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Headline : opposition plans no trust motion against Modi govt .

INDIA grouping wants PM Modi to speak Manipur . To force this they are planning to bring a No Confidence motion against Modi govt  in the Lok sabha .

                 Only 13 days are left of Monsoon session , Speaker can take up to 10 days to admit a no – confidence motion. Also No Confidence motion requires support of minimum 50 members to be adopted in the house . The issue was discussed by INDIA members  by Mallikarjuna kharge .He has asked all the MPs to be present in house henceforth .

                   Meanwhile  on Tuesday Home Minister Amit Shah wrote opposition memebers in bothe houses stating that govt is ready to for an elaborate discussion on Manipur and seeks cooperation .

 Headline : Modi hits out at grouping over INDIA name

PM Modi addressing a meeting of BJP parliamentary Party , told the current opposition was the most ‘” directoonless” country has ever seen , and that even reviled organisations such as’ Indian Mujahideen’.  and ‘East India Company’  had INDIA in therir name ,but that did not decieve anyone about their real purpose .

 Headline : Arrived at consensus on ties at Bali.

PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi  Xinping reached a ” consensus”  during bilateral ties during their meeting in Bali this year , said Chinese foreign Ministry statement after meeting of NSA Ajit Doval and And his counterpart Wang Yi  on the sidelines of BRICS meeting of NSAs in Johannesberg .

                The Indian statement on Doval  wang meeting did not any reference of China claim and instead focussed on continuing Line of Actual (LAC) stand off that Mr. Doval said had ‘ eroded ” the ” public and political basis of ties ” .

                          PM Modi has not met Xi Jinping bilaterally since confro tatoo at the border .The only time the two leaders spoke was G 20 Bali meet during Gala ceremony where they talked for few minutes . The statement by Chinese side refers to this meeting .

 Headline: Manipur marginally lifts internet ban

After 83 day restriction Manipur govt . eased the restrictions I. Internet marginally on Tuesday , albeit under strict restrictions .

                        Mobile internet will remain banned over fears of spread of disinformation and rumours through social media platforms .

                                 The condition on ban include ban on WiFi and VPN use ; deletion of all social media application . A requirement to fill out undertakings assuming for “secondary” users for a network ; and users being subjected to” physical monitoring “.

 Headline : Wifi ban and other clauses impractical , says Manipur Internet Service Providers (ISP) .

Several Internet service providers feels that the condt put by govt to provide internet will be hard to implement and are many times impractical .

For example : ban on WiFi , is totat impractical as users can just switch the wifi on .

Tanking control over users like managing that VPNs be deleted from the devices and responsibility totaki g undertaking from each of its users is something not hard to control .

 Headline : BJP memners among 19 held in attacking CMs office in Meghalaya .

The police has arrested about 19 members , including two BJP Mahila Morcha chief for attacking Meghalaya CMs secretariat in Tura on Monday and Tuesday .

                On Monday CM Conard K.Sangama was  attending a meeting with local leaders to discuss winter capital of Manipur .when a mob laid seige to CM secretariat and threw stones .

Ten Meghalaya police personnel , seven CRPF personnel and a woman home guard volunteer were injured in the attack .

               Meghalaya DGP laater said that it was planned conspiracy and some former policemen with “some political affiliation” were involved .

            Local organizations want Tura to be the winter capital of Meghalaya . Also the issueof reservation of local people in jobs is a major issue in Meghalaya .

 Mizoram CM joins solidarity March in Aizwal for Kuki – Zo People .

Thousands of men women along with CM Zoramthanga and several  MLAs took part in ” solidarity  March ” orfanized by the NFOs Coordination Committee (NCC) in states capital Aizwal .  The March was to express solidarity with the violence hit Kuki – Zo tribal group .

                   The participants condemned Central and State govt .for the “brutal attack ” on the tribal women . The slammed PM modi’s ” silence ” and called Manipur govt a ” total failure ” . 

               Most of the Mizoram population  is ethnically close to Kuki Zo tribes .

 Headline : Lok Sabha passes contentious bio diversity bill.

Biological diversity ( Amendment ) bill , 2021

     seeks to exempt registered AYUSH medical practitioner from intimating biodiversity boards before accessit biological resources .
     It also aims to ease compliance burden boosting investment and simplifying patent applications process .

Headline : President opens tribal arts gallery at Rashtrapati Bhawan as she finishes a year in Office .

 President Draupadi Murmu on completion of one year in office inaugurated a new gallery “janjatiya darpan ” at Rashtrapati Bhawan on Tuesday a unique gallery dedicated to triabal, arts , culture and herbs.

             The galley was developed by Indiara Gandhi Center of Arts (IGNCA) an autonomous body under ministry of Culture , it showxases various aspect of tribal life  and art .

      Headline : IMF lifts Indias growth forecast a tad to 6.1%.

The International Monetary Fund , IMF on Tuesday raised its growth foret for India  to 6.1%  . It’s forecast was 5.9% in April . It cited ” momentum from stronger than expected  growth ” behind this .

                   The growth projection. by RBI is 6.5%.

Headline : IMF: India’s rice curbs could raise inflation .

IMF chief economist Pierrie Olivier Gourincjas said on Tuesday that India’s move to nam export of certain type of rice would have same effect as suspension of Black sea Ukraine deal and would raise global food proces by 10 – 15 %.

                India recently had banned export of non Basmati rice .

Headline : CBIC detects 9300 fake GST accounts , ₹11,000 CR invasion .

CBIC,-  Central board of Indirect Taxes . Looks into GST collection .

CBIC identifies more than 25,000GST accounts suspected to be fake , Minister of State Pankaj Chaudhary informs Rajya Sabha for the same ; registration suspended for 5775 firms .

                      CBIC special drive between may 16 to July 19 confirms more than 9300fake registration .  CBIC detects tax evasion amounting about ₹ 10,902 CR .Five states that comprise to 60% of suspected fake account are Delhi , UP, Haryana , Gujrat .


Headline : Protests roll Israel over new law , doctors keep off work .

Thousands of Israeli doctors walked out of work ,labour leaders thereatened  a general strike and senior justices rushed home from trip abroad on Tuesday , a day after knesset passed Judicial reform bill .

                    Four leading Israeli paper covered their front page in black ink with only line at bottom ” A black day for Israel democracy ” .

                  Thousands of people came to streets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem . Police had to use water cannons and apply force to angry protesters .

Headline : China axes Qin Gang , Wang Yi back as foreign minister .

China’s leader Xi Jinping removed Qin Gang from Foreign Ministers post and his predecessor Wang Yi has been restored as PM for time being .

                 Qin Gang has been absent from public events from days . It was his 7 th month for term as Foreign Minister . Observers have cited both health and political reasons as explanation for his removal .

Headline : Imran to face fresh charges of Contempt , says lawyer.

Pakistan election oversight body on Tuesday said it would indict the country’s former PM Imran Khan next week on Charges of publicly insulting it’s official last year .

                Imran Khan in 2022 has called election body chief , sikandar Raja as ” personnel servants ” of PM Shahbaz Sharif .

Mr. Khan has been slapped with more than 150 legal cases .

Uncertainty remains ; Sanchez is interim PM .

Current PM of Spain has been approved as interim PM by King of Spain till new PM is elected .

                    The election results has shown hung parliament with no party getting majority .

If any of the two groups be able to form a coalition with small parties and prove majority . Leader of that group will be appointed as PM otherwise Spain may have to go reelection.

Headline ; China, Russia. To send delegates to North Korea .

70 th anniversary of Armistice that halted fighting in 1950-53 Korean war , will be celebrated in North Korea this week .Both China and Russia are sending govt delegates on this occassion .

                  In Korean war Soviet Union and China also has fighted for North Korea , while USA had fought for South Korea . The present condition still shows the same partition.

North Korea has been close to Russia and china since it’s inception

                                    Editorial 1 .

                                   Welcome happening

Robust institutional mechanism mist be in place for human challege studies .

About the Editorial :

Indian council of medical research ( ICMR) has given go ahead for  Controlled Human Infection studies (CHIS) . This will help a lot in vaccine verification , development of new drug at relatively less effort .


About CHIS :

 Under CHIS healthy volunteers are are intensionally exposed to disease causing microbes Inna highly controlled and monitored environment . This will help to establish efficacy of vaccine and drug in relatively low cost , time and effort . Worldwide CHOS has helped in speedy vaccine making of disease like typhoid and Colera . Even during production of CoVid vaccine CHIS trials were used by some companies .


Challenges regarding CHIS :

There  is very high degree of ethical challenges like expolitations ,monetary compensation  issues etc . The scope of misadventure is very high in these .

                      Also a well trained and robust system , collaboration with scientist , companies are high .India should use CHIS only to study diseases with safe and effective treatment. Using CHIS to study novel microbes/disease with limited medical intervention should wait till Indian scientists gain expertise, and robust institutional structures and mechanisms are in place.

                                   Editorial 2 :

                        Dangerous Overhaul

Israel will be weaker more authoritarian  after  undermining the judiciary

About the editorial :

The. Editorial talks about  new law on judicial overhaul in Israel . It talks  about controversial Judicial overhaul bill passed by majority this Monday . It talks about its effect on Israel and on Palestine as well .

About Judicial Overhaul bill :

The recently passed Judicial reform bill restricts judiciary review of govt decions or laws made by govt . Now no authority would be able to check any ” unreasonable ” decision of govt .       The bill was passed by a majority of 64 in 120 member knesset .

How will it impact West Bank , Palestine .

It will give current govt to do what they want to do in West Bank , means pushing more settlers in West Bank . And punishing those who are against this move . Israel has two rules for those who live in mainland Israel and for those who are living in occupied territories such as West Bank . The tension between Israel and Palestine will further rise .

                   Mr. Netanyahu may have been able to pass the bill through Knesset but this has made Israel even weaker .

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