Summary of The Hindu 24 JULY 2023 Current Affairs — — —

1.    Headline :Over 13,000 detained in Manipur ; More suspect identified in May 4 case.

The Manipur police have detained over 13,000 people , holding them in preventive custody and destroyed nearly 290 bunkers over past fortnight , to bring law and order in control .

In May 4 incident , 6 people including a minor have been arrested , while police have identified 12-14 more people who were seen in the mob in May 4 incident .

Sporadic violence occurred on Sunday between two communities . Bunkers were created in foothill areas , about 290 were destroyed by police. Meanwhile the first goods train carrying essential items left Guwahati for Manipur . CM Biren Singh told in a tweet it ” marks a new era of faster and efficient connectivity for Manipur” .

2.Headline : FIR reveal horrific killing of Manipuri youth .

According to an FIR seen by’ The Hindu’ horrific killing of a youth who shared a post on CM Biren Singh on social media . The police had arrested the youth named Vaiphei , a 21 year old Kuki Zo tribal .

On May 4 police was taking Vaiphei to jail after producing him to court , but police vehicle was intercepted by the mob of around 800 people ,took the boy and beat him to death . Police while protesting were beaten their weapons looted .

Police in reply to NHRC ( National human rights commission ) told it a ” custodial death ” .


3.  Headline : Imphal based COCOMI writes to European Parliament on its Manipur resolution .

In a letter to Roberta Metsola , the President of European Parliament on Sunday , the Coordinating committee of Manipur Integrity (COCOMI ) rejected the opinion of the members of EU members .

EU in its resolution had called Manipur problem a strife between Meitie Hindus and Kuki Zo Christians . In which Hindus are dominating Kuki Zo group .

The COCOMi in its letter wrote

” It is regrettable to note that the core issue of narco-terrorism, which is fuelling the conflict, seems to have been omitted from the resolution you have adopted. Your resolutions were guided by a wrong and misleading perspective which made you arrive at a flawed understanding of the issue in Manipur as a conflict between Christian minority and majority Meetei Hindus”

It further said that ” there is no religious angle to the violence in Manipur “


 About Narco terrorism ;

” Narco terrorists “ belong to mainly Christian dominated Kuki Zo tribal hill areas . They have illegally occupied about 1,25,000 acres of first areas and using it to poppy cultivation . The drug cartels along India – Myanmar border aid it .

The current govt in Manipur had come hard against poppy cultivation .

Manipur Mietie , Kuki and Naha majority areas


4..Headline : NIA filed a chargesheet against nine accused linked to BKabd Khalustani Tiger Force .

The NIA on Saturday filed a chargesheet against three ” listed individual terrorist” and six other associated with banned terror outfit Babbar Khalsa International ( BKI ) and and Khalustan Tiger Force ( KTF) .Among these are gangster turned terrorist ,drug smugglers and suppliers .

Through this complex network of operatives based abroad, they have been recruiting, motivating, and handling their associates in India to carry out terrorist activities, extortion, and cross-border smuggling of weapons and drugs into India. They also have links with major gangs operating in north India, including local gangsters, and organised criminal syndicates and networks,” the agency said.

The agency has also unearthed complex mechanism for fundraising for BKI and K TF.

Harvinder Singh Sandhu alias Rinda ,vand Lakhbir Singh Sandhu alias Landa of BKI ,Arshdeep Singh alias Arsh Dala of KTF , have been operating from overseas have been named in chargesheet .


5. Headline : Railways post Balasore plan to speed up signalling revamp may take long years .

The overhaul will involve converting the system from conventional relay interlocking to electronic interlocking technology .


        Till now only 40% railway station out of 7325 railway station has electronic interlocking system .


        Railway official said that even if pace of shifting to electronic interlocking system be increased it will take more than six years to complete it .citing supplying constraints .

        The cost of revamping ranges from ₹5 crore to ₹20 crore for different stations .


6. Headline : ASI team in Varanasi , to begin survey of Gyanvapi Mosque complex .

After order of a Varanasi court the survey will be performed . It will try to determine whether mosque was build after breaking the temple .

Gyanvapi Mosque adjacent to Kashi Vishvanath temple in Varansi


7. Headline ; Japnese foreign minister to visit India this week , discuss vision for Global South.

Japnese foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayasi will visit India . Mr. Hayasi on his tour will visit India

, Srilanka , Maldives , South Africa , Uganda and Ethiopia .

He is expected to meet PM Modi and S.Jaishankar . In India one of the major focus will be development initiatives take by Japan in the region .

“Strengthening relationships with international partners, including those in the Global South, is something that Japan attaches great importance to at this year’s G-7 Presidency, and this round of visits is one such initiative,” Mr. Hayashi told presspersons.


8. Headline : 75 people still untraced in landslip hit village in Raigad

Till now 27 bodies including 12 women and 4 children have been recovered .At least 17 out of 48 village was fully or partially buried under landslip in Irshalwadi village in Raigad district .


On Sunday , CM eknath Shinde announced that he will adopt the children of landslip victims and bear expenses of their studies till their adulthood . Shrikant shinde Foundation a NGO run by son of CM will adopt the children .



 1. Headline ; Russia strikes Odesa Cathedral as Putin says Ukriane counteroffensive ‘ failed ‘

On Sunday Russia strike hit historic Odesa Cathedral . 2 people got killed in this . Ukrainian president vowed for retaliation .

The city comes under UNESCO protection , being world heritage site . UNESCO condemned attack on Odesa and it’s protected herotHe site .

Meanwhile , Belarusian president met Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg . First in person meeting between the two leaders after Wagner mutiny . “There is no counteroffensive ” , Mr Lushakenko said before being interrupted by Putin ” there is one , but it has failed ” . Wagner chief Progozhin and his armed men are training Belarusian military and are in Belarus currently .

Odesa has seen suege in attacks is a major port city of Ukriane


2. Headline : Musk says Twitter to change logo to ‘ X’ from blue bird . “Soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” Elon Musk tweeted around midnight, implying an end to the imagery from where the very word “tweet” stems.


Twitter owner company has already been named X corporation . was launched by Elon Musk in what later became Paypal .

Twitter is thought to ja e around 200 million daily active users .


3. Headline : 19,000 evacuated as wildfire rage on the Greek island of Rhodes .


3. Netayahu gets heart pacemaker ahead of Judicial reform vote

.Israel PM Netanyahu went through heart surgery on Sunday . As country rocked by protest against Judiciary reform bill . Judiciary reform bill may be put for final voting in Israelis knesset .

Protester on Saturday and Sunday rocked major cities including knesset . Many in armed forces has told that they will not put for job if the bill gets passed .



4. Headline : Spain voted in snap election with right favoured to win

Spain on Sunday voted in early general election in which conservative popular party was tipped to beat PM pedro Sanchez but can need support of other party .

The opinion polls predict that Popular Party( PP ) can emerge as largest party in 350 seats . But it will still need support of probably Vox party which is the third largest in opinion polls .


Editorial 1


Downhill driving

Shrinking trade volumes pose risk on growth hopes. About t he editorial :

The editorial talks about Shrinking exports as shown by year on year data compared to previous year . It talks about its reasons and gives possible reforms .


What does data tells :

     India’s export was highest in 2022 , it was around 775 billion dollar . Out of this around 450 billion dollar were from goods export .

Export = goods export + service export Import =good import + service import


 Goods export/import

     In April to June quarter this year export contracted by 15% year on year basis

.June export figure was 33 billion dollar , lowest in eight months and 22% shy on year on year basis .

     The import also declined in the quarter April to June by 12.5%.

the reason behind this is less import of non oil , non gold products because of low cost of these items in country . The diminishing effect of Russian Ukraine war as compared to last year .


Service export

        Service are showing growth but the speed is sombre . IT makes a major chunk of service ,the IT majors is their prospect for this year’l has not shown any storng growth . This may not help export situation .

 Way ahead


Rising export of electronic products is one of the bright spots which should be pushed further .Policymakers should work to improve competitiveness with countries such as Vietnam . A close eye on divergent trends should also be there to. capture any incremental demand .



Editorial 2 Subverting mandate

Thailand’s military should respect popular vote or risk turmoil .


About the editorial

The editorial is about political situation in Thailand . Where the leader of largest party is still facing hurdles to form a govt .


About political recent political situation

In Thailand general election voting occurred for 500 seats . Move forward Party , MFN won 151 seats while Pheu Thai won 141 seats . Other political parties are mostly military supporters . The two houses combined has total 750 seats , out of which 250 is chosen by military . And for any to be chosen as leader of house majority requirement is 376 seats . However Pita lost in Parliament bid for his prime ministership .

Military has registered cases agains t Pita for not disclosing property before election body .


Democracy in Thailand ,:

Thailand has been in military dictatorship from 2014. Elections were held in2019 but leader of the highest seat winner was put in jail after several charges . Military leadership can try the same this time around as well . But it will further erode any trust in military in people of thailand . A situation similar to Myanmar can be created .

Military leadership should let Democracy take its course . That is the only right way currently 

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