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Headline : No Confidence Motion against Modi govt admitted in LS

Lok sabha speaker OM Birla on Wednesday given green signal for No Confidence motion .

Congress deputy leader of Lok sabha Gaurav Gogoi moved the motion .   The speaker will issue date of it only after consulting opposition memebers .

Headline : Citing FATF center urges SC to let Mishra continue as ED chief

SC on Wednesday agreed to hear on July 27 govt urgent application to allow current ED chief S K Mishra to be in office till October 15 , citing that it was necessary for ongoing evaluation of FATF ( financial actions task force ) .

                  Earlier in July 11 judgement SC had told Me. Mishra to leave office by July 31 . Center in its application center said ” at such a critical juncture, it is essential to have an individual who is well-acquainted with the overall status of money laundering investigations and proceedings across the country and also of the intricacies of the procedures, operations and activities of the investigating agency, at the helm of affairs at the ED,” the Centre’s application submitted. It further submitted

” Any transition in leadership at the ED at this stage would significantly impair the ability of the agency to provide necessary assistance to the assessment team and thereby adversely impact India’s national interests,” the Centre urged.

FATF works to list countries according to their performace in case of terror funding and money laundering. It provides assistance to countroes to counter menance like terror funding , money laundering etc .

Headline : Bill proposes birth control digitalisation

Govt has tabled  Registration of Birth and Death amendment Bill 2023 in Lok Sabha . The bill proposes to make it mandatory for states to register birth and death to Center’s civil registration system portal , and to share the data with Registrar General of India , which functions under union Home ministry .It will help in updating central databases resulting in efficient and transparent delivery of services and social benefits . This will ” avoid multiplicity of documents to prove date and place of birth ” .

              The digital birth certificate generated will be all – encompassing document that can be used for admission to educational institutions , jobs , passport or Aadhaar , voter enrollment , registration of marriage and others .

Headline : Lok Sabha passes forest conservation ( Amendment ) bill

Some major point in the bill are :

     In 1996 SC in its order had told govt to conserve patch of land  which have trees under it even if it is not declared forest . To declare such land was on state govt .New bill gives power to declare any non forest land to be preserved as  forest to be declared as such only by center .

      Forest under 100 km of border can be used by govt for security purposes to create infrastructure and other national security projects .

     State govt will require center’s permission to assign any forest land to private entity .

     Establishing check posts , fencing , bridging , will be allowed in forest .The bill also allows running zoos , safaris and eco tourism facilities in forest land .

Headline : Center moves Bill to nominate 2  kashmiri migrants  to assembly

Union minister of Home Nityanand Rai on Wednesday tabled a bill Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization ( amendment) act 2023 . The bill tells to nominate 2 members of  “Kashmiri migrants ” to Jammu and Kashmir assembly . One of them them will be a woman . It also proposes to reserve one seat for PoK settlers .

                   During 1989-90 , when violence was at peak in Jammu and Kashmir , lakhs of Kashmiri pandit had left Kashmir valley and settled in Jammu , Delhi and many other parts of country  .

In the wake of Pakistani aggression in 1947 about 31,779 families migrated from PoK .During 1965 and 1972 about  10, O65 families enterd India .          

Headline : 530 districts reported to as free of manual scavenging : center

Social justice ministry in Rajya Sabha in its reply about manual scavenging told the following :

     Jammu and Kashmir ,Manipur ,  Telangana , Andhra Pradesh , West Bengal and Jharkhand are among states and UTs yet to declare highest no of districts manual  scavenging free .

     No death has been reported due to manual scavenging in past five years , though 330 have died while cleaning  drains and sceptic tanks .

     The states declared 100% free of manual scavenging are are Bihar , Rajasthan , Tamil Nadu .  

     NAMASTE Scheme has been launched this year to mechanise all sewer and sapety tanks cleaning . 

Manual Scavenging , means manually cleaning ,dry latrines , handling human excreta in insanity latrines and sceptic tanks.

Headline : India will be among top 3 economies in NDA’s 3 Rd term :PM

PM modi on  Wednesday inaugurated newly redeveloped ITPO complex in the national capital . The redeveloped complex has been named as BHARAT MANDAPAM  . It will host upcoming G 20 event in Delhi .

                        Speaking at this event PM Modi said “In our first term, India was 10th in world economy rankings. In the second term, it is the fifth largest economy of the world. Based on this track record, I am saying that in our third term it will be among the top three economies of the world. This is Modi’s guarantee,”.

Headline : Amid protest in Jand K , govt to add more groups in scheduled list

Union govt on Wednesday 3 bills in Loksabha which is going to change reservation structure for education and employment in Jammu and Kashmir .

     Jammu and Kashmir Scheduled tribes Order ( amendment ) bill –

Gadda Brahman , Koli and Paddaro tribes will be added to Jammu and Kashmir  Tribal list .

               The move is being protested by several tribal group im Jammu and Kashmir especially Gujjar and Bakerwals which reside in Pir Panjal region . 

     Jammu and Kashmir reservation( Amendment ) bill 2023 – the bill will redifine ” Socially and Educationally Backward Class ( SEBC )” and ” Othe backward class ( OBC ) ” in context of Jammu and Kashmir .

This would enable the state to implement 105 th constitutional amendment in * letter and spirit ” .

105 th amendments tells right of states and UTs to declare their own   SEBC .



Headline : China scrubs ex- Minister Qin Gang past in hint of Purge .

China on Wednesday removed previous information , videos and speeches of removed Foreign Minister Qin Gang  from Foreign ministry website . This is generally done to someone disgracing the nation or someone involved in political scandal . 

                         Foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning in her daily briefing in Beijing decline to provide any reason for Qin Gang’s removal .

She repeatedly said that she had information only about his removal as posted by Xinhua news channel .

About Qin Gang :

Qin  ganf was once protocol Minister to president Xi Jinping , he was thought to be one close to president Xi . In December he was raised to post of foreign minister . However he was to be absent from public forum from last 30 days , giving speculation about sth wrong was there .

                      On Tuesday China officially announced his removal . However he remains a state councillor . In his absence the Foreign Ministry is being handled by his predecessor Wang yi .                                                        

Headline : Cambodian PM Hun Sen to step down after  4 decades .


Hun sen one of the highest serving PM of Cambodia announced on Wednesday that he will step down from his post of PM and handover the post to his son  Hun Khmer .

                  His combodia People’s Party (CPP) won a landslide victory getting 82% of total polls on Sunday . However EU and US has called the election neither free nor fair .




Headline : Blinken visits Tonga slams China’s action .


US secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Tonga on Wednesday . He inaugurated a US embassy there .

                     He told reporters that he had concerns about China’s predatory economic activities , unlawful maritime claims and and an increased focus on militarisation .


Headline : Israel’s top court to hear petitions against first part of contentious Judicial overhaul .


Civil society in Israel has filed petition in Israel’s Supreme court  to scrap recently past Judicial reforms bill .The court has listed it to hear in September .

                      Meanwhile protest continues in major cities of Israel against contentious bill that gives that dissolve power of court to question govt laws  .


Editorial 1

Uniting the House .

The PM must use the parliament as a forum to reassure the people of Manipur


What the editorial is all about :

 The editorial is regarding No Confidence motion and how PM should be using it to assure the people of Manipur .


No confidence Motion against PM modi ;

 On Wednesday no confidence motion was passed approved by Lok Sabha Speaker On Birla . The motion is approved only when it is signed by 50 members . No confidence motion will bring PM Modi in Lok Sabha and deliver a. Speech . The opposition has been demading PM to speak on Manipur for long , but PM has not spoken . It should be hoped that this will act as one of the opportunity to PM Modi to speak on Manipur and assure its people regarding govts move .


 Regarding Manipur :

Both opposition and govt seems to be on consensus over Manipur , govt also agreed to have as discussion over this . But opposition was stuck on that PM needs to speak . Opposition should leave such demands and discuss with what it has . Just holding parliament in ransom over  any demand that doesn’t sound relvent .


Editorial 2

Resilient ,but just

Lopsided growth , that bypasses poor nations , risks affecting global economy .


About the editorial :

The  editorial talks about International Moo Forum ( IMF) latest updations in its World Economic Outlook . It has upgraded global growth by 20 basis points .But there are some serious issues it has talked about .


About World Economic Outlook Report :

 It has upgraded global growth rate from previous 2.8 percent to 3 percent  in 2023 .


The concerns that seems to have meted down :

Bank crises in US, Switzerland seems to have resolved also US debt ceiling standoff have been resolved this gives some breather .


Concerns Ahead :

IMF ‘s chief economist Pierrie Oliver Giurinchas said that concerns Ahead affecting the economy are :

     The US and China economy has slowed and face increased uncertainty amid global and domestic headwinds .

     China opening after pandemic is seeing slowdown in its exports and demands as well .

     EuroZone economy being badly hit by Russia Ukraine war . Euro countries earlier depended on Russian gas exports still are finding hard on its alternative

     Russia’s decision to axe the agreement on grain passes from Ukraine may increase the prices of grains in low income countries by 15 Percent .




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