Summary of The Hindu 23th NOVEMBER 2023

Workers in Uttarkashi turned closer to freedom

The 41 workers trapped in Uttarkashi are likely to see sunlight on Thursday . 45 meter of drilling was completed by 5 pm on Wednesday

 The width of the section is between 53 meter and 59 meters .

Rescue operation which picked up pace in last 36 hours was halted for a brief period late in the evening , when the auger machine used to bore through debris stuck an obstacle .

Apart from Horizontal boring , vertical drilling and drilling from opposite side of Barakot is being done by SJVN , ONGC and others .

Two army captains,  and two soldiers killed in Rajouri operation

Two army officers and two soldiers were killed in an on ongoing military operation to flush out hiding militants in a village in Rajauri district of Jammu and Kashmir  on Wednesday .

Search and rescue operation are on . The number of hiding militants could be put to three according to the sources .

Washington warned India against plot to kill pannun in US : report

The US government thwarted a plot to kill Khalistani separatist Gurupatwant Singh Pannun on US soil , and  “ warned “ New Delhi about its alleged involvement in the plot , the Financial times , a British daily has reported .

In response India’s external affairs ministry has said a security related discussion took place with US during the course of the discussions “ the US has shared some inputs pertaining to nexus between organized criminals , gun runners , terrorist and others . The inputs are cause of concern for both the countries and they decided to take necessary follow up action “ the MEA spokesperson Arindam Chaudhary said in a statement .

He further said “ India takes such inputs seriously since it impinges on its own National interests .”

Financial Times didn’t say whether India restricted itself for action after US warning or whether it was foiled by FBI .

Gurupatwant Singh Pannu lives in San Francisco is an designated terrorist by India .

Recently he had warned sikjs not to use Air India , after which NIA booked him . His organisation’s name is ‘ Sikhs for Justice ‘

.Killing of innocent unacceptable , Modi says at G20 meeting

PM Modi on Wednesday asserted that there is zero tolerance for terrorism and that the killing of innocents especially children and women are not acceptable .

Mr Modi made these comments in his concluding remarks at the virtual summit in the context of Israel Hamas conflict and noted that he believed. ,diplomacy and dialogue as the only way forward to defuse such a territorial territorial and political crisis .

“ We all condemn terrorism and violence “.

Virtually addressing the G20 meeting hosted by India , Russian President Vladimir Putin said I. Moscow , what was happening in Ukriane was undoubtedly a “ tragedy” and that conflicts elsewhere ,including in Gaza strip , were also “ shocking “ . Putin further said that it was Ukraine and not Russia , that refused to negotiate and closed the way for dialogue .

Mentioning the global economy , which he said , requires “ consensus and consideration “ of different countries .

After 2 months India resumes e Visa services for Canadian citizens as situation improves

India resumes e Visa services for Canadian citizens on Wednesday . The decision came two months after India suspended all Visa faculties for Canadian citizens , following Canada’s accusation on India in Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing .

Bihar govt approves resolution demanding special status for states

The Bihar cabinet has passed a resolution requesting the center to immediately give special status to the state . Move comes days after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar threatened to launch a movement of demand is not met .

He says official status will help find welfare.schemes for around 94 lakh poor families.


Truce can be extended if Hamas frees more hostages

The Israeli govt on Wednesday confirmed that it would halt fighting in Gaza in four days as part of hostage deal it reached with Hamas through indirect  talks . As part of the deal Hamas would release 50 hostage , while Israel would free some 150 palestinian prisoners .

Israel said that the truce would be extended an extra day for every 10 hostages freed by Hamas . The International committee of Red Cross said that it can assist with any release .

Israel has detained more than 1850 detainees in West Bank in bank after October 7 incident .

17 people died in an airstrike by Israel in Khan Younis in Gaza .

The ceases fire was mediated by Qatar in an indirect talk between Hamas and Israeli government .

Altman back as OpenAI CEO , days after being removed , along with new board

The ousted leader of ChatGPT Sam Altman is returning to the company that fired him few days ago . The company’s board has been reformed .

Following sacking of Sam Altman , about 770 employees had threatened to resign from the company . Microsoft had indicted Sam Altman with itself. Microsoft has about 10 billion dollar stake in ChafGPT .

US strike kill eight Pro Iran fighters in Iraq ,angers Baghdad

US fighter jets stuck two targets in Iraq early in Wednesday , killing eight Pro Iran fighters in retaliation for repeated attack on American troops ,US and Iraqi sources said .

S Korea suspends deal after North Korea puts military satellite into orbit

South Korea decided to partially suspend anninter Korean agreement and restart front line aerial sureveliannce of North Korea , hours after North claimed to have put its first military spy satellite into the orbit in violation of UN resolution .

China and Uruguay upgrade relation as  leaders meet in Beijing

China upgraded military ties with Uruguay on Wednesday as President Xi Jinping met counterpart Luis Localle Pou in Beijing .

China has put billions of dollars in infrastructure in  Uruguay .

‘China may help develop Fiji ports and Shipyards ‘

China may help Fiji to develop its ports and Shipyards , the Pacific Islands country’s Prime Minister said on Wednesday .

PM Sitiveni Rebuka  , who has been cautious of China’s expanding security footprint in the pacific , praised Beijing record of aid to Fiji in fighting CoVID 19 , developing agriculture and revamping infrastructure

Afghan border trade resumes after Pakistan suspends Visa rule

Cross border trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan was back to normal on Wednesday , officials in both countries said , after Islamabad suspended a new Visa rule .

On Tuesdays Pakistan had began asking commercial traffic for passport and Visas to enter Pakistan , Afghanistan in retalliatoion


Unheeded advice

The Time has come for the governor’s role to be reconsidered

The editorial is about recent dispute between governor and government . TamilNadu government repassed 10 bills that was held by Governor R.N Ravi .  Supreme Court said that this time governor will have to give assent as per the constitution.

Article 200 has come to  extreme scrutiny under these . The article talks about powers of governor when a bill is sent to him for assent .

The article says that governor can give assent to the bill ,  return the bill for reconsideration , or send the bills to the president for reconsideration . If the bill is send passed again after governors send it for reconsideration to Government , then governor shall have to give his assent .

The editorial tells that the few points of Article 200 , which talks of Governor withholding the bill needs revision in present context .

The other point talks about ‘aid and advice ‘ of governor , this also needs revision .

Glimmer of hope

The pause in war after the hostages release deal gives peace a chance

The editorial is about deal between Israel and Hamas according to which Hamas will release 50 hostages , Israel will release 150 hostages and will have 4 days of ceasefire .

Currently there are 240 hostages under Hamas .Israel offensive of Gaza has killed more than 13000 Palestinians till now  .


Israel Prime Minister had vowed for complete elimination of Hamas , but the world is seeing the way it is affecting 2.3 million. Gaza citizens .  The recent truce can be prolonged and can lead to end of  Israel Hamas truce . But efforts in right direction and pressure from countries should continue for this to  happen.

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