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Governor can’t withhold repassed the bill

The Supreme Court on Monday took the note that the government’s argument that the Constitution does not provide ” discretion ” to R.N. Ravi to hold back 10 bills that were “repassed” by the state legislative assembly .

” Once they have been repassed these bills , are put in same footing as money bills . Then You cannot reject ”

On 10 November court had issued notice to governor RN Ravi on withholding bills passed by TamilNadu assembly .

On 13 November , Governor returned the bill .

On  18 November , TamilNadu assembly repassed the 10 bills returned by Governor .

Article 200 of the Indian Constitution deals with powers of governor to withhold or return a bill if it’s not a money bill , however if it is a money bill governor is obliged to sign it after being repassed after returning the bill .

SC seeks Kerala Govt reply

SC has sought a response from Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad on a petition by Kerala government that he is holding back bills , SC has sought a response from Kerala government in this regard .

China is biggest security anxiety for India and Australia

Australia’s deputy Prime Minister and defense Minister Richard Marles and Foreingn Minister Penny Wang is here to attend “2+2 ” summit between India and Australia .

In his opening remark Richard Marles told for both Australia and India , China is biggest trading partner and is ” biggest security anxiety ”

On China

For both countries China is biggest security partner and is out ” biggest security anxiety ” said  Mr. Marles .

On Canada issue

Penny Wong said that Australia has taken ‘principled stand’  on India  CANADA row . Australia had said earlier demanded proper investigation in Nijjar’s killing .

On trade and defense relations

Penny Wong : – ” Our partnership is consequential for us but is crucial for the region ”

S. Jaishankar India’s foreign minister said that the strong relationship is important for security and stability of the region .

In Uttarkashi , Rescue teams manage to install six inch pipe to send food

In a first major breakthrough in nine days authorities were able to insert 6 inch diameter pipe inside 53 meter long debris .

This pipe will be used to send medicine , food and water to trapped workers . Another  6 inch pipe has been used to supply food , water and medical care nes so far .

President of International Tunneling Arnold. mix reached the site to help the authorities .

Currently digging through debris is going from  severel sides including top .


41 workers are trapped from 9 days inside a tunnel at Silkayara at Uttarkashi district in Uttarakhand

NIA registers a case against SFJ , Pannun , Over Air India threat

The National Investigation agency has booked United States based outfit Sikh for justice (SFJ ) and it’s founder Gurupatnawant Singh Pannun over a recent video clip threating Air India over a global blockade from November 19 .

Pannun in his video message had also asked sikhs not to fly from Air India .

Following this video Airports in Punjab and Delhi were put under ” secondary ladder point check ” before passenger boarding. Entry of visitors and sale of visotor entry ticket were also banned at these airports .

Pannun has been declared as an ” indvidual terrorist ” by home ministry in 2020 .

Center’s selective transfers , appointment may trigger ’embarrassing ‘ outcomes : SC


Far right populist Xavier Melie wins presidential run off in Argentina

Controversial economist Javier Melie Javier Meile has won Argentina’s presidential election.

He proposed fundamental changes in the way country is being run  , he has told that he will make drastic Changes in Countries economies which is reeling under the brink of collapse .

He won around 55.60% , while his rival got 44.40 % votes .

Israel battles militants around Gaza hospital as babies evacuated to Egypt

Israel forces pressed their offensive in Nothern Gaza . In one of the incidents a shell hit a truck killing 12 people .

Earlier the World Health Organisation evacuated 31 babies from Al Shifa hospital , still about 250 injured patients are stuck there .

More than 12,700 have been killed so far according to palestinian health ministry in West Bank .

China keen to extend Myanmar economic Corridor to Srilanka

China is ” prioritising ” the extension of the China Myanmar Economic Corridor ( CMEC ) to Srilanka. the Country’s special envoy told President Ranil Wickramshinghe on Monday , the special Chinese envoy Shen Yiqin had paind Courtesy call to Srilanka .

CMEC is newest of the six  land corridors under Belt and Road Initiatives ( BRI ) . Except India and Bhutan all other countries of South  Asia .

Altman’s exit : OpenAI faces exodus threat

Hundred’s of staff at OpenAI has threatened to quit it and join Microsoft .

Earlier Sam Altman  was sacked from OpenAI .

Currently he has Joined Microsoft .

Sam Altman and his team at Open AI had developed ChatGPT .

Will not inch an inch of territory ,says Phillipines

Phillipines President Ferdinand Macros said in the US that his country would not give up  ” a single square inch of territory ” as Mnaila seeks to counter Beijing’s assertiveness in South China sea .


End of a dream run

India came up short against Australia despite starting as the favourite

The editorial is about recent ICC cricket World cup final loss by India .

Australia won the world cup . Virat Kohli was awarded Man of the Series award . While golden ball for most wickets in tournament was given to Mohammad  Shami .

India played well throughout the tournament but in final It was the Aussies who played better , first by restricting India on 240 and then chasing this easily . Travis head did some good work first in field by catching Rohit Sharma , and then by scoring 137 that shut down India’s hopes of winning . This was the second time that Australia defeated India in final . In 2003 world cup also Australia had defeated India .

Next world cup will be hosted by South Africa , Namibia and Zimbabwe .

Leap in the dark

Javier Melie is likely to worsen Argentina’s economic woes

The editorial is about recent Presidential election results  in Argentina . When election results were out . Javier Melie defeated Sergio Marra by 56 : 44 in elections .

Currently Argentina’s economy is facing its worst times .Inflation in country is 140 % . Peso the country’s currency has devalued to around 1000 peso per dollar . Its value was 80 peso per dollar before the 2020 .

Mr Melie is an admirer of Donald Trump of USA and Jail Boldanaro of Brazil . He wants to replace country’s currency with US dollar , ban abortion , dimantle country’s public health system and dismantle public  education system to voucher system .

The editorial says that a president who is in constant war with country’s institution can weaken democracy and can further worsen economic problems in country .


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