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Manipur govt plans to supply essentials to tribal districts

On 21 August students in kuki body re imposed a blockade on the Dimapur – Imphal National Highway . In retaliation , Meitie community has blocked roads leading from Imphal to Churachandpur .

Manipur govt has decided to transport essential items from alternative route through Silchae (Assam and Aizwal ( Mizoram ) .

State is regularly monitoring price of commodities in hills areas . To cushion price rise FCI has released 4823 .50 quintal of rice under it’s open market scheme for Manipur .

 ISRO released graph of temperature variation of topsoil in lunar South pole .

ISRO on Sunday released a graph of the temperature variation on the lunar surface with an increase in depth measured by CHaSTE  payload aboard Chandrayaan 3 Vikram lander Module . Chandra ‘s Surface Thermopbysical Experiment ( CHaSTE) measured the temperature temperature profile of top soil of the lunar surface .

The payload has a temperature probe equipped with control penetration mechanism able to reach at as a depth of 10 CM beneath the surface .

As Pragyan digs deep into moon , scientists at VSSC lan turn their haze on Solar wind

Scientists  in Space Physics laboratory of the Vikram Sarabhai space center (VSSC ) in Thiruvananthapuram  here are getting ready for Aditya L1 mission.

The mission will launched from Sriharikota on the first week which of September .

The Plasma Analyser Package for Aditya ( PAPA) will study solar wind .

” It will also look at the energy of electrons and mass of protons and ions in it . The study will also cover the angular variations ,” the official said .

ISRO describes Aditya L1 as the ” first space based Indian mission to study the sun ” . The Aditya L1 will be stationed at Lagrangian point L1 of earth sun system .

The payloads are designed  ” to study the Chromosphere , the Photosphere , and the outermost layers of the sun insong electromagnetic and particle detectors .” iSRO said .

PSLV ( XL) will be used  and it will take 125 days for the payloads to reach at L1 point .

Aditya /1 payload and L1 lagrangian point

 Women have handled key roles in space programme , says PM

PM hailed Chandrayaan 3 in his 104 th episode of episode of ” Mann ki baat ” .

Prepared for G20

India is fully prepared to held the G20 leaders summit to be held in New Delhi , PM Modi said .

” India has made G20 a more inclusive space . It was at India’s invitation that the African Union was also a mentor participate .And that the voice of people of Africa has reached this important platform .”

Gems of Indian Culture

PM conveyed  his wishes for Telugi Language day on August 29 . PM hailed Telugu language literatures as Gem to Indian culture .

Governement imposes restrictions on exports of Basanti rice

The govt on Sunday halted the export of Basmati rice valued at less than 1200 dollar a tonne to restrict possible ” illegal ” shipment of plain white rice by wrongly classifying it as Basmati rice .

Earlier the export of Non Basmati rice was prohibited on July 20 , citing the rise in domestic prices .


SC to hear plea on minimum distance neede between the liquors shops and schools

SC has decided to examine a plea by a Puducherry based liquor outlet to clear the haze on the minimum distance the liquor vends needed to maintain from religious or educational institutions inmu icipal areas .

 Don’t treat countries merely as a market

Addressing closing ceremony of B20 business summit PM Modi cautioned global businesses against treating countries only as market , he told that such approach will harm both . He urged businesses to work on increasing consumer’s purchasing power . To also suggested a kit celebrating ” international consumer care day ” .

PM talked about global supply chain and presented India as a trustworthy solution from disruption of supply chain .

He told that emergence of Artificial intelligence( ( AI ) posed a challenge and global framework should be amended to integrate it .


Zimbabwe president jails high turnout after re election

President Emerson Mnaagawa on sunday called Zimbabwe a ” mature democracy ” after winning a second term in office despite the opposition rejecting the result of a vote that international observer said felt short of democratic standards.

Mr . Mangawagwa won 52% of the ballot against 44% of his main challenger Nelson Chanisa  .

” We demonstrated that we are a mature democracy ” ” We take pride in that we are an independent and sovereign nations ” Mr. managagwa  told .

Some international observers has cited concerns such as banning of opposition rallies , issues with voter registration rolls .


White shooter kills three Balck people in Florida hate crime

A masked white man carrying ay least one weapon bearing a swastika , gatalky killed three black people inside a Florida store on Saturday an an attack clear motive of racial discrimination .He later killed himself .


Raised 7.1 million dollar after mug shot : Trump campaign

Former US President Donald Trump’s campaign has raised 7.1 million dollar since thursday when he was booked at the Fauktan Jail .

The record haul underscores how Mr. Trupm ‘s legal word have been a fundraising boon for his campaign .

 Imran Khan admits losing confidential documents

Jailed Former Pakistan PM admitted of misplacing diplomatic cable as he was interrogated by Pakistani’s top investigative agency at the Attock jail ia a case filed under offical secret act for wrongful use of classified document .

 Prigozhin died in Plane crash , Russia confirms

Russian investigators has told that genetic tests confirmed that Yevegnky Prigozhin , Chief of Wagner , was among the 10 people killed in plane crash .

Taliban to stop people from visitong National Park

The Taliban will use security forces to stop women from visiting Band e Amir , one of the Afghanistan most most popular national Park , according to information shared by ministry of vice and virtue . The Mistry said that the women have not been observing the proper way to wear Hijab.


Neeraj Chopra crowned world Champion

Neeraj Chopra won Gold in World Championship being played in Budapest .

Neeraj recorded a best throw of 88.17 m on Sunday .Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem claimed Silver ( 87.72m ) .

 Editorial / Text and Context

Talking about talking

Modi Xi need to have substantive conversation on ties

The editorial talks about bilateral talk between PM Modi and Chines President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of BRICS in Johannesburg .

 What the two sides told

India did not release any statement . Foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra informed that about it .

Both leaders ” underlied that the maintenance of peace and tranquility in border areas and observing and respecting the LAC was essential for the normalization of India – China relationship ” . He added that they ajd decided to ” ” direct relevant officials to intensify efforts at the expectidious  engagement and disengagement ” .

Chinese foreingn ministry in a statement said that Mr. Xi had said both sides ” should bear in mind the overall interests ” of ties and ” handle properly ” the border issues .

 Importance of the meeting

It was only second time that the two leaders meet . Last talk was during Bali G20 at dinner event . India. didnt release anything about this , it was only eight months later when China told about it . India told it initially just exchange of ” pleasantries ” .

 An even Chance

Alcaraz will have a tough time defending his US Open title .

The editorial is about upcoming US open and prospects .

 US Open Men

Carlos Alcaraz won US open. title last year . That was his first ever title . He was being defeated in US open finals for 6 times in a row .

After bagging US Open he worn Wimbledon this year too .  Defending his US open title this year is going to be very tough looking at his opponents like Novak Djokovic .Djokovic recently had defeated Alcaraz in Cincinnati Masters.


US Open Female

Iga Swaitek is last year champion . The polish world no 1 will have many top players to contend with . Rise of Coco Gauff adds a other dimension , Gauff has won 11 of her last 12 matches . The other top contenders seems to be Aryna Sabaleka , Marketa Voduorsova – winner of Wimbledon , Ons Jabeur , and Jessica Pegula. three time Wimbledon Championship .




Why is Apple’s change of heart on ‘ Right to Repair ‘ movement a big policy shift ?


About ‘ right to repair ‘

‘ Right to repair ‘ talks that one can repair product of a company from a third party store .

For example suppose somebody has bought a Samsung phone and it has some malfunction. then the person can repair it to some other shop not necessarily Samsung service center .

In America and Europe ‘ right to repair ‘ movement has been going from a few years now . Many states in USA has passed law over ‘ right to repair ‘ . It also had put penalty to those companies not abiding by it .

There are companies who still are not abiding by it like Apple over its iPhone and iPads   , Tesla over repair of its electric vehicles .

 Recent development

On August 24 , Apple made a U turn and backed ‘ right to repair ‘for the bill that will be brought in California state of US.

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