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ð  India needs a uniform civil code, affirms Modi

PM Narendra Modi addressing booth-level workers in Bhopal, signalled his govt’s intent on bringing the uniform civil code (UCC). He said that country can not run with dual system “separate laws for separate communities”.

“collegues, Muslims in India will have to understand which political parties are instigating then to rain them while reaping benefits for themselves. There days, we are seeing that such people are being instigated in the name of uniform civil code (UCC). You tell me, if in the same family there is one a second member, will that household be able to function ? can you run the country with such dual system ?

Pm Modi asked.

He also cited that those parties are not real well-wisher for Muslim, were they real well wisher they would have left the community largely reeling under un education and poverty.

ð  Last chines reparter longer India after YISA extension denied.

There are no Chinese Journalist in India now. The last remaining reporter, from china’s optical XINHUS news agency left one week ago as govt. denied a VISHA extension.

There is currently one Indian Journalist working in china.

This is first time since 1980  when there is no Chinese Journalist working in India.

Time line

2016: India asks there Xinhuq reporters to leave

2017 : India begins issuing shortened 3 month Visa for the Chinese media

2020 : China refuses new VISAS to Indian Journalist in China leaving only 3 Indian reporters.

India ends VISA extension for some Chinese correspondents.

April 2023 : Chinese media presence dips to Two

Bejing asks two Indian correspondent to leave.

June 2023 : last Chinese reporter in India denied VISA estension.

ð  Harassment of WSJ’ reporter is unacceptable, says white house.

The white house on  Monday pushed back strongly against those harassing sabring suddiqui who asked PM Modi a question on democratic back shiding in India during a press event on June 22. Following Mr. Modi’s bilateral meeting with US president Joe Biden.

The white house was a ware of the reports of the harassment of Journalist John Kirby National Security Spokesperson Said.

“It’s unacceptable, and we absolutely condemn any harassment of Journalist anywhere under any circumstances” John Kirby said.

Sabria iddiqui had asked Pm Modi, what steps he was willing to protect minority rights, and the rights of Muslim and uphold free speed.

Mr. Modi defended democratic values in India in his respouse.

ð  Govt extends deadline for Aadhaar based payments for MGNREGA to August 31.

Union Rural development Ministry has extended the deadline for mandatory Payment of Mahatma Gandhi Rural employment Gwarantee scheme (MGNREGS) via the Aadhaar based payment system (ABPS) to August 31.

It is fourth time it has been extended the first deadline was February 1.

ABPS will be able to curb corruption in MGNREGA payments.

ð  Will fight LS Poll alone, says AAP.

AAP general secretary (Organisation) Sandeep Pathak said that the party will fight all the upcoming polls including 2024 Lok Sabha election.

ð  BRS is “B-Team” says NVA; why fear as, asks KCR.

BRS –  Bharath Rashtra Samithi.

BRS chief K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) has been making frequent visit to Maharashtra, addressing rallies as the party is trying to make presence in Maharashtra.

Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) which comprises Shiv Sena, NCP and congress, has accussed BRS of Playing as “B” team of BJP, and is here to out MVA votes.

ð  2019 MBBS batch will be the first to shift to NEXT : Mock test to be held on July 28

NEXT – National exist Test medical graduates will have write NEXT in final years. Its score will be basis of PG admission NEXT will replace foreign Medical graduate excess (FMGE) and National eligibility cum entrance text – post graduate (NEET-PG).


NEXT will be conducted in two steps.


Step 1                                                         Step 2

Computer based exam multiple                  practical or clinical exam

Choice question (MCQ) test

Both step 1 and step 2 will be held twice a year.

AIII’s Delhi will conduct NEXT in 2024.

ð  North’s push for UCC on the same line as centre’s affidavit in suprem court.




ð  Russia to transfer WAGNER hardware to Army, Prigozhin arrines in Belarus.

On Tuesday Russia prepared to take possession of hevy military hardwere held by wagnor as Moscow moved to bring mercenary group under its control.

Russi’s EIB said on Tuesday that criminal case against the group’s troops was now closed.

“Preparation are under way for the transfer for heavy military equipment from wagnor to units of Russia armed forces” the defence ministry said.

Russian president addressed troops gathered at kremlin, they prevented civil war, and held a minute’s silence for pilots killed during insurrection. Mr. Putin hailed his military saying “you de facto stopped civil war”.

He also said that MOSCOW had paid 1. Billion to wagnor mercenary group since Ukriane war started.

Putin accused Ukraine and its western allies of wanting Russian to “kill each other” during the revolt.

Meanwhile, yevgency Prigozhim arrived in Blarus on Tuesday. BLTA belarurin news agency said.

ð  Srilanka will not be used as a base against India : Runil

Srilankan president is on visit to france . in an interview with france 24, he said that Russia being a “Neutral” country having no military agreements with china, cannot allow Srilanka to used as any base against India.

ð  Pakistan pusses law paring way for return of exiled former PM.

Pakistan’s national assembly has passed a legislation limiting how longer lawmakers can be disqualified from office. This has paved the way for 3 time former Pm Nawaz sharif to return to the politics.

Nawaz Sharif is living in exile in London.

Earlier in 2017, SC had barred him from politics form life and sentenced to 7 years of Jail. He was granted medical bail, and flew to Britain.

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