Summary of The Hindu 27th NOVEMBER 2023

SC has always acted as ‘ people’s court ‘ : CJI on constitution day

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Sunday said that it was solemn duty of of current generation to keep afloat the idea of India  based on the principles of individual liberty , equality and fraternity .CJI was speaking in Supreme Court before president Draupadi Murmu and others .

26 th November is being. celebrated as constitution day . Our constitution was adopted on 26 November 1949 .

Center directs states to closely monitor cases of respiratory illness

The Union health Ministry on Sunday directed state government to closely monitor cases of Influenza like illness ( ILI ) and Severe acute respiratory illness ( SARI ) in the wake of recent reports , of a surge in respiratory illness I children in Northern China .

On day 15 at Silkyara , rescuers set a 100 hour vertical drilling target

Official says the target of vertical drilling in 100 hours can be achieved if no hurdles come in the way ; authorities worry over the forecast of snowfall and rainfall in Uttarkashi today .

On Sunday vertical boring was started and 19.5 meters of drilling was completed . The mountain has to be drilled through a 86 meter length . Workers will be brought in buckets if the drilling keeps going .

Modi to take part in World Climate Action summit

PM Modi will take part in Conference of Parties  (CoP – 28 ) summit to be held in Dubai  , the ministry of External affairs said .

Mr Modi will be present on November 30 and December 1 as part of WCAS proceedings ,

CoP 28 will be held between November 28 to December 12 , under the presidency of UAE .

At this event , also called the “ high level segment “ world leaders or their representatives are expected to make statements , on behalf of their countries outlining their intent of contribution to stemming greenhouse gas emissions .

In 2021 , in CoP 26 Glasgow , India had made fice commitments . One of these was to become net zero by 2070 .

Climate action was a major focus in G20 held in Delhi , a major achievement here was to triple the climate financing to developing countries .

President Murmu calls for all India Judicial service

President Draupadi Murmu called for the setting up of all India Judicial Services , as a way to give equitable representation to India’s diversity in Judiciary  , stressing that cause of justice is served by making it accessible to all .

Ms Murmur was speaking at an event in Supreme Court to mark constitution day.  The event saw the unveiling of statue of Dr. BR Ambedkar in the campus of Supreme Court .

In Tehran , Kwatra discusses Gaza Conflict , Chhahbar port

The Israel Hamas conflict and India’s Investment at Chabahar Port were the top developmental agenda as Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra led a delegation in Tehran for Foreign Office Consultation ( FOC ) with the Iranian govt on Sunday .

“ The two sides reviewed gamut of bilateral relationship , including connectivity projects such as Chabahar Port , political engagement , trade and economic matters , cultural exchanges , people to people ties , agricultural cooperation , and capacity building .” statement of Ministry of External affairs said .

Under Chabahar project India is developing a Cargo terminal  in order to connect trade to Afghanistan and central Asia .


Chabahar  gives route to Afghanistan and Central Asia


Hamas release third group of hostages as part of truce

Hamas militants on Sunday freed 17 more hostages , including  14 Israelis and in a third set of of release under cease fire deal . Israel was to free 39 prisoners under this . The released hostages were transferred y Red cross representatives . A fourth exchange is expected to take place on Monday .

Second exchange was delayed due to Hamas accusing Israel not abiding by truce conditions , but soon after Hamas released 17 hostages while Israel 39 prisoners .

Sunday was the third day of ceasefire .

S Korea Japan and China to resume leader’s summit

In a meeting g for first time I. Four years , the top diplomats of Japan , South Korea and China met in Busan , South Africa .

The agreed to resume their leaders’ trilateral summit  – but without a specific timing .

Closely lined with one another , the three countries together account for about 25 % of global GDP .

The three regional powers are not in good terms with each other’s recently for different reasons . South Korea and Japan being US ally has not been with good term with China .

Japan and South Korea has not good relations one of the reason being horrific treatment of South Koreans by Japanese forces during before second world war .


Russia downs Ukrainian drones over five regions

Russia said on Sunday that it had downed Ukrianian drones over five regions , including Moscow , as well as two Ukrianian missiles over Azov sea ,  a day after large scale Russia. drone attack on Kyiv .

Chinese fighter jets ‘ orbit ‘ Phillipine patrol aircraft

Two Chinese fighter jets were monitored “ orbiting “ a Philippine aircraft participating in partrols with Australia .

Armed group seizes China – Myanmar border crossing from Myanmar Junta

An ethnic minority group in Myanmar has seized control of the border areas along China  , local media and security forces said .

Clashes were noted in Myanmar’s Shan State , close to the Chinese border .

Myanmar Nationals Democratic Alliance Army ( MNDAA ) is alliance of three ethnic minority group . The group has seized dozens of military positions and town important for trade with China. Sources have told that MDNAA has raised its flag in border trade zone in Kyin San Kyant  .

Shan State makes border with China


Close Combat

Rajasthan CM is banking on welfare schemes in a keep contest

The editorial is about highly intensified election campaign in Rajasthan . In recent polls more than two third of registered voter voted . Election passed peacefully barring few minor incidents .

BJP camapaign was led by PM Modi . Modi raised issues of Congress sidelining Sachin Pilot as an insult to Gujjar , DMK attack to Sanatana Dharma . Corruption and question paper leaks were other issues raised by BJP .

From Congress side Mr. Gehlot mainly went for his welfare schemes . He fiether promised health cover of ₹50 lakh of he comes to power .

The last day of campaign saw Mr Gehlot change his social media campaign by putting map of Rajsthan with him on chest . According to him states language and culture was under threat during BJP govt at center .

Far right turn

The rising tide of ethno nationlist politics in Europe is worrisome

The editorial is about rise of Geert Wilders in Netherland and similar parties in Europe which are far right .

In recent poll results in Europe Mr Wilder’s party for freedom has emerged as single largest party with 37 seats in the 150 memeber lower house. Mr. Wilder’s is going to be a significant figure in Netherlands politics now .

Mr Wilder has for long been giving call of “ de Islamising “ the Netherlands , shutting down mosques , banning Koran and closing borders to migrants from Muslim majority countries .


The editorial highlights rise of right wing in France , Germany , Italy and throughout Europe . In France Marine Le Pen lost by just few seats . In Italy Georgia Meloni is having similar views . In Germany right wing has strengthened . Rise of cost of living and emigration problem seems the reason behind  increase in popularity of right .

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