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No Governor’s Assent ; Manipur Assembly session a non starter .

The 60 member Manipur Assembly failed to hold special session in Monday to discuss with ic violence in the state as the Raj Bhawan did not issue a notification to convene it despite a recommendation from state cabinet .

The official statement on August 4 said the cabinet had recommended to Governor Anusuiya Uikey the summoning of session on 21 St August .

Last session was conducted in March and next session has to be conducted before September 2 as Article 174 of Constitution requires maximum gap of 6 months between two sessions.

Former Manipur Chief Justice and Congress leader Okram Ibobi has called it a constitutional crisis .

Coordinating Committee of Manipur ( CoCOMI ) had earlier wrote to PM to convene special session on August 5 .

10 kuki MLAs had told that they would not take part on “COCOMI dictated ” special session .

COCOMI is pro Meitie group .

SC panel flags loss of essential documents of people in Manipur

Three member all women committee headed by former Jammu and Kashmir High Court Chief Justice Gita Mittal has submitted three reports to CJI DY Chandrachud . The committee was appointed by SC to supervise , intervene and monitor  relief measures in Manipur .

1 st report – The committee suggests appointment of nodal officers to take charge reconstruction of these documents .Documents include Aadhaar Card .

2nd report : It concerns with Manipur Victim Compensation Scheme ( MVCS) .” The committee says the the MVCS needs to be substantially improved ” .

SC to constitute a new Bench to hear Cauvery water issue

CJI DY Chandrachud on Monday assured TamilNadu that he would constitute a bench to hear the state’s plea to release of its allotment of Cauvery river water by August .

TamilNadu moved to SC seeking a direction to Karnataka to release 24,000 cusecs of Cauvery water frommits reservoir of Bilingudulu for the remaining period of month starting from August 14 .TN cited that it was very necessary for standing crop in TN.

Karnataka had cited less rain for not releasing the water earlier . 

Chandrayaan 3 reveals dark side of moon

Ahead of ISRO landing , ISRO on Monday released images of images of far side of lunar surface .

The far side of moon is the dark side of the moon as it is always hidden from earth .


CJI asks govt , if it intends to dictate use of judicial review

Center has prepared as draft standard operating procedure (SOP) about judicial conduct in govt related cases .

CJI DY Chandrachud on Monday said that the draft SOP read as if center wants to dictate Judicial review .

Judicial Review – When court alters obstructs govts made laws or acts it is called judicial review

I have gone through your draft SOP … there are some points which actually say how Judicial review should be exercised ” CJI addressed Tushar Mehta solicitor General of India . Mr. Mehta flatly denied any such intention on govt part .

CJI agreed to frame ” broad yardstick ” on the issue of calling govt officials to the court . The Chief Justice also found several points worth consideration in draft SOP .including a proposed bar in court officials when the case was still pending for appeals .

SOP highlights judges pulling officials over dress code while visiting courts .


All eyes on possible Xi- Modi meet as PM reaches S. Africa today

PM Modi will lad in Johannesburg today to attend 15 th BRICS . Chances are high for bilateral talk between PM Modi and China’s President Xi Jinping  as the two leaders meet I. johanesberg . Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra didn’t ruled out bilateral talk between two leaders when asked .More than 50 other countries are expected to participate in BRICS apart from  Brazil , Russia. , India , China and South Africa . 


India ASEAN agree to review goods trade pact by 2025 to  fix assemtry

India and ASEAN country reached an agreement to review their free trade pact . They have put a goalpost of 2025 to conclude the review . The review is aimed at addressing the ” aseemetry ” in bilateral ties , the commerce ministry said .

A joint committee of ASEAN India Trade and in Goods Agreement (AITIGA ) signed in 2009 , deliberated on roadmap for the review of the pact , ahead of ASEAN – India Economic ministers meeting held in Indonesia on Monday .




ICSSR to develop Indianized research methodology tool

The Indian Council of Social Science Research ( ICSSR) will soon announce research award proposal it had invited to study impact of various schemes and public policy initiatives by Union govt .

500 researchers will get funding for the studies based on a fieldwork focussed on specific geographical region.


ICMR studied post CoVID Mortality

At least one does of vaccine prior to CoVID19 infection provided 60% protection against post discharge mortality .

ICMR study has found .

Other findings are :

High chances of mortality within one year following discharge for those a ove 40 years



Pakistan to compensate over 100 Christians who lost their homes in riots

Authorities in Pakistan ate promising 2 million rupees ( 6800 dollar) each to the poor Christians who lost their homes when a Muslim mob angered over the alleged descreation of Koran , that burned 19 Churches and damaging houses .

The police has said that they have arrested miote rioters in ongoing raids .bringing total  no of detainees to 160 .

 ‘ Saudi border guards killed hundreds of Ethiopians migrants ‘

New York based NGO Human Rights Watch said in a report on Monday that Saudi border guards fired “like rain ” on thousands of border guards that were trying to cross into gulf kingdom from Yemen killing hundreds since last year  .

In Saudi Arabia thousands of Ethiopians live and work , the escalation of abuses along the horn of Africa Saudi Arabi route has increased .

Horn of


Legal hurdles still remains for Guatemala’s president elect Arevalo



Ecuadorian reject drilling in the Amazon in historic decision

In a referendum over  whether oil drilling in protected Amazon rainforest inside Yasuni National Park should be continued or not . While 90% votes has been counted 6 out of 10 has rejected drilling activities .

In 1989 , Yasuni National Park was marked as World Biosphere Reserve .It is one of the world’s most biodiversity region . It spreads in around 1 million hectare ,it boasts 610 species of birds , 139 species of Amphibians and 121 species of reptiles .The area is inhabited by Tageri and Tarikaenani ,who live in self isolation .

The referendum took place alongside the presidential election .The ruling party was advocating for oil drilling .Few days ago opposition presidential candidate Fernando Villiavicenio was assassinated .




Trump threatens reciprocal tax on India if voted back to power

Trump has raised back issue of high taxes in India on certain American products , in particular Harley Davidson motorcycle , and has threatened reciprocal tax if voted to power in 2024.


Zelensky says in Denmark he is ‘ confidant Russia will lose this war ‘

He was addressing a large crowd outside Danish Parliament .

He told ” Today we are confident that Russia would lose war ….I am sure that we will win because the truth is on our side ” Mr. Zekensky said “.


China lodges complaint over Camp David remark by Korea , Japan , US .

During a summit in Camp David US , the three countries US, Japan , and S. Korea in a joint statement had criticized ,Beijing’s ” aggressive behavior ” in disputes of East and South China sea .


Israeli woman shot dead man Wounded in city of Hebron


Nurse who killed seven newborns in her care jailed for life term

Lucy Letby , 33 , has been charged with attempting to kill  six other babies ; she attacked prematurely born victims , often during night shifts by either injecting them with air , overfeeding them with milk or poisoning them with insulin .



Chess world cup

Praggnandhaa makes history , meets Carlsen in final

Praggnandhaa defeated World no 3 Fabiano Ccaruana to reach final .

In  women’s final ,Aleksandra Gorychakina defeated Nurgul Salimoyva ( Bulgaria)


World Athletics Championship

Noah Lyles emerged as fastest man as he won 100 m race .


Deep in Disarray

Failure to hold assembly session of crisis in Manipur

About the editorial

The editorial is about  failure of Manipur governor to convene the Legislative assembly .It also talks about the issue that new  Chief Justice of Manipur High court has not been given green signal by Manipur govt .


Failure to hold assembly session

Last time Manipur assembly was hold was in March . By law it has to convene another meeting before expiry of six month , means before September .

Council of Ministers in August 4  had recommended Governor to call the session on August 21 .

But Governor Anusuiya Uikey did not issue the the notification summoning the house .The delay is presumably due to law and order situation in the state . Kuki legislators has expressed concerns that they would not be able to attend the assembly session due to prevailing  atmosphere .

In 2016 a constitution Bench of had told that whether governor is bound by her own wisdom  or by union govt assessment of the situation it is difficult to justify not holding the assembly session .

The delay in holding assembly also cast a shadow on legitimacy of Manipur govt .

The governor should be acting on cabinet decision and call the session before September 2 that is expiration of six months before last assembly session .


About New Chief Justice

The other issue is that newly named  Manipur Chief Justice , Justice Siddharth Mridul has not been cleared by state govt . This also needs to be done at the earliest .The name was recommended by collegium , and center had sent it to Manipur govt for its assent .



Wins and winnings

FIFA women’s World Cup was showcase for women’s sporting event .

About the editorial

The editorial talks about recently concluded FIFA women’s World Cup 2023 , hosted by Australia and NewZealand . The editorial says shows that the even was a mega hit and how women sporting events has increased increased in stature over the years .


Results of FIFA World Cup 2023

Champion – Spain

Spain bt England in Finals in Sydney (1-0)

3rd position – Sweden

Player of tournament – Olga Carmona ( Spain )

Best Goalkeeper – Mary Earps ( England )

Highest Goalscorer –  Hinata Miyazawa ( Japan )

Spain became only second nation after Germany to wil both Men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup titles


About FIFA women World Cup

It started in 1991 , and this is the ninth edition . Till now no Latin American county has become tis champion .

This year’s even saw huge boost interms of crowd . Average 30,000 people attended the the matches in stadium that went  for about a month . Morocco entered quarterfinals . Four time champion USA could not enter knockouts .FIFA this time increased prize money from 152 million dollar to 442 million dollar , a right step to bridge the gap between men and women version .

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