Summary of The Hindu 22th FEBRUARY 2024

Let’s proceed with IMEC despite Gaza war , Greek PM tells India

·         Greece President  Miskotis  is the chief guest at the Raisina dialogues that started on Wednesday in New Delhi .

·         The Greek President in his inaugural address said that despite “ destabilizing “ plans  for India Middle East Economic Corridor ( IMEC ) due to war in Gaza , India and Greece should preserve it with “ peace project “ .

Earlier in the day

     Mr . Mistokatis also discussed doubling trade with India . The two countries finalized a mobility and regulation pact to regulate legal migration , as well as cooperating on co production and consumption development of military hardware .

     At a media event after the talks , Mr Modi said Greece had decided to join the Indo-  Pacific Oceans Initiative launched by India .

About IMEC

·         It was launched during G20 in India . 

·         There is a plan to connect India’s port in Mumbai and Gujarat with  Port in UAE ( Jebel Ali ) and then  from there to Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Israel ( Haifa port ) , from Israel it will be  Connected to Greece’ Piraeus Port which will act as gateway to the rest of Europe .

·         From UAE to Saudi Arabia and Jordan Railway and Roads are to be constructed under the project .

·         The IMEC project will allow quick delivery of Indian Goods to Europe and the Middle East .

·         Currently transportation solely through water takes more time .

Indo Pacific Oceans Initiatives  –

·         The Indo Pacific Ocean Initiative was launched in 2022 by India .

Manipur HC removes portion of its order on ST tag for Meities

·         A bench of Manipur High court  on Wednesday, modified its own March 27 order , ordering the removal of Part ( 3 ) , which had instructed the  Manipur govt to consider inclusion of Miete in the list of Scheduled Tribe .

·         The contentious paragraph said the state government “ shall consider the case of the petitioners for inclusion of Meitie tribe in Schedule Tribe list , expeditiously …..“

·         This has started the conflict between Meitie and Kuki tribes that is still going on .

·         The Supreme Court had questioned this when Tribal groups filed a petition against HC directive .

Union cabinet can approve 100 % FDI in space sector

·         The Union govt on Monday took several key decisions on Wednesday .

Some of the key decisions are

     100 % FDI is allowed in the Space Sector . The policy will allow investors to invest in Indian space companies .

     Upto 74% under automatic route : Satellites manufacturing and operation , Satellite data products and Ground segment and User Segment . Beyond 74 % these activities are with the government .

     Upto 49% under automatic route : Launch vehicle and associated systems and subsystems , Creation of speceport for creation and launching and receiving spacecraft . Beyond 49 % these activities are with govt .

     Upto 100% under automatic route : Manufacturing systems and subsystems for satellites .

The statement by govt says : The increased private sector participation would help generate employment , enable modern technology absorption and make the sector self reliant .

It is expected to integrate Indian companies with global value chain .

SP, Congress finalized seat sharing deal ahead of LS poll

·         SP and Congress has confirmed a seat sharing arrangement  to fight in upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh .

·         Out of total 80 seats in Lok Sabha from  Uttar Pradesh  Congress has been allotted 17 while , SP has been allotted 63 .

·         In Madhya Pradesh SP will contest at Khajuraho seat while at remaining 28 seats it will support Congress .

CE 20 Cryogenic engine is now human rated

·         ISRO’s CE20 has completed final round of testing for getting qualified to be human rated The engine will be used in  third stage of Gaganyaan Mission .


Astronomers find hot helium stars they were looking for

·         Astronomers have found a new class of stars , they had been looking for a decade .Researchers have first time found a hot helium star they were looking for .

·         Helium Star – A helium star generally have mass 2.5 to 40 times greater than sun .The reaction incorporating in this is coveresioon of Helium nucleus in heavier Berilium and then Carbon Nucleus .

How SpaceX became Indonesia’s space launcher  of choice

·         Chinese Rockets are cheaper and easy for a country to buy . In  April 2020  ,A Chinese rocket malfunctioned while carrying  Nusantara 2 a  Indonesia satellite , it was blow to Indonesia .

·         Indonesia has launched 2 satellites using SpaceX rockets .Third satellite launch is in line.This is a rare occassion when Indonesia is using a Western country for  such activities .

On Financial devolution among states

Why in news ?

·         Recently few South Indian states has raised the concern that they are not gettingtl their fair share as per scheme of financial devolution .

·         They also claimed that their contribution to taxes is quite high and not proportionate with receipt of taxes they get .

What is divisible pool of taxes ?

·         Article 270 talks of devolution of taxes to states . Finance Commission is constituted every five years as per under Article 280 . The Finance Commission suggests how taxes should be distributed to different states …. How much taxes should be devakued between different states etc .

·         The government of India has notified 16 th Finance Commission under chairmanship of Arvind Pangariya for making recommendation for period between 2026-31 .

What is the basis of allocation ?

     15 th Finance commission has recommended 41% taxes to be devolved .

     The criteria set by 15th Finance Commission are :

income distance – Distance of a state’s income from the state with highest per Capita income .

State with lower per capita income will be given a higher share to maintain equity among states .


Population – Higher the Population. higher will be the devolution .


Forest and Ecology – Higher the forest cover more funds willbbe allocated .


The demographic Performace – The state with better performace in controlling population will be preferred in fund distribution .


Tax Collection –  States with Higher the tax collection efficiently will be preferred .


 What are the issues –

     Cess and Surcharges not devolved or states –  Cess and Surcharges makes 23% of tax collected that is not given to states .

     There is steep variaton in tax distribution to the states who contribute to central taxes . Industrially developed states such as Gujrat and Tamilnadu generally get much less to the tax they contribute than states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh .

     Percentage distribution to South Indian states has been declining over last six  FC s.

There are current issues work cess and surcharge distribution among states .


Labour rebellion averted as House considers Gaza vote

·         In British Parliament ruling party tables a resolution on that called for “ immediate humanitarian pause “ in Gaza .

·         This was in response of Scottish National Party’s ( SNP ) motion that called for “ immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel “ .

·         Current govt in UK is facing heavy pressure for humanitarian ceasefire in UK .Death in

Gaza has crossed 29,000 .

Private US spacecraft to land on moon

·         A private US lunar lander has reached lower orbit of moon on Wednesday  , it will make amends to. Land on moon a day after .

·         The company , Intuitive Machines will become first private company to ace moon landing , of landing is successful .

Brazil’s G20 presidency kickstart in Rio with ministers meet

·         In its first G20 meeting in Rio  De Jenerio with Foreign ministers across the world kickstarting talk on  Climate change , poverty and heightened Global tension .

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