Summary of The Hindu 28th SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

Hit job in foreign soil not India’s policy : Jaishankar

Talking in an event in New York external Affairs Minister (EAM ) S . Jaishankar talked extensively on Canadian govt allegations .

On Canada’s accusation of killing Hardeep Singh Nijjar by Indian govt on Canadian soil  he said that he said to his Canadain counterpart that it was not its ” policy”  to engage in such acts . He added that Canada has a ” very permissive ” environment as far as ” secessionist activity ” was concerned .

He said that India has given lots of information to Canada about organized crime on its soil .

When asked about his comment on sharing of Intelligence information among five eyes nations among Nijjar’s killing , he said ” I M not a part of five eyes ” .

five eyes is intelligence alliance comprising Australia , NewZealand , Canada , UK and USA .

Many held as NIA cracks down on ‘ terror ‘ nexus

National Investigation agency on Wednesday detained several as part of crackdown on terrorist – gangster – drug smuggler nexus , linked to Canada based ” listed terrorist ” Arshdeep Singh Gill , alias Arsh Dalla , and other gangsters .

The NIA zeroed on 56 location in Punjab and nearby areas from which pistons , ammunition and large number of digital devices were seized .

Malayalam survival drama 2018 is official

Malayalam survival drama 2018: Evryone is a hero  has been chosen as India’s official entry to best foreign language film at the 96 th Academy Awards .Making it only fourth Malayalam film chosen for this .

Earlier Guru ( 1997 ) , Afaminte Makan Abu , Jallikattu were chosen for India’s entry to Oscars.

The film 2018 is based on rain and flood that hit Kerala in 2018.

Meta’s India team delayed action against misinformation led by army in J&K : report

The Washington Post reported in Wednesday , citing former employees at Meta that Facebook parent Meta’s Indian team delayed action against organised misinformation and operation led by the India Army’s Chinar corps in Jammu and Kashmir for over a year .

The report said that the Army officials met the official of Facebook and Twitter and defended the operation to counter Pakistani Misinformation network .

The newspaper has not told about the content of post .

India aging , elderly to make up 20% of population by 2050 ; UAPA report

United Nations Population Fund ( UNFPA ) India released India Ageing report 2023 .

The report has following major points

     India’s decadal growth in elderly population is 41 % .And is expected to reach 20% by 2050.

     More than 40% in India are in poorest wealth quintile with about 18.7% , without an income .

     Life expectancy of women at 60 is greater than 20 years in a states such as Rajasthan , Gujrat , Uttarakhand , Kerala , Himachal Pradesh raising concerns for their social and economic well being .

     Sex ratio among elderly above 60 has been continuously rising since 1991.


At least 100 killed , 150 injured in Iraq as fore engulfs wedding hall

At least 100 people were killed when a fire broke in Iraqi wedding in Qaraqosh during a wedding ceremony . Fireworks inside the hall caused the flame . ripped through a crowded Iraqi wedding hall , official said on Wednesday pointing to indoor firework as the likely cause for the blaze that caused stampede to the gate .Emergency exits probed inadequate for hundreds of guests .

Azerbaijan arrests former leader of Nagorno Karabakh

Azerbaijan has said that it has arrested former head of Nagorno Karabakh’s separatist govt as he tried to cross into Armenia .

The arrest of Ruben Vardanyan appears to reflect Azerbaijani’s intention to quickly and forcefully enforce its grip on the region .

Owner of China’s troubled real estate developer Evergrande held


Asian Games

     On Wednesday India won 2 Gold , 30Silver and 2 Bronze

     Sift Kaur Samra  won gold in 50 m rifle

     Women 25m air pistol team won gold the Manu Bhankar , Esha Singh and Rhythm Sangwan formed the team


Days in line

Information aids public safety is not a trigger for Panic

The editorial is about Joshimath land subsidence and recently released reports that were made public after Uttarakhand High Court intervention .

Major points of reports released are :

CBRI ,Roorkee pinged out that 99% of the buildings didn’t comply with the mandatory building codes .

National institute of Hydrology ,Roorkee in its report said that networks of springs and drainage system and areas of subsidence may influence land subsidence and there is need to monitor them .

Overall , geology in the Himalayan region makes city like infrastructure risky and strict town planning and construction based measures are necessary to minimize the risk of accidents . Government need to take hard decision that is sustainable .


Land subsidence images of Joshimath earlier released by ISRO

Timeless quest

Bennu sample can help human understand beyond the immediate

The editorial is about OSIRIS REx mission by NASA . OSIRIS REx  spacecraft dropped off a capsule over earth that carries 250 grams of rock and dust from a asteroid named Bennu .

Significance of Sample of Rock and Sand collected

Asteroid are celestial object made of Rock and generally very small the size of earth .

The asteroid form a sample which formed within 10 million years of solar system formation 4.5 billion years ago .

The sample will help unearth the formation of earth and origin of life on earth . Bennu can smash eath between 2178 and 2290 , studying it will help to prevent the collision with earth .

It will also help in space mining and impact mitigation technologies .



Capsule that keeps the sample of asteroid 

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