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                                           The Hindu 22/7/23


1.Headline ; Modi raises aspirations of Tamils with Ranil

PM. Modi welcomed Srilankan president Ranil Wickramshinghe in New Delhi .

Following were major focus of the talks between two leaders.

Agreement signed / Developmental projects sanctioned:

     India expects Srilanka to implement 13 th Amendment and ensure  ” life of dignity and respect ” for its Tamil Population .

     Development assistance to Srilankan Tamils who are completing 200 th anniversary of their arrival to Srilankan island . ₹75 CR for various developmental projects for Tamil community in Srilanka .

     MoU signed to develop Triconmalee port and it’s nearby areas as a ” regional hub for industry , energy including renewable energy” , foreign secretary vinay Mohan kwatra said .

     The two sides adopted a vision document to enhance maritime , energy and people to people connectivity .

     Passenger ferry service to be launched soon to connect Tamilnadu’s Nagapattinam and Srilanka’s Kankesanthurai .

     Agreements signed between Lanka Pay and ECI international to connect and acceptance of Srilankas payment System with UPI .


PM Modi also talked about the Srilanka’s economic crisis . ” We should work together while recognising each other’s security and developmental needs ”

                        President Ranil Wickramshinghe expressed his ” government’s “profound appreciation ” for the support that India has extended over the past year . Which he described as the ” most challenging period for Srilanka’s modern history ”


13 th Amendment of Srilankan Constitution

     Tamils in Srilanka mostly recide in nothersn and eastern parts of country .

     The 13 th Amendment provides for a provincial council system and devolution of powers over land , the land , police ,education and health , agriculture ,housing and finances to the nine provinced of the country , including Sinhala majority areas .

     13 th Amendment has not be implemented properly and thus the power to local Srilanka’s has not been devolved . Srilankan majority parties oppose  it’s implementation .

                     Increasing connectiveeity was part of talks          Tamil dominated region

 Triconmalee is a major investment destination for India .

 2.Headline : PM’s absence in both houses spurs opposition protest .

PM Modi remained absent from both houses of parliament on Friday . Members of INDIA demand were persistent in their demand that PM should speak in Parliament over ethnic strife Manipur .

        3.Headline : More cases of Sexual assault of women surface in Manipur .

Two days after 3 women were were paraded naked and one of them raped in Manipur’s Thoubal district . Photo has emerged of a 45 year old woman in Imphal stripped and set a laze .

               On Thursday 10 Manipur legislator from Kuki Zo community , including seven from BJP , released a statement mentioning 4 more incident of rape or murder of women since ethnic violence erupted in the state .


4. Headline :SC declines Rahul’s plea seeking interim suspension of conviction .

The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday issued notice to complaint Purnesh Modi and and State of gujrat in a petition filed by Rahul Gandhi seeking stay on conviction in Criminal defamation case .

                  SC declined to grant interim suspension on the conviction and the next hearing date has been fixed to 4 th August .


5 .Headline : Will not notifiy fact Checking unit till September 4 , center tells Bombay High court :

The center on Friday informed , the Bombay High court that it will not notify till September 4 the fact Checking Unit ( FCU ) under the recently amended Information Technology Rules to identify fake news .

                       Under the amended IT( intermediary guidelines and digital media ethics code ) Amendment Rules 2023  :

     A fact Checking Unit (FCU ) will be created and social media intermediaries will have to censor or modify content that relates to the Union govt . If FCU tells to do so .

     Content marked by FCU as ” fake or misleading ” will have to take down by media intermediaries . If they want to retain under ” safe harbour ” .

               The court was hearing the petition filed by Editors Guild of India and Association of India Magazines they are challenging IT Amendment Rules .

  6.Headline : Assam Rifles files sedition case against Imphal group

Assam Rifles has filed sedition case against COCOMI , coordinating Committee in Manipur Integrity . FIR registered says that

COCOMI ,gave a call “not to surrender weapons ” on July 10. 

                Over 4000 weapons were looted from police cams in Manipur out of which only 1600 have been recovered .Large no of weapons still in public hand is still a wide concern .  COCOMI mainly supports Meitie group . It was also part of peace commitee created under governor but later withdrew .

 7.Headline : Varanasi Court Orders ASI Survey to Gyanvapi Mosque .

A court in Varanasi ordered survey of Gyanvapi Mosque by ASI . The Survey will examine whether there was Hindu structure before the mosque was built .

              The Muslim side has decided to go to high court against this order .

  Use any Indian Language as optional medium , says CBSE .

CBSE has written to its affiliated schools to consider using Indian languages as. Option lagiange of instruction .

        Under New Education Policy (NEP ) . Mother tongue has been made medium of instruction till class 5 .


 1.Headline : UK conservative Party suffers Severe losses in Parliamnetary by-election .

Rishi Sinak led conservative Party lost 2 out of 3 seats in the by election conducted  . The seats were vacated by quitting of former  PM Boris Johnson and his close  from British Parliament .   Conservative party however retained Boris Johnson seat Uxbridge . Rivals of conservative party are saying it beginning of decline of conservatives .

                Britain has two major political parties Conservative Party and Labour Party . Current govt is of Conservative party .


2. Headline : Ukraine had started using US cluster munitions in battlefield .

Ukrainian forces are using cluster munitions supplied by USA  on the battlefield , as kyiv seeks momentum in counteroffensive .White house said on Monday .

” They are using them properly , they are using them effectively and actually having an impact on Russia defence formations and Russia defensive maneuovring ” .

He said .


 Cluster weapons are dropped in large numbers , the problem of these is that many of it remain exploded , and may expose later any time . These cause large harm for civilians . Many country has banned using it even at war times .

                  Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said that Ukrianes counter offensive was failing despite military and financial support from West .

                Despite counteroffensive launched by Ukraine it has not gained much territory . Russian Forces still seems unmoved .


Cluster munitions being dropped

Ukraine jas not been able to break through Russian defence

 3. Headline : Pita’s party to back ors coalition partner for PM

 Pita Limjaroenrat head of The Move Forward Party (MFP)  has told that he has no ambition to become Prime Minister and will back second largest Party Pheu Thai candidate fort top job . Pita had lost majority in parliament for the head of 8 party coalition .

  4.Headline : Iraqis , Iranians rally as Swedish envoys rally Beghdad .

Protesters took to the streets of Iraqi and Iranian capitals on Friday to denounce sweden’s permission for protest that desecretes Koran .as Stockholm withdrew from its Baghdad embassy .

  5.Headline : Saudi Aramco locks up stake in China Petrochemicals firm .

Saudi Aramco said it completed its purchase of  10 percent stake in China’s RohgSjeng petrochemicals .    China is largest producer of cride oil .

 6. Headline : In an unprecedented move , Biden picks woman admiral to lead Navy .

Admiral Lisa Franchetti has been chossen to lead US Navy .

 7. Headline : Tech titans promise watermarks to expose AI creations : White House

                                                                    Editorial 1

Title :  Belated Outrage :-

Steps to address Manipur issue must be addressed with change in leadership .

About the editorial :

The editorial talks on recent development in Manipur and it tells that  for situation to be resolved , replacement of N.Biren Singh as CM with some other face  having less controversial  will  be very helpful .


About recent development in Manipur :

The naked parade of two women in Thoubal district of Manipur has draw widespread criticism . PM modi first time telling anything about Manipur since the violence erupted in Manipur on May 3 . PM modi that those preprators will be dealt with all strictness .

Even SC was seen appalled over this and gave ultimatum to center over this .


About CM N Biran Singh  :

CM told that strict action will taken unde this .

But CM N Biren Singh is not liked by Kuki Zomi group . They have repeatedly demadimg his removal . Though on other side he has a. Wide support among Meitie group .

                    It will be better to change CM with somebody who is not controversial .

This will be a major step to in bringing down Manipur violence .

                                                            Editorial 2 :

The right approach

Bail should not be denied merely because police object to it strongly

 About the editorial :

The editorial talks about the Teesta Setalvad case who was granted bail recently by Supreme court . The editorial give s reason and argument of police in this case .

 About the Teesta Setalvad ca nose ;

Recent development :

SC recently  rejected Gujrat HC order to suspend bail given by SC on September 2022 .

 Courts argument ;.

Though the police was pushing hard for not granting bail to Ms Seetalvad . Court saw that Ms Seetalvad has already been questioned for 7 days by Crime branch . Despite police had arrested her within 1 day the SC observation that Ms Seetalvad Was part of “keep the pot boiling “. The fact that she is woman also goes in her favour

           Teesta Setalvad has been charged of forgery , fabricating false rhetoric after 2002 Gujrat riots to , to topple gujrat govt .at that time .

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