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Modi , Xi call for speedy disengagement along LAC

PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping held meeting on the sidelines of of BRICS summit in South Africa , foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra said on Thursday .Meeting was held in Wednesday but the announcement was held till PM left for Greece after attending BRICS .

‘Respect the LAC’ – ” In a conversation with President Xi Jinping of China , PM highlighted India’s concerns of the unresolved issues along the LAC in the border Along the western sector of India China border  areas ” , Mr. Kwatra told the media . Mr. Modi had underlined that the maintenance of peace  and tranquility in border areas and observing and respecting the LAC are essential for normalization of the India China relationship .”

Mr Kwatra said that the two leaders had

decided to direct the ” relevant officials to intensify effort to expeditious disengagement and deescalation ” , indicating the current talks at military level .

Last time the two leaders had met at G20 in Bali .


BRICS decides to include six new members

6 new member will be added to BRICS . The addition will take effect from 1 st  January 2024 .Iran , Saudi Arabia , UAE , Egypt , Ethiopia  and Argentina are the new members .

The current chair Cyril Ramphosa presented the Johannesburg  declaration – the outcome document of the – and made an indirect reference to the Ukriane conflict saying the groups memeber had sought. ”  peaceful resolution ” of the disputes.

PM Modi held bilateral meeting with leaders from Senegal , Mozambique , Ethiopia , and Iran and delivered a speech that is at BRICS Africa outreach and BRICS plus dialogue session where he invited the participant countries to join bodies such as internet solar alliance ; one sun , one world , one grid . Coalition for disaster resilient infrastructure ( CDRI ) ,One Earth , One health ; Big Cat Alliance ; and Global center for traditional medicine .

New BRICS member


Chandrayaan rover has begun mobility operations , says ISRO

Hours after the Vikram landee landed on lunar surface , the rover Pragyaan was out .

” Chandrayaan 3 ROVER : Made in India and made for the MOON! The Ch-3 Rover ramped down from the lander and India took a walk in the moon ! ” ISRO posted on X on Thursday morning .

There are two instruments in the rover and three instruments on board the lander , and all of them have been switched on sequentially . ISRO chief S . Somnath informed .

Lander and rover will now study the moon’s mineral composition and seismic activities in its atmosphere , according to ISRO chairman S. Somnath .

Pregyaan Rover

Missing RTI details will be restored , says govt portal



RRR bags six national awards , Gangubai Kathiawadi takes five

S.S Rajmauli blockbuster RRR bagged six awards and Sanjay Lila Bhansali Gangubaai Kathiawad won in five categories at 69 th National Film Awards for the year 2021 announced on Thursday.

69 th National Film Awards

Best feature film – Rocketry , the Nambi Effect

Best Male actor – Allu Arjun , for PUSHPA

Best Female Actor –  Alia Bhatt and Kriti Senon  for Gangubai Kathiawad and Mimi respectively

Best supporting male actor – Pankaj Tripathi for Mimi

Best Supporting female actor – Pallavi Joshi .. the Kashmir files

Best Popular film providing the wholesome entertainment – RRR

Best Screenplay award – Shahi Kabir for Malayalam Movie Nayattu – The hunt

Best film on Social issues – Anunaad – The resonance

Nargis Dutt award for Best feature film on National Integration – The Kashmir files

The Indira Gandhi award for best debut film – Meppadiyan

Best play Back singer – Kaala Bhairava for komuram Bheemdo




Farmers and Workers body plan to protest locally

An all India joint convention of workers and farmers , organised by 19 Central trade Unions and Samyukta Kisan Morcha in Thursday said to launch protest against union govt policies in December and January ahead of 2024 general election.The organizations resolved to work for the defeat of the Narendra Modi govt at center and BJP govt in various states .


To enhance IAF efficiency ,govt , to buy weapons locally


May 3 violence was likely pre – planned : Manipur CM

Manipur CM N Biren Singh told said on Thursday that he was in touch with MLAs from the Kuki Zo community and would provide them security to attend the Assembly session.

Manipur Assembly will be held on 29 August .

Earlier Kuki Zo MLAs had told that because of security concern they would skip Assembly session.

He said that the Violence on 3 May was likely pre planned . To stop ” illegal migration ” from Myanmar the state had sought more forces to be deployed .


Means used must be consistent with ends achieved : CJI on dissolution of Article 370 .

CJI on Thursday said that govt cannot justify the ” means ” used to dissolve Article 370 from the constitution and erase Jammu and Kashmir as a full fledged state in August 2019 by simply pointing to the ” ends ” achieved .CJI was refering  to  improved condition in Jammu and Kashmir and the way Article 370 was removed .

Starting hearing from govt side : Attorney general Venkat ramani said that J&K had lost its all traces of sovereignty the moment it signed the instrument of accession with govt of India .

All Indian states have internal sovereignty ,but there are those who is confusing internal sovereignty with autonomy.



Driven to tears

Trade curbs on farm products will distort sowing preferences

The editorial talks about the effect of govt decision to increase export duty on onion and increase buffer of onion.  Its effect on both farmer and consumer .


About recent decision of govt .

After banning export of Basmati rice a month ago govt has decided to increase export duty on onions by 40% . Govt has also increased buffer of onion stock by 2 lakh tonnes . The govt move is aimed to curb inflation in essential food commodities following surge in tomato prices .


 Effect of govt move

Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is highest producer of Onion in India . Nashik being Asia’s largest onion market . Farmers are not happy with govt decision . They protested in Nashik Onion market .

This year due to weather condition has seen less production of onion and its prices  is expected to surge .



Putin offers ‘condolences ‘ as plane crash kills Wagner boss

Russia President Putin in a televised comment offered his ” sincere condolences to the families of all the victims ” , describing the crash as a tragedy

” I knew Prigozhin for a long time since the 90s . He was a man of complicated fate and he made serious mistakes in his life ,”

He said Wagner members who had died in the crash made a ” significant contribution ” durinf war against to Moscow’s offensive against Ukraine .

Putin’s revelation has been first concrete proof that Progozhin had died . Earlier Russian authorities had told that Progozhin’s name was in the list of members killed I plane crash .

Some western leaders has expressed concerns that the crash was not accident .

” There is not much that happens in Russia that Putin’s not behind” , said US President Joe Biden.


Vivek Ramaswamy shines GOP primary debate

On Wednesday’s US republican debate Vivek Ramaswamy won much of applause . Eight candidates had participated including Nickey Healy . Vivek a biotech enterpreneur .

Donald Trump was a major absentee from the debate as he was heading to jail .

The debate was for Republican candidature .

In US selection of  candidate who stand for their parties , is based on debates and internal party voting after that . For example : if Ramaswamy wins in internal party voting he will stand for Presidential election from Republican side . Currently Trump seems to be the top candidate to get Republican candidature but it can change .


China says it will back Dhaka against ‘ external interference ‘

Chinese President on Wednesday sad that Beijing would support Bangladesh in”  opposing  external interference ” and would deepen economic cooperation , including through Belt and Road Initiative ( BRI) .

In talks with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina on the sidelines of BRICS Mr. Xi said ” China supports Bangladesh in safeguarding national sovereignty , independence and territorial integrity , and in opposing external interference , so the country can maintain domestic unity and stability ,and achieve development and revitalization , he was quoted as saying by Chinese state media .

Bangladesh – US ties hit a low in May when US banned VISA of many Bangladeshi officials  which it holds responsible for ” undermining the democratic election process in Bangladesh ” .

The US has also sanctioned senior officials of Rapid Action Battalion , a tool of PM Hasina against terrorism . US issued a public call for ” free and transparent ” elections .that that are scheduled for later this year .

In April Ms Hasina had slammed US saying ” It has power to topple governments in any country and Muslim countries in particular is facing tough time “


Japan releases water from Fukushima plant

Japan began releasing wastewater from Fukushima nuclear power plant into Pacific Ocean Promoting a furious China to ban all seafood imports from Japan .

The start of discharge of 540 Olympic swimming pool of water has been told to be harmless by IAEA and Japan .


Norway to become third country to give F16 fighter jets to Ukraine

Netherland and Denmark has already decided to give F16 jets to Ukraine .


Sunak ‘ inadvertently ‘ broke ethics rules , says UK political watchdog

Sunak was chided for failing to declare his wife’s financial interest in childcare firm that stood to benefit from govt policy .



Magnus Carlsen defeats Praagnandhaa in finals of World Chess Championship .

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