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The Hindu _ 29 aug 23

Article 35 A denied many in J&K their rights : CJI

Chief Justice of India ( CJI ) , DY Chnadrachud hearing petitions of abrigation of Article 370 observed that Article 35 A had created special category of “permanent residents ” to the residents of Jammu and Kashmir , it denied fundamental right to others .

” Article 35 A gave special rights and privileges to permanent residents and virtually took away rights for non residents . These rights include right to equal opportunity to state employment , right to acquire property and right to  settle in Jammu and Kashmir .” CJI observed .

CJI however questioned the way center abrogated Article 370 . CJI said to change the status of state according to Article 3 , consultation of legislature is required .  Articoe370 was abrogated  when there was President rule .On this solicitor general told that in this in this case parliament acted similarly .

Article 35 A had given special status to Jammu and Kashmir residents . No one from any other states could settle , could be employed in state govt jobs ,  also no one  from other states could buy land or property there .

Article 35 A stands canceled and abrogated after Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill 2019 . Which abrogated Article 370

ISRO to launch Aditya L1 in sept 2  to study the sun

Aditya L1 , India’s first space based observatory to study the sun will be launched on sept 2 . ISRO announced on Monday .The spacecraft will lift off from 11:50 a.m. IST , the space agency posted on X .

According to the ISRO the spacecraft will be placed in a Halo orbit around the Lagrangian Point L1 of the earth sun system . which is a kit 1.5 million km the earth .

It is expected to take over 120 days for the aircraft to reach L1 point .

The spacecraft carries seven payloads to observe  the photosphere , chromosphere and outermost layer of the sun .Four payloads directly view the sun while the other three will do insitu experiments .

The seven payloads on board the satellite are Vusiblr Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC ) , Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope ( SUIT) , Solar Low energy X ray Spectrometer ( SoLEX) , High Energy L1 orbitting X ray Spectrometer ( HELTOS) , Aditya Solar Wind Particle Experiment ( ASPEX ) , Plasma Analyser Package for Aditya ( PAPA ) and Advanced Tri Axial High Resolution Digital Magnatomer.

Let Karnataka relaese 5000 cusecs of Kaveri water to Tamil Nadu ‘ .

The Cauvery water regulation committee ( CWRC ) on Monday decided to recommend to the Cauvery water Management Authority ( CWMA)  that Karnataka relaese 5000 cusecs ( cubic feet per second ) of cauvery water to Tamilnadu for next  15 days .

While TamilNadu has sought that 24000 cusecs be given  , Karnataka had held that only 3000 cusecs can be relaesd .

CWMA will decide on recommendation of CWRA today .

China releases new map showing territorial claims

The Chiness Ministry of Natural Resources on Monday released the ” 2023 addition of the standard map of China ” . The map shows entire Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai China as part of China .

The latest map follows Beijing’s announcement in April that it would ” standardize ” the names of the 11 places of Arunachal Pradesh .

It is seen as China’s response of holding some G20 events in Arunachal Pradesh .


Defense minister Rajnath Singh set to visit Srilanka  for two days this weekend .

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is scheduled to visit to Srilanka for two days over the coming weekend , two defence sources confirmed .

Mr. Singh is expected to visit Triconmallee where India is jointly investing in development of oil tank farms , under an agreement signed on January 2022 .

Last week Srilanka’s foreign ministry acknowlwdged receiving a request from Chinese embassy to station it’s research vessel at Srilanka Port . The research vessel Shiyaan 6 is expected to arrive in October .

from August 10 to 12 AChinese ship had docked on Srilanka Port .

514 researchers to get ICSSR finding funding to study  impact of centrally sponsored schemes

The Indian Council for Social Since Research ( ICSSR) received 3, 801 project proposals to study the impact of various centrally sponsored schemes and 514 among them are – from collaborative and individual categories .

For collaborative proposal ₹ 30 lakh for a period of six months . And six lakh for categories for individual categories .

” After rigorous assessment in two stages , evaluation of projects proposals by the experts and interaction of shortlisted candidates , ICSSR has approved 514 proposal for the award . Out of which 289 award proposals are for collaborative studies and 225 for indicit studies ,” ICSSR said in a statement .

Bihar Caste Survey case : Center tells SC that only it is entitled to conduct census

The Union govt on Monday said only it is entitled to conduct a census .

” Census is a statutory process and is governed by census act 1948 . The subject of census is covered on Union list under Entry 69 in the seventh schedule of constitution , ” The office of registrar general , Home ministry said in a two page affidavit .

” No other body is entitled to conduct the exercise of either census or any action akin to census ” the affidavit said .

The affidavit said  the center is ” committed to take all affirmative action for the upliftment of SCs/ STs/ OBCs in accordance with constitution . “

Earlier Supreme Court had refused to stay Caste census by Bihar govt .

CBI court in Ranchi finds 89 guilty , acquits 35 in. Bihar Fodder Scam case .

The special CBI court of Ranchi on Monday pronounced the verdict in the fodder scam case .

Out of 124 accused , the court acquitted 35 and found 89 guilty . The former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad has already been convicted in case and currently is on bail on medical ground .

The fodder scam took place when Lalu Prasad was CM and amount involved was found to be around ₹950 crore ..

Putin informs Modi he will skip G20 meet in Delhi

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to PM Narendra Modi on Monday and informed him that he would not be able to participate in the G20 summit in New Delhi .

” While understanding for Russia’s decison , PM thanked President for Russia’s consistent support ” the external affairs ministry said .


Libyan PM sacks  Minister as row over Israel meet grows

Ted Last week Libya’s foreign minister Najla Monguosh met with her Israeli Counterpart Eli Cohen met in Rome . The meeting as told by Ms Monghose  was informal and unplanned . The Israel ministry however told that the neet g was formal and went for two hours .

This meeting has created huge uproar in Libya .As libiya is a country which doesn’t recognise Israel . It supports independent state for Palestinian .

In effort to contain growing furore agianstgovernement .The Israeli PM sacked foreign ” minister Najla Minghose .

France to ban Abaya in schools

 France will ban Abaya dresses in school , the country’s education  minister said on Monday .

He cited France strict deess code in educational institutions.

   .In 2004 France banned in schools ” wearing of signs or  outfits that ostensibly show religious affilliations  ” . This includes large crosses , Kripans and hijabs .

Unlike hijab , Abaya faced grey area and was not banned till now .

Japan PM condemns China over incidents of stone throwing at embassy , schools

Japan’s PM urged China to ensure its people ensure its people  ” act in calm and responsible manner ” after incidents of stone pelting and

throwing at diplomatic missions and schools . This is in public anger over Japan relaesing  , cooking water from Fukushima Nuclear Plant .

,Sea ” There have been numerous harassment calls believed to originate from China and instances of stones being thrown at Japanese embassy and Japanese schools . It must be said these are regrettable ” PM Fumio Kishida said on Monday .

Japan also summoned Chinese Ambassador and urged to  called to Chinese people to act in ces responsible manner .

For Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang  Wenbin said  China ” always protects the safetynd legitimate rights and interestes of foreigner in China “

” We strongly urge the Japnese side to face up to legitimate concerns of all parties , immediately stop nuclear contaminated water to into the sea , fully consult with its neighbours “

Dhaka seeks to censor speeches by BNP leader

A Bangladesh court ordered the state run telecom regulators to delete speeches of exiled opposition’s n leader Tarique Rahman from social media .

Recaptured Robotyne village , says Ukraine

Ukriane announced on Monday that it’s forces have recaptured the village of Robotyne on the southern frontline where its troops have focussed on  counteroffensive . 


Gold winner

Neeraj Chopra is leading Javelin revolution in India


About the editorial

The editorial talks about the recent performance of Neeraj Chopra and other Indian players in World Athletics Championship being held in Budapest . It also talks about some other major performances .

About  Neeraj Chopra performance

 Neeraj Chopra won Gold in Javelin Throw  by throwing Javelin at 88.17 m . The other Indians who finished well are 4*400 relay team which created a new Asian record but finished fifth . The team members of really team are Muhammad Anas , Amid Jacob , Muhammad Ajaml and Rajesh Ramesh . Woman steeplechaser Parul Chaudhary created a new national record ( 9: 15.31) .A part from these performances India’s performace was mediocre . And this should be sign of concern for the Athletics Federation of India .

Other javelin throwers like Kishore Jena ( 84.77 m ) and D.P Many ( 84.14 m ) is also emerging.


Major Performances across world

New world record was made in 4*400 mixed relay tournament . US sprinter Noah Lyles became the first man after Usain Bolt to win 100m , 200m and 4*100 m relay titles . Kenyan Faith Kepgyon won a 1500 m and 5000 m .

Spaniard Alvaro Martin and Maria Perez swept the race walks . US has topped with 29 medals in which 12 gold is there .

Old ties

India and Greece are finding new ways to revive an age old relationship.

The editorial is about PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Greece where   several issues were discussed . Both countries raised the ties to strategic relationship . PM Modi talked about historic trade tries , he told that as India is trying to be manufacturing hub , Greece can become economic hub as India’s gateway to Europe . Both countries have suffered from colonialism and restoration of Artefacts that was stolen and taken by other countries is another issue both agreed upon.

Importance of ties with Greece

     Greece and amTurkey has conflicting relation due to Cyprus . The strategic partnership can help India Counter Turkey which often keeps giving hostile statement against India .

     Greece can prove to be India’s gateway for manufactured items to Europe .

     Historic ties shows that both countries can coalese on many grounds

News media vs Open AI’s ChatGPT

newspaper like The NewYork times , Reuters and CNN blocked the GPT bot from accessing it’s content .

While Google takes snippet of news article ( a headline or a couple ot sentences , a blurb ) and reproduces them to make their search results more visible . It directs significant amount of users traffic to news website .

The Chat GPT simply on being asked a question collects publicly available data , including news content and gives it as a text reply . In the whole process . NEWSPAPER companies don’t get anything . They don’t get increase of users traffic throght this .

This being the reason behind companies banni g ChatGPT .

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