Summary of The Hindu 22th NOVEMBER 2023

First visuals of 41 persons trapped emerge

The first visuals of the  41 workers trapped inside the tunnel in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand emerged on Tuesday aft an endoscopic camera was sent through three inch pipe which was drilled through debris blocking the tunnel on Monday . Fruits and other essential material were sent through the pipe.

The horizontal drilling to insert a 900 mm pipe has restarted , it was stopped on Friday when it had hit hard material .

2 teams of NDRF has been deployed to face any eventualities .

The 4532 meter long tunnel was being built by National Highways and Infrastructure development Corporation Ltd .

Netanyahu  , Hamas chief hint at deal on Gaza truce

The leader of Hamas , Ismail Haneyeh said on Tuesday that a truce agreement was close and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he hoped for good news about hostages , the most optimistic signals so far for a deal to pause fighting and free captives .

The deal is being mediated by Qatar .

Sources said that the deal will include release of around 50 hostages by Hamas and of Female and minor aged Palestinian detainees from Israeli custody , as well as a multiple day pause in fighting .

ED orders attachment of ₹752 crore assets in National Herald case

The Enforcement Directorate on Tuesday said it had issued an order to provisionally attach properties worth ₹751.9 crore in an alleged money laundering case  involving Associated Journals Limited ( AJL ) , which runs the National Herald Newspaper , and Young Indian. The agency alleged that the Office bearer of AJL and Congress had cheated the company’s shareholders and donors .

Israel lists Lashkar e Taiba as a terrorist organization

Israel on Tuesday listed Lashkar E Taiba as a terror outfit  , the official statement said that the move is in sync with Israel’s attempt to support a global war on terror .

“ Despite not being requested by the government of India to do so , the state of Israel has formally completed all necessary procedures and has satisfied all required check and regulations to the result of introducing Lashkar E Taiba in the list of Israeli list of illegal terror organizations ,” said the official Israeli announcement .

In India Hamas has not been declared as a terrorist organization .

Earlier Israel ambassador to India Naor Glibbon had given statement that Israel has been urging India to group Hamas as a terrorist organization .

At BRICS summit , Xi seems Gaza ceasefire

An extraordinary virtual meeting on Gaza crisis was held by BRICS . From Indian side PM Modi skipped the meet and was participated by Foreign Minister S. Janishakar .

Chinese President Xi Jinping asked all parties involved to immediately declare ceasefire and suspend hostilities . Mr. Xi called for safe passage for humanitarian relief and pressed for an end to the forced relocation of the Gaza strip’s civilian population . The supply of water , energy , and electricity must also be restored in Palestinian enclave .He told that only solution of this problem is to implement two state solution , “ restore the legitimate right of palestinian nation “ , and establish a sovereign and independent state of Palestine .

Mr. Xi cautioned that without a fair solution of the palestinian question , there can be no lasting peace and stability in West Asia .


From Indian side Mr. Jaishankar Condemned the killing the civilians in the conflict , but stopped short of echoing the Chinese demand of ceasefire .

Chinese Premier Li Quinang to attend G20 virtual meet

China on Tuesday announced that Premier Li Quaing will attend the virtual G20 leaders summit at India’s invitation , and. Hoped that the meeting will address global challenges through cooperation and make positive contributions .

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said “ In the face of the volatile international situation and economic recovery , it is all the more important for G20 to reinforce partnership address global challenges through cooperation and make positive contribution to world economic recovery and global common development .”

SC calls for collaborative efforts to bring and Children into the adoption pool

The Suprem Court on Saturday said that children living in Childcare institutions whose parents have not visited them for over a year or had “ unfit “ parents or guardians , should be identified and brought into adoption pool.

The court defined “ unfit guardian “ as someone who is “ unable or unwilling for patenting  , indulging in drug or alcohol abuse , known to have abused or neglected the child , having criminal record , mentally unsound etc .

The court ordered states and UTs to begin a bimonthly dirve to identify children as orphaned , abandoned , surrendered category in institutions , starting from December 7.

Ministry asks states to encourage use of SATHEE portal

(SATHEE – Self Assessment Test and Help for Entrance Exam  , is a online portal launched by Ministry of education , it helps student prepare exams like Joint Entrance Exams .


Israel expands attacks in North Gaza , battles militants near refugees

Israeli troops battled palestinians militants in a urban refugee camp and outside a near hospital in Tuesday . The militants were hidden in a refugee camp in Jabaliya .

Some 1.7 million Palestinians , about three fourth of Gaza’s population , have fled their homes since the war began . More than 12700 palestinians have been killed in Gaza .Another 4000 are missing .

Two premature babies died before Gaza evacuation : UN

Two Premature babies being cared at AlShifa hospital died before being evacuated , the UN said on Tuesday  , adding that most of those who reached Egypt were “unaccompanied “ .

World Health Organisation had shifted 31 babies from Al Shifa hospital to Egypt .

Pakistan court deems govt’s jail trial of Imran Khan illegal

Islamabad High Court on Wednesday declared null and void the official notification of the Pakistani govt for the jail and trial of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in the cipher case in which he has been charged with leaking state secrets .

Imran Khan currently is in Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi and currently where he has been kept since September 26 where is is going trial .

The Islamabad High Court however told that there was no bar on the jail trial of an accused in extraordinary situation .

World racing well past warming limit , UN says ahead of talks

Recently UN’s Environment Programme emission gap report was issued on Monday .

The report says that earth is speeding to 2.5 degree celcius to 2.9 degree celsius from pre industrial times .

During Paris Climate Summit 2015 , 1.5 degree celsius increase by 2030 was adopted . However the report says that countries need to slash their Carbon emission by 43% to achieve this target .

The world’s temperature currently has increased 1 degree celsius from preindustrial

level .

Maldives says it will fortress island to beat the rising sea

Rising sea levels threaten to swamp the Maldives . The new Maldivian President has promised to beat back the waves by land reclamation and building island higher .

X sues non profit for claiming site in rife with anti semitism

Elon Musk’s X corp formerly known as Twitter , sued non profit media matters for driving advertiser’s away , from the platform by portraying it as rife with anti Semitic content .

Azerbaijan accuses France of stoking ‘ new wars ‘ in Caucasus

President IIham Aliyev accused France of inciting conflicts in the Caucasus by arming Armenia.

Azerbaijan recently reclaimed Nagorno Karabakh that was disputed between Armenia and Azerbaijan .

Caucasus is geographical region between Black Sea and Caspian sea .


Alarming countdown

All nations must strive for net zero Carbon emissions

The editorial is about latest report of United Nations on Global Warming , the report named Broken Record ( BR ) was released on Monday .

It says that even if states try very hard  to limit temperature of globe , still temperature will increase 2.5 degree celcius to 2.9degree celcius by the end of century .

To keep temperature  below 2 degree celcius emissions by 2030 must be cut by 28% . And if the the goal is to limit temperature to 1.5 degree celcius from preindustrial level , emissions must cut by 42 degree celcius .

Even in most optimistic circumstances when nations abide by their promises net zero dates the likelihood of keeping temperature below 1.5 degree celcius is 14%  , the report says .

Some findings of report says that as of October this year 86 days were recorded having temperature above 1.5 degree celcius .while September was recorded hottest month ever with Global average temperature 1.8 degree celcius above pre industrial level .

Pre industrial level means period ( 1880 – 1900 ) , period before Industrial revolution .

Currently global temperature is 1.5 degree celcius above preindustrial level .

Parochial Law

States need to implement labor rights uniformly and not rely on protectionism

The  editorial is about recent Judgement of Haryana High Court which declared Haryana govt 75% reservation of jobs in Private companies working in Haryana unconstitutional . Haryana govt had an act by which Private companies had to keep 75% of the employees for jobs under ₹30,000 salary .

The court said that it was beyond purview of state legislature to restrict private employers from recruiting people from open market .

The act also violates Article 14 , Right to equality and Article 19 , right to freedom .

Such acts will force other states to implement similar acts that will create an artificial wall in the country . This will create a situation similar to “ inspector Raj “ .

Other states Andhra. Pradesh and Jaharkhand has also passed similar laws and it is before the court to hear .


The editorial says that if states really want betterment for labour force , the  laws which is there for their benefit should be strictly implemented . State should also try to curb exploitative practices by the employers .

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