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India lights up dark side of the  moon

On Wednesday India became fourth country after US, Russia and China to successfully perform soft landing on lunar surface .

Lander Vikram touched down Lunar surface at 6:03 PM . The landing process started at 5:45 .

In which speed was gradually reduced . River Pragyaan has been released on moon surface and it will perform 14 days in situ Chemical test.

Mission operation complex at ISRO Telemetry , Tracking Na Command Network ( ISTRAC) Bengaluru was tracking Vikram Movement .

” We have achieved soft landing on moon . India is on the moon .” ISRO chairman S. Somnath said .

He further said ” The velocity was less tha. 2 meters per second,  this gives us a lot of confidence that the health of lander is very good to carry out all the planned experiments , including the pragyan rover coming out .We are looking for exciting 14 days from now ” . Linking from South Africa PM Modi said ” This is a year in which the world is witnessing India’s G20 presidency . Our approach of ” one earth , one family , one future ” is reasoning across the globe ..” He further said ” I am confident that all countries in the world including from global South , are capable of achieving such feats We can all aspire for moon and beyond , ” he said .

Russian President Vladimir Putin was among the first world leader to congratulate India . In a message to President Draupadi Murmu and PM Narendra Modi “This is a big step forward in space exploration and certainly a testament for impressive progress made by India in area of science and technology ., ” Mr. Putin said in his message .


We are in favour of BRICS expansion : PM

At the plenary session of 15th BRICS summit in South Africa PM Modi urged member states to take advantage of India’s digital solutions and to work fro welfare of Global South .He also advocated expansion of BRICS .

” 125 countries participated in Global South summit that we organised this January . We have proposed that African Union should be made member of G20 . I am sure that BRICS partner will support these ideas . India fully support expansion of of memeber of BRICS and welcomes a consensus based process .”

One of the main issues that is forming the backdrop of expansion is Russia’s quest to create an alternative to the G7 driven political and economic model . Russia and China has spoken heavily against de dollarisarion which IIndia has not in offical dialogues .


Modi , Xi likely to attend East Asia summit , ASEAN meetings in Jakarta .

PM Modi and Chinese President both will could come face to face again as Chances are high that both leaders may attend East Asian Summit ( EAS) and other meeting with  ASEAN bloc scheduled on 6- 7 September in Jakarta .

Earlier sources said that PM was considering to skip due to tight schedule as G20 starts on 9 th September . But looking at its importance , PM chances are high that PM will take a short visit to attend EAS .



18 killed as under construction railway bridge collapses in Mizoram

A railway bridge under construction over Kuting River in Mizoram collapsed on Wednesday , killing at least 18 workers .

The railway has constituted a high level committee to investigate it .


No end to shortage of TB drugs states asked to buy them on their own : official

India  is facing acute shortage of TB including treating drug resistance TB such as Linozolid , Clofazimine , or Cycliserine .

India is facing huge drug resistance .In March PM Narendra Modi had launched drug regimen Isoniazid Rifapentine  a new short  course of TB given once weekly for 12 weeks ( 3HP ) .

States are facing shortage of medicine of both drug sensitive TB and drug resistant TB.


National curriculum Framework decides a board exam twice a year

National Curriculum Framework ( NCF) has suggested following  :

     Students in class 9 and 10 will have to study three languages of which at least two will be Indian languages . In calss 11 and 12 students will have to learn two languages one being Indian origin . Currently students in 9 and 10  learn 2 languages and student from class 11 and 12 learn 1 .

     All students will be allowed to take board exams at least two times in a school year , with only best score being retained .

     NCF has suggested that in long term , all boards should change to semester and term based system so that student can be tested as soon as they finish certain portion .

NCF follows the lead of New Education Policy ( NEP) 2020 and will form the basis of formulating new textbooks from class 3 to 12.


Data from several years missing from RTI portal

The. Hindu investigated that several past application from the data set of RTI online has been missing . This is in staggering amount ..


Astra air to air missile test fired from Tejas in ‘ textbook launch ‘

Astra indigenous beyond visual range air to air missile was successfully test fired from the Light Comant Aircraft ( LCA ) Tejas ,of the coast of Goa on Wednesday . Missile launch was successful defence ministry said in a statement .



Russian Mercenary Chief Yevegnky Progozhin feared dead in plane crash

Russian offical said that Wagner Chief Mr. Progozhin was listed as a passenger on a private jet which crashed in Wednesday evening north of Moscow .

Reuters however didnot confirm this that ilhe was on aircraft .

” An investigation has been launched into enbraer plane crash that occurred tonight in the Tver region . According to the passenger list , the name and surname of Yevegnky Progozhin is among them” Rosaviatosia ,Russia’s aviation agency was cited saying by the state TASS news agency .

It said that 10 persons were on board and all had been killed .

Progozhin spearheaded a mutiny against Russia’s top army brass on June 23 -24 .Later an agreement was signed with mediation of Belarus and according to the agreement he had to get extradited to Belarus . Despite he was seen in Russia in recent times .


Russia’s general not seen since Wagner mutiny ‘ sacked ‘

The head of Russia ‘s Aerospace force General Sergei Survokin has been sacked , Russian state media said on Wednesday . Mr. Survokin was supposed to be very close to Wagner , he had disappeared from public view following failed mutiny by Wagner mercenary group .In June during mutiny Mr. Survokin was officially made  itermediary between Wagner and Army .


US Visa curbs on China over policy on Tibet Children

The US said on Tuesday it was imposing visa sanctions on Chinese officials involved in ” forced assimilation ” of children in Tibet . Where UN experts say that around 1 million children have been separated from their families .

US secretary of State said that US would restrict visas to Chinese offical behind this policy .

China called the US backed allegations ” smears ” that ” seriously undermine China US relations ” .


Trump to be booked at infamous Atlanta jail for election collusion

Donald Trump is expected to surrender to on Thursday at an Atlanta jail where conditions are very bad and is under investigation by justice department . 

Donald Trump and 18 co – defendants in election racket eering case is expected are to be booked at Fulton country jail .

The justice department opened a probe in July into the condition at Fulton country jail where a number of detainees have died in recent years .


The last day to surrender voluntarily is by Friday afternoon .Trump is front runner for presidential election in 2024 . In USA even if a Person is convicted , jailed he can run for presidency.


Finland culls 120000 foxes and minks after the outbreak of bird flu

Finland is largest producer of Fox fur . Bird flu H5N1 was detected in Finland in July .


New Thai PM takes office vows four year of change

Srethha Thavisim of Pheu Thai party jas been appointed as new Prime Ministerof Thailand .

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