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THE HINDU 26-06-2023




ð  Modi-Siri ink deal on strategic partnership.

PM Modi was on two day visit to Egypt on 24-25th June.

The govt on Egypt bestowed the highest order of land – “The Order of the Nile” – on the visiting Indian leader.

Four agreements were signed b/w India and Egypt.

·         Strategic partnership between India and Egypt

·         3 hours in the fields of agriculture, archaeology and antiquities and competition law was also signed.

·         The two sides discussed multilateral co-operation at G-20 and other subjects such as Food, energy security and climate change.

Pm Modi visit Heliopolis common-wealth war centenary, whach paid homage to around 4,300 Indian soldiers who lost live fighting in world war I.

He also visited AL Hakim Mosque. He visited Pyramid of Cviza. He met Indian community in Egypt.

ð  After meeting shah, Biren says will reach out to Kulkis.

Manipur CM N. Biren Singh on Sunday met HN Amit Shah.

After meeting Mr. Biren singh told that kuki community was among his own and promised that a fresh round of dialogue will be initiated with all the stakholders.

He told that HN. Amit shah advised him to establish peace and revive dialogue across communities including Meira Paibas meira Paibas – is a women’s group currently Meria Paibis is leading protest in Manipur.

At times they are obstructing security forces from carrying out the operation.

Internet and curfew

Mr. singh told that internet in the stake was unlikely to be restored soon as situation was not conducive. However, curfew were being relaxed.

No more casualities

Mr. Biren singh tweeted “it may be noted that there has been no report of causalities due to the violence since 13th June”.

HM Amit Shah had conducted all party meet one day before.

Home ministry has cited 3 primary reason for the violence – legacy issues, infiltration from Myanmar and the march 27 Manipur High court order.

At least 131 people have been killed, and 60,000 people displaced.

ð  Pricing, term of MQ-9B drone deal with U.S yet to be finalized, says govt.

Foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra said that pricing and terms of NQ-9B drone deal has not been finalized.

Though the company has quoted 3.07 billion for 31 MQ-9B drones. It will be negotiated after the deal gets approved by US congress. He also said that the deal with other countries during MQ-9B purchases will be compured.

He told social media posts on prices of MQ-9B as take.

ð  Pak Army deploying new Chinese cannons on LBC, says officials.

According to defence officials, china is helping Pakistan to build its defence infrastructure, besides providing UAVs, communication towers, and laying underground cables along LOC.

Pakistan has recently deployed S.H-15, 155 mm truck-mounted howitzer guns procured from china along LOC.

ð  Good train overshoots signal, hits a maintenance train and deralas in Bengal.

Eight wagons of a goods trains over-turned after it collided with a maintenance train and derailed t the on dagrus railway station in Bankura district of west Bengal on Sunday.

Around 4 A.M, the goods train over hot the red signal and hit stationary maintance train.

A locopilot, assistant Locopilot and two chief loco inspectors have been suspended.

Overshooting the red signal is considered a grave offence and can cost loco pilot and other involed their jobs.

ð  Foreign medical graduated seek help to obtain registration.

Many students were forced to return to India after passing the foreign medical graduate examination (FMGE). There students can not wash in India without getting permanent registration certificate with respective state medical councils.

A section of foreign medical graduated have written to health ministry in this regard.

ð  Retail giant help link 8 lakh producers to markets; form groups scoptical.

Techno serve is a Non-profit organization operating in 30 countries, the company associated itself with coffee farmer in Araku valley Andhra Pradesh, through eight farmer producer organization (FPOs). It has increase farmers income by 500% in 64.

Similarly digital green non NGO has associated itself with cashew farmers.

DARPAN (Professional Assistance for development action) – It has helped women farmers cut out middleman.

All those organization are funded by walmart foundation.

At least 500 organization with eight lakh farmers across nine states Andhra Pradesh, UP, telangana, Karnataka, odisha, Jharkhand, W. Bengal, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh – are involved.

Non –Profit that implement programme are working along small and marginal farmers cultivating coffee, cashew, mint, mango, vegetables, wheat and millet. But farmer lobbies famous mandi system and still suptical about global giants.

ð  Vikram pragyan to return for another trust with the moon.

India’s chandrayaan-3 misison is slated for mid-July launch. It will do what chandryan-2 mission failed to do.

Chandrayan-2 failed to land lander vikran on lunar surface, and thus rover progyaan could not be used.

ISRO has decided to not change the  name of lander and rover’s name for chandrayan-3.


LVM-3 rocket will launch chandrayaan-3 mission. A propulsion module will carry lander-rover configuration to 100-km lunar orbit. Once vikram lander module makes it safely to the moon, it will deploy progyan, “which will carryout in situ chemical analysis of lunar surface during the course of its mobility”. The ISRO said lander



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ð  Wagner chief move to Belarus in a deal brokered by Lukashenko.

Heavily armed Russian mercenary wagner left Russian city of Rostov-on-Don after a deal was brokered by Belarussin president Lukashenko.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry peskov said, under the deal

·         A criminal case opened against Mr. prigozhin for armed muting would be dropped, Mr. prigozhin would move to rallied his cause would face no action, in recognition to their Previous service to Russia.

Heanwhile Russia’s deputy foreign minister andres Rudenko flew to Beijing for talks with china on “international” issues. It was unclear whether it was response to Wagner’s rebellion.

ð  Islamic state claims killing of Sikh man in Pakistan

Gumen shot and killed a sikh community member in city of peshawer.

The Islamic state claimed responsibility for the killing, saying the sikh person had been a follower of what it called “Polytheistic” sikh sect in Peshawar.

ð  Hollywood producer tetifies at Netaryahu corruption trial

An Israeli producer of Hollywood blockbusters Arnon milchnan appeared from Video conferencing during a trail in a case on Netan yahu. Is corruption case.

He told that he routinely delivered tens of thousand of dollars of champagne cigars and other gifts requested by Israeli leader.






Opposition parties have little more than rivary with the BJP in common .

About recently held meeting of opposition in Patna

On June 23, 15 opposition parties participated in a meeting in patna. To coordinate their compaigns agsint BJP though no joint statement came. All partied held their own views against BJP. The 2nd such meeting will be held in Shimla in a month.

Fund between parties

The political parties gathered does not seen comfortable among themselves like after karnatka win by congress, Bharatha Rajasthan Samithi (BRS) seems more threatened from congress than BJP.

Parties such as samajwadi party (SP) and Trinmool congress (TMC)  cant congress to vacte the field in up and W. Bengal respectively or play second fiddle against BJP in every constituency.

JD(U) chief Nitish kumar doesn’t look at peak of his credibility.

AAP had come to power against the same party it is now Mingling.

For opposition to fight against BJP a common ground will have to find.






India must keep an eye on adverse reaction for new drugs and vaccines.

About recently approved m RNA version of COVID-19 vaccine

Last week, the drug comptroller general of India (DCGI) cleared under the provision of “Emergency use authorization (EUA)”, a new mRNA vaccine for COVID-19.

GEMCOVAC-OM – The vaccine approve is developed by pune bussed Gennova Bio pharmaceuticals.

ð  Significance of GEMCOVAC-ON

It has been approved for EUA.

Means it can be taken only as a booster dose and precautionary dose.


WHO has officially declared end of COVID-19.

So the usefulness of it doesn’t look that purpose ful. But, it shows that company has capability to make MRNA vaceine, and this will be useful against future virus.

A comparison of FDA and GDCI approval

US food and drug administration (FDA) generally trails for a longer year on vaccine developed on new formulation.

While most of DGCI approvals are foreign formation tested in Indian condition.


MQ-9B Reaper Drone

ð  The India-US deal for 31 MQ-9B drones

The story so far;


In a joint statement issued last week Pm Modi and US president Biden welcomed India’s Plan to procure 31, MQ-9B High Altitude long endurable (HALE) armaned aerial vehicle (UAY), in a jont statement issued last week. Ministry of defence (MoD) has said that the estimated cost is 3.072 billion. However price will be negotiated once it gets clearance from U.S. congress


Cost and prices


Price yeet to be finalized. It still requires clearance from US congress.

India is negotiating to increase the indigenous content. Currently only 8-9% of indigenous content. It can be increased up to 15-20% . discussions are underway


MQ-9B capabilities


MQ -9B Two variants

Sky Guardian                                    Sea Guardian

(for Air force and Army)                     (For Navy)


For surveillance of borders and for    It will help reducing burden of

beyond. Like lac, it integrates with    manned aircraft, help in reduce-

AH-64 Apache attack helicopter,       ing wear and tear of manned

MH-60K Multi role helicopters.         Aircraft.

P-I helicopter


UAVs already in service


AGM-114 hell fire used by us after 9111 in Afghanistan

RQ-1 – used earlier by US air force (USAF), retired in 2018             

ð  The titan Tragedy: how did the Titanic tourist submersible operate?

The story so far :-

On June 18, a submersible named Titan went missing. On board were 4 passenger and one pilot. US and Candian coast guard navy and airforce  tried hard to search and save lives.

On June 22 : authorities informed that all five passengers were died n a “latas implosion”.


What is the Titan Submersible?

Submersible – Under water vehicle.

Titan submersible is operated by Us based company OCEAN GATC. It organized underwater expeelition both research and tourism.

The expedition was meant to document titanic and it rate of decay.

Also the company said that all its all its expedition were in line with national oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  Guidelines for research, as well as UNESCO guidelines for the preservation of underwater heritage sites UNESCO guidelines stress long-term preservation of “underwater cultural heritage”


ð  Submarine vs Submersible

Submarine is  indepented, longe. It has its own power supply. It departs from a port and come back to a part after expedition.

A submersible is small, depends on other shipe to be launched and recovered Titan was working with a vessel named Polar prince.


ð  What happened to Titan?

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Titanic wreek site about 300 nautical miles from newfound land, Canada. It is at depth of 3,800 m titan cost around 2,50,000 to each passenger.

On June 220 ocean gak said that the submersible had suffered a catastrophic lan of passenger chaber” which killed all on board.

ð  How was submersible operated?

Tital is made of carbon fibre and Titanium, weighs 10,432 kg, capable of going 4,000m under sea, moves as fast as 3 knots/hour (5.56 kmph) there is space for 5 person to sit. A pothole to look outside, it has its own light.

Titan is controlled by “sony playstation like controller” from inside. It ares starlink satellite based internet for communication. Life support for 96 hours oxygen. There who had been on Titan earlier had told of communication failure, “getting lost for few hours” and similar problem earlier.


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