Summary of The Hindu 23th APRIL 2024

Congress seeks EC action against Modi over remark

Congress on Monday  knocked Election Commission ( EC) doors over PM Modi’s claim that Congress Manifesto talks of redistribution of wealth to Muslims .

Congress alleged  that the prime Minister evoked religious symbols  to create enmity between two groups

P Chidambaram alleged that the PM said that under the Congress regime the property and Gold  of Tribals will be surveyed and  will be taken off .

PM Modi in his recent rally in Banswara  , has alleged that Congress manifesto held to distribute Gold and important valuables among Muslims .

HC terminates 25,753 school staff hired in West Bengal

The Calcutta High court on Monday directed the termination of appointment of 25,753 teachers and non teaching staff  .

A division bench declared the selection process held in 2016 to be “ null and void “ , and directed the CBI to probe the appointment process and submit a report within three months .

The bench also directed the return of salaries from all those who obtained Jobs from unfair means along with interest calculated at 12% per annum .

West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee termed the court order “ illegal “ and said that her government would challenge the verdict in the Supreme Court.

The High court made scathing remarks on the STATE cabinet decision to protect the employment obtained fraudulently .

SC granted centre a week’s time to look into Karnataka plea for draught relief.

The Supreme Court on Monday remedies the centre and Karnataka about the need to amicably resolve the differences  that arise in a federal structure  .

“ Resolve this amicably . We have a federal structure . Both the Union and states are equal partners “ . Justice B R Gavai said .

The Union government assured that “ something will be done “ to resolve the state’s draught worries in a week’s time . Centre will have to take concurrence of EC as the election is going on .

Karnataka in its petition has said that it had sought ₹18, 141 crore under NDRF ( National Disaster Relief Plan ) six month ago , only to be met with silence . The total estimated loss due to crop damage in the state was ₹35, 162 crore . This is because the state is facing severe draught .

Form AIIMS panel to examine Kejriwal , decide on Insulin demand : Delhi Court

The Delhi High Court on Monday directed the AIIMS to constitute a medical board to examine Arvind Kejriwal in Tihar Jail and to decide on his demand for insulin .

Earlier AAP had alleged that Mr Kejriwal , A diabetic have been denied access to insulin doses by the jail authorities despite repeated requests by him amid fluctuating blood sugar .

levels .

The court said that Mr. Kejriwal will continue to get home cooked food , subject to it comply with the diet prescribed by Doctor team .

The Enforcement Directorate had  alleged that the CM was deliberately eating mangoes , sweets and other food items sent from home to spike his sugar level to get bail on health grounds .

BJP candidate wins out in Surat after rivals opt out of Lok Sabha polls

BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal from Surat Lok Sabha constituency was elected unopposed from the Surat Lok Sabha Constituency after all the nominees dropped out of the contest .


The nomination papers of Congress candidates were rejected on Sunday .

Four independents , BSP’s Pyarelal Bharati and three candidates from little known parties withdrew one by one in an unprecedented move .

The returning officer thus declared the BJP candidate the winner .

The election in this constituency was to be held on 7 May .

Following this Congress has knocked the door to EC to postpone the election in Surat .

2 women Navy officers return after historic transoceanic expedition

Lieutenant Commander Dilna K and Lieutenant Commander Roopa became the first two ladies of Indian Navy to  complete a historic transoceanic expedition of nearly two months .

They sailed INSV Tarini  which returned on base port in Goa on April 21 .

The two officers will now prepare for Sagar Parikrama – IV expedition to be started in September .

INSV Tarini reaching back Goa

SC allows termination of  pregnancy of minor rape survivors

The Supreme Court on Monday  , used its extraordinary power under Article 142 to do “ complete Justice”  , to terminate medical termination of pregancy  of a 14 year old rape survivor .

Her pregnancy was nearing 30 weeks while the limit for termination under the Pregnancy Act is 24 weeks .

A medical board has recommended that continuation of pregnancy against  the will of a minor may impact her physical and mental well being .

After dip in voter turnout , EC forms task force to track humidity , heatwave risks

The official aggregate of first phase turnout is 62.34% , while in previous elections it was 69.43% . Concerned with the fact that the heatwave could have resulted in reduction in voter turnout in the last election .

Concerned with this, the Supreme Court has formed a commission comprising the Indian Meteorological Department ( IMD ) , National Disaster Management Authority ( NDMA ) and the Health ministry . It will review the impact of weather conditions  on health five days before the polling .


Rwanda deportation flights in 10 -12 weeks

UK. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that he would push a parliamentary vote on carrying asylum seekers to Rwanda . He also promised that flights would start taking asylum seekers to Rwanda in 10 -12 weeks .

The law on Asylum seekers to be sent to Rwanda has passed in one house  while voting in other house will be on Monday night .


About 5,000 people had arrived in the UK on boats via the English Channel in the first quarter of this year , according to UK government data .

Afghanistan , Pakistan , India and Bangladesh were the top countries of migrants arriving in 2023 through boats .

In a recent amendment of law , Afghanistan citizens have been left out from deportation , this is Afghanistan’s support in the departure of UK forces from Afghanistan .

The law had earlier faced many challenges in courts . In November the UK Supreme Court ruled that the deportation was unlawful .

Senior Israeli Officer resigns for failing to prevent Hamas attack

The head of Israeli military intelligence Maj Gen Aharon Halliva resigned on Monday over failure to prevent the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel .

The attack had killed 1200 Israeli mostly civilians , Hamas also took around 250 hostages . Israel later attacked Gaza to eliminate Hamas .

The resignation could set off more resignation from Israeli security brass.

Iran President vows to boost trade ties with Pakistan to 10 billion dollar a year

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi reached Islamabad on a three day visit . He met his counterpart Shahbaz Sharif . The two sides vowed to increase trade to 10 billion dollars .

The two countries had tit for tat border clashes in recent times .


Teen Prodigy Gukesh earns the right to battle Ding for the world crown

D Gukesh will play for the world Championship as the youngest challenger in history .

The 17 year old won the qualifying event , the Candidates tournament , in Toronto after drawing a win in the final round of the encounter with Hiraku Nakamura .

Next Step

Gukesh will take on reigning Works Champion Ding Liren of China .

D Gukesh

Text / Context

What are the rules around star campaigners ?

The story so far :

Sunita Kejriwal , wife of Delhi CM Arvind. Kejriwal has been appointed as a ‘ star campaigner ‘ by the AAP for Gujarat .

What is the legal provision ?

Section 77 , of Representation of People’s Act ( RPA ) , 1951 provides law regarding ‘ leaders of a political party ‘ , which are popularly known as ‘ star campaigners ‘.

A national party can appoint a maximum of 40 while the unrecognised political party can appoint 20 star campaigners .

The Expedititure by star campaigners in travelling is not accounted in electoral Expedititure , also the electoral Expenditure limit per Lok Sabha constituency for these is higher than other campaigners .

There have been several instances when EC ordered removal of certain candidates from star campaigner list for making inflammatory utterances that violated Model Code of Conduct.

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