Justice Surya Kant                                     K.M. Joseph

Justice Sanjeev Khana                                Ajay Rastogi



Collegium is made as per seniority horms. Means give most senior Judges.

ð  APP. Shiv sena (UBT) hint at backing UCC; congress says it cannot be a forced decision.

AAP –  The party supports uniform  civil code (UCC) as it is part of Article 44 AAP MP sandeep pathak.

Shiv Sena (UBT)  – Sena has historically supported UCC and we support the idea : sanjay Raut leader Shiv sena (UBT).

AAP, Shiv sena are among 15 parties that recently attended opposition party meet on 23rd June.

ð  PM’s visit to U.S. was the most broductine ever: Jaishankar.





ð  Days after “Black Saturday” Rasigin take stock.

June 24 event had put the entire Russia in a tutorial and uncertainty is citizen’s worried about as predictable civil  war.

There are those who are telling that the muting will have long term effect.

President Putin in his 24th June address to nation told:

The motherland is engaged in “severe struggle for its future” which would decide “the fate of our nation” consolidation of all forces is required.

He called the action that divide country’s unity “a betrayal of our people and the comrades who are currently fighting on the there was high probability of bloodsled when wagner ws moving to MOSCOW that was averted by Belorussia president intervention.

Vladmir Putin in recent address has given a clear message tha wagner is no longer a favorite. He gave wagner forces 3 choices:

·         Sign up with the Defence Ministry,

·         Return home or move to Belarus.

“the overwhelming majority of the fighters and commanders of the fighters and commanders of the wagnor group are Russian patriots, denoted to the people and country, they proved this with their wurage, on the battle field, “ Mr. Putin said, thanking wagner soldier who “stopped at the last line”and did not allow “the bloodshed” to take place Putin’s message has sent a clear signal that now any support for Mr. Prigozhin is categorically unacceptable, and the former network of Prigozhin sympathizers should now distance themselves form him.

ð  Nepal supreme Court orders govt to register same-sex marriages

The supreme court of Nepal on Monday issued an interim order directing the office of the Prime Minister and councils of Ministers to establish a “same –sex marriage” the court asked the govt to establish a “seprate requester of marriage’ for such couples form undr minority communities.

This is a very significant development as same-sex as well as 3rd genders and their partners cam register their marriages. They will be entitled to same rights as hetero sexual couples” said Sunil baba, a MP of Nepal’s parliament.

PIL field in court had sought equality before law for sexual minority group.

ð   Canada’s H-IB visa scheme could benefit Indians.

Canada has announced a new Open work-permit stream by july 16 to allow 10,000 H0IB visa holders in US to come and work in the country a move that could benefit thousands of Indian Tech prifessionals.

There approved applications will get 3 year work permit. The spouse and dependents of these will also be able to apply for temporary resident VISA. H-IB – H-IB Visa in non-Immigrant VISA that allows U.S companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupation.

ð  Nine killed as Russian Missile hits KYIV pizeeria.

A Russian Missile attack hit a crowded PIZZA restaurant in eastern Ukraine city killed at least nine person.

On Tuesday another attack on Kramatosslenad wounded 56 people, Ukrainian internal affairs said.

The kremlin spokesperson Dmitry peskoy said that Russian forces target only Military-linked infrastructures in Ukraine or anything linked with millitery.

ð  New Zealand prime Minister scores trade deals on china trip.

ð  Sweden grants permit for Korean burning protest outside mosque.

A man set fire to several pages of the Koran outside Stockholm’s main mosque on Wednesday, Sweedish police had qranted permission for this.

Turkish Foreign Minister  Hakan Fidan condemned the incident calling it “vile” and “despicable”.

Sweeden is in race to get NATO membership but Turkey’s decision in this matters: Turkey has blocked Sweeden membership citing it supporting kurd militants

ð  Myanmor Junta air Strikes kill 10 civilian.

ð  Recovry operation of Titan ends: debris hauled ashore in Canada.






The world cup in an opportunity for ODIS to regain prominence

Announcement of ICC world cup schedule

India has hosted ICC world cup in 1987, 1996, and 2011. And in 2023 it will be hosting it.

It will commence on October 5 and conclude on November 19.

Ahmedabad will host inaugural and summit cdash.

10 team will participate with Afghanistan being in the main draw, while Srilanka and west indies still facing qualifiers.

ð  Reviving ODIs

With advent of T20s, and introduction of IPL ODIs have suffered hugely the world cup with its importance will help revive ODIs


About Indi’s Chances

Indian won ICC World Cup in 2011, champion’s trophy in 2013, since then it has not won only ICC tournament.

India will look Into ending this draught


Pakistan reluctance to tour

Pakistan will  also be participating in this. Its govt still has not confirmed whether it will allow its team to travel.

All India can do to ease VISA for Pakistanis travelling for world cup 



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