Summary of The Hindu 24th DECEMBER 2023

3 civilians picked up by Army after J&K ambush found dead

On Friday three army Jawans were killed in an ambush by unidentified terrorist . Eight civilians were picked up by Army for questioning ,  three of the eight civilans were found dead on Saturday . Five more of them have been admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

Relatives have told that the three diceased have died by torture by Army .

A 29 second video by Army Jawans stripping the three men has gone viral  on social media .

Army has told that an investigation has been initiated  regard this .

Political Parties of Jammu and Kashmir has criticized govt over this .

Vessel with 20 Indians on drone hit by drone ; Navy , coast guard step in

A Libreria based merchant ship , Chem Pluto , was hit by suspected drone just outside the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ ) , the coast guard of Navy has swung into action to assist the vessel to reach safely to Mumbai port for repair of damage .

The Oil tanker vessel was moving from. Saudi Arabia and had to reach Mangalore , The ship carried 21 crew members of which 20 are Indians and one Vietnamese . It was hit 217 nautical miles from Porbandar Coast .

It is thought that the attack can be by Houthis . Houthis are attacking vessel near Red sea ,  they are against Israel attacking Gaza .

Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ ) – It is  distance from land in sea till which a country can use marine resources . 200 nautical miles ( 370 km ) from sea is thought to be EEZ .

LG suggests CBI probe in ‘ fake ‘ drug supply

LG  Vinay Kumar Saxena of Delhi has recommended a CBI probe in a case of alleged supply of spurious drugs to Delhi Govt hospitals .

The Directorate of Vigilance ( DoV) told in a report submitted to LG on 5 December that  drugs collected from three Delhi hospitals were found spurious.

The hospital in question is being run by Delhi govt . AAP has demanded the suspension of health secretary , while BJP has sought sacking of health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj .

13 minors on plane held in France over suspected human trafficking

On Friday a flight going from Dubai and going to Nicargua was grounded by French  authorities over charges of human trafficking .

The aircraft belonging to a Romanian Charter company Legend Aircraft has 303 Indian Passengers . The  Aircraft  is currently grounded at Chalons Vatry airport in Marne.

There are 13 unaccompanied minors among 303 passengers . The minors are aged between 21 months to 17 years . It is also being suspected that the  passengers were to land in Nicargua from where they were to try entering USA and Canada illegally .


The Indian embassy team  has got Consular access to its citizens “ The embassy team in France has received consular access to its citizens .

“ The embassy team has reached nas received consular access . We are investigating the situation , also ensuring the well being of passengers “ , the Indian mission said in a post at X .

Tribunals cannot direct governement to frame policy

The Supreme Court has clarified that a Tribunal functioning under strict parameters of their governing Legislative cannot direct government to make policy .

“ The tribunal is also a quasi judicial body , functioning within the parameters set out in the govt legislation …It cannot direct those responsible for making policy , to make a policy on a particular matter .”

The court was dealing with a question on whether the Armed Forces Tribunal ( AFT ) could have directed the govt to make policy to fill up a post of Judge Advocate General .

Under Article 226 , Even High courts cannot direct govt to form a policy .


Israel strikes Gaza after UN calls for more aid but stops short of ceasefire

Israel on Friday heavily bombarded Khan Younis . In a new order Israeli army warned residents of Bureij , a refugee camp established about  70 years ago to move “ for their own security “ towards Deir Al Balah city . UN agency for apaleatinian refugees have said that the latest evacuation campaign would affect more than 1, 50,000 people .

Recently UNSC has passed a resolution that talks abkut creating condition for humanitarian assistance to be provided to citizens of Gaza .

“ Israel will continue the war in Gaza “ Israel Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said .

UN criticsed Israel that it’s constant bombing is hindering aid related services .

Iran threatens to shut down Mediterranean sea if there is no let up in Gaza attack

An Iranian Revolutionary guard commander in Mediterranean sea could be close if US and its allies continued to commit “ crimes “ in Gaza , Iranian media reported on Saturday .

“ They shall soo wait the closure of the Mediterranean sea , ( the strait of Gibraltar ) and other waterways “ , Brigadies Mohammad Raza coordinating commander of the guards said .

However it is still not  clear that how it can be done .

Iran backed Houthis is attacking vessels in Red sea .

The white house on Friday said that Iran was “ “ deeply involved “ in planning operations agianst commercial vessels in Red sea .

Yemen’s warring factions have agreed to implement a new ceasefire , says UN

Yemen’s warring parties have committed to a new ceasefire and has agreed to engage in a UN led peace process to end the war , the UN envoy to Yemen said  on Saturday .

The announcement by UN special envoy for Yemen , Hans Grundeberg , said on  Saturday .

Civil war in Yemen started in 2014 when Iran backed Houthis took control of capital Sanna . Civil war started when Saudi led pro goveenement military intervened . A UN backed truce between two parties reduced the fighting in April  2022 .


Ukraine said it shut down three Russian Su 34 fighters

Ukraine’s military has said that it shoy down three Su 34 fighter jets on Friday in Kherosan region on Friday .


How is the UK cracking on Immigration ?

The Government in UK recently proposed new immigration rules , to cut the net flow of immigration to the country , primarily by tightening VISA policy requirements , across several categories , of workers seeking to move to UK ,

Steps taken by UK to curb immigration

     Skilled worker needing VISA will be need a minimum salary of 26,200 Euro per year . The ceiling will be raised to 38,700 Euro per year from 2024 .

     A minimum income of a UK citizen bringin a family memeber from abroad will require a minimum salary of 38,700 euro a year . Earlier this ceiling was 18,600 euro .

     Ban on immigrant care workers bringing family members with them .


Figures regarding immigrants :

No of Immigrants in 2022 was , 745,000 . In 2002 No of Immigrants from different countries were  India ( 2,53,000 ) , Nigeria ( 1,41,000 ) , China ( 89,000 ) , Pakistan ( 55,000 ) and Ukriane ( 35,000 ) .

Will new telecom bill streamline the sector ?

The telecommunication Bill 2023 , was passed in parliament this week.. The bill will replace three Arcahic laws , such as Telegraph act 1885 , The Indian Wireless and Telegrpahybact , 1933 . And telegraph wires act ( unlawful possession ) act ,1950 .

It aims to consolidate law of wireless network and internet service providers . and simplify the process of licensing .

About the bill , The bill has following provisions

     The bill defines right way to put cables  telecom companies at public and private places .

     In emergency situation to protect National. Security government can intercept messages , suspend telecommunication services as well as take possession of telecommunication services temporarily .

     For coumers a “ do not disturb “ mechanism will be started so that they don’t get a particular type of messages .

     The definition of telecommunication has been broadened : “ transmission ,emissin  or reception of any messages , by wire , radio or optical or other electromagnetic system , whether or not such messages has been subject to rearrangement , computation or other processes by any means of transmission , emission or reception “ . All apps will be covered under this . Including email and social networking related apps .

     Licensing regime has been anolished z now all telecommunication services will have to get authorisation from the government before launching their services .


     Allocation of spectrum will be made through auction except for those engaged in national security , defense , crime prevention , law enforcement , public broadcasting , disaster management , research and development .

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