Summary of The Hindu 24th MARCH 2024

BJP made ‘bribes ‘ legal through electoral bonds says  Congress

Congress on Saturday reiterated its demand for a Supreme Court will monitorit of voted  to power .

Congress’s General secretary Jairam Ramesh held other  accused BJP of following

     Thirty eight corporate groups made donations to the BJP and received 179 government contracts and project approvals worth ₹ 3.8 lakh crore .

     Forty one  corporates that  faced 56 ED/ IT / CBI searches gave BJP ₹2592 crores to the BJP .Out of which ₹1853 crore were given out of ₹1853 cr

Kerala moves to Supreme Court as President Murmu withholds assent to four bills

In an unprecedented move Kerala govt on Saturday filed an appeal in Supreme Court as President Draupadi Murmu has withheld assent to the four bills passed by Kerala Legislature without disclosing any reasons .

The state has argued that withholding assent of bill without giving any reason was in violating of article 14 , 200 and 201 . State has cited  violation of Constitutional morality .

Article 200 ( 3)  —- If the governor reserves a bill for  President’s consideration , the enactment of the bill then depends on assent or refusal of Assent by the President .

Navy steps up vigil amid Piracy threats

35 pirates who were arrested by the Indian Navy in order to rescue MV Ruen   was  handed over to Mumbai Police .

This marks completion of  100 days of ‘ Operation Sankalp ‘ launched by the Indian Navy in the Gulf of Aden .

MV Ruen was rescued after a 40 hours operation in which INS Kolkata and IAF’s C 17 aircraft participated .

Toll rises to 20 in hooch tragedy

Death toll in alleged spurious liquor Consumption case in Sangrur district of Punjab has  crossed 20 .

The Election  Commission has sought a report from the Bhagawat Mann led government .

Govt let’s Adnoc export oil from India’s strategic storage

The government has allowed Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ( Adnoc ) to export crude oil it has stored in underground strategic storage in Mangalore to give operational flexibility to Foreign Firms , the Ministry of Commerce said in an order .

Till now only Indian Oil Corporation ( IOC) could export .

India imports 85% of crude oil and gas build strategic storage at three locations to store around 5.33 million tonnes against any supply disruptions .


133 killed in Moscow concert hall shooting ; 11 detained ,says Putin

At least 133 civilians were  killed in an incident  of indiscriminate firing in Concert hall near Moscow by Four terrorists .

The incident occurred on Friday in Circus city hall music venue in Krasnogorsk .

Islamic State Khorasan  ( ISIS – K ) an Afghanistan based terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack .

Till  now 11 Persons have been detained .

Putin says Moscow gunman tried to escape to Ukraine , Kyiv denies role .

President Putin addressing the nation after this attack called the incident ” a bloody , barbaric terrorist act “  . He said that 11 persons  has been arrested thus far  in connection with the attack .

The four gunners are in custody .

Putin told that a ‘ window ‘ had been prepared by the attackers on the Ukrainian border .

Kyiv however has refuted such charges that Ukraine was used for the attack . Kyiv said that Mr Putin’s accusations were false . And it is just to create further Anti Ukraine hysteria in Russia .

Israel denies Hamas report of shooting

 The Hamas run government in Gaza said Israeli fire killed 19 as they were waiting at an aid distribution point .

The Hamas Health Ministry in Gaza said that 19 people were killed and 23 wounded “when they were hit by a  ” Israeli occupation Army rank fire and shell “  as they were “ waiting for air trucks“.

Chinese boats  calls for Filipino boats , with water cannons

Chinese ships hit Philippines supply boats with water cannons near Second Thomas Shoal in South China sea . This caused injuries to its Navy and crew  members .

The United States and Japan immediately expressed their support to Philippines .


1.    Who may vote from home in Lok Sabha Elections ?

 The Election Commission has extended ‘ vote from home ‘ facility to persons with disabilities and  senior citizens aged 85 and above .

This move will allow more than 88.4 lakh persons with disability to vote from home .

The ECI has also extended the facility to media personnel  covering “ polling day activities “ , with authorization  letters from the election commission , and those part of essential services such as metros , railway , healthcare . The option is also available for service voters posted elsewhere .

Has it been tried out before ?

Vote from assembly was previously tried out during assembly elections in select region for those affected by CoVID 19 , senior citizens and persons with disabilities .

But this time the age of elderly voters has been extended from 80 to 85 .



2.    How bad is the humanitarian crisis in Gaza ?

The story so far :

The UN has said that famine in Gaza territory is “ imminent “ . Though nations are trying for a ceasefire in Gaza . Israel has said that it will not lift the blockade in Gaza  and continue military operations until “ Hamas is dismantled “ .

The death toll in Gaza  has crossed 32,000 .


What has led Gaza to this ?

Gaza has a population of around 2.3 million .

 Half of the cropland has become non cultivable due to Israeli attack . Infrastructure has suffered very badly . Fishing that was a source of income has also stopped due to displacement of people .

This has put almost all the population to be dependent on aid .

The number of trucks  entering Gaza daily before the Israeli attack was 600 , of that 150 carried food items . But currently only 200 trucks aid is entering Gaza .

The whole season route is blocked by Israel . The only  way to enter aid is through Rafah crossing .

Recently Israel allowed aid by the World Food Organisation through the sea route . US is trying to build a pier on the coast of Gaza to send aid .


Figures on Hunger in Gaza

According to a report by Food security and aid organization , the percentage of child facing hunger before October 7 was .8 % . The percentage went up to 12.4% –  16.5%  in February . In February number percentage of those suffering Famine was 30% which went to 50% by mid March .


Solution of the crisis :

Gaza needs an immediate ceasefire . Several levels of talks have failed to result in a ceasefire till now . Though talks are on with the US , Egypt and Qatar being the intermediary between the two sides .

aid Delivery route to Gaza




3. Why is  DGCA firm on new rules for pilots


The story so far :

The directorate general of civil aviation ( DGCA )  has rejected a call  for new pilots duty norms .


What are the new rules ?

 The new rules provide an enhanced weekly test for pilots . The rules also has reduced night time flying .

The airline companies are opposing this as they will have  to hire 15 – 25 % more pilots . 

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