Summary of The Hindu 21th JUNE 2024

Tamil Nadu hooch tragedy till mounts to 39

The death toll in the hooch tragedy in one of the worst cases of hooch tragedies reported in TamilNadu climbed to be 39 .

The victim includes 4 women .

The toll is likely to increase with many persons undergoing treatment in serious conditions . About 120 persons are currently admitted to hospital .

The tragedy occurred in Karunapuram in Kallakurichi districts.


The prime accused who supplied the killer brew has been arrested by CB CID .


Alcohol that is used to drink is generally Ethanol . Methanol is another intoxicant , which when mixed in alocohol can cause liver failure , blidness and even death .


Many times Methanol is mixed from outside in a drink to increase its potency . If Mixed above certain amount . It becomes deadly .



Patna high court strikes down 65% quota in Bihar

The Patna high court has set aside the 65 % quota for OBC , SC , ST category .

In November , 2023 Bihar Assembly had passed a bill that increased reservation from 50% to 65% .

Together with EWS quota the reservation goes to 75% .

In Indira Swahney case , SC had imposed reservation limit to 50% .



Govt to set up panel to help improve NTA , says Pradhan


Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Thursday said that the alleged irregularities of the recently held NEET and cancelled ( UGC NET ) was an “ institutional failure of “ National Testing Agency “ .

He said that a reform committee will be formed to suggest improvement in NTAs working .


The re test will be conducted for the cancelled UGC NET test .

The UGC NET test was cancelled after Home Ministry ‘s Indian Cyber Crime Coordination centre ( I4C ) informed leakage of paper on the dark net .


The minister said that while anti cheating Bill was passed last year , the law ministry was firming up the rules and “ very soon , we will come up with stringent rules . “ .


“ I take responsibility for the NEET paper leak and whoever is responsible will not be spared

. “


Bhartruhari Mahtab named pro tem speaker

President Draupadi Murmu has appointed Bahrthuruahri Mahtab a seven time MP from Cuttack , the pro tem speaker .

Parliamentary affairs minister Kiren Rijiju said on Thursday .

Congress raised the issue that according to convention the MP who had served the highest number of terms should have been appointed as pro tem speaker .

The senior most member in the 18 th Lok Sabha is K Suresh from Congress party , and Virendra Kumar from BJP . Virendra Kumar is in the Union cabinet . So Congress demand was for K Suresh to be the pro tem speaker .


Pro tem speaker – Article 95 ( 1) of the constitution talks about pro tem speaker .

A pro tem speaker will act as speaker till new speaker is elected . He will administer oath to all the elected MPs .




5400 Myanmarese take refuge in Manipur

Fearing “ aerial bombardment and attacks “ about 5400 people from Myanmar have taken shelter in Kamjong district of Manipur , Assam Rifle director Pradeep Chandran said the Hindu .

He said that it is highly likely that they will return as the situation in Myanmar normalises . Earlier Many miggrants from Mayanmar had been reported to be sheltering in Mijoram , Manipur and Nagaland .



Delhi court grants bail to Arvind Kejriwal

Rouse Avenue court of Delhi has accepted the regular bail plea of Arvind Kejriwal . He has been given regular bail .


Flood affected children to soon get ‘ school in a box ‘

Flood affected children are set to get ‘ school in a box ‘ in model relief camps in Assam . Such a box or Child Friendly Space ( CFS ) kit contains learning materials other items for ensuring continuity in education .

The kit has been designed by UNICEF .

The kit first will be provided to 167 model relief camps where floods and landslips caused 31 life earlier ..





Rutte seal NATO top job after lone rival drops out

Mark Rutte , the former long time serving Prime Minister of Netherlands , is set to be the next NATO chief .

He will take over current chief Jens Stolenberg on October 1 .

The cadidancy of Mr Rutte was backed by USA , France , Germany and most of the NATO members . Turkey and Hungary were the two NATO members which initially didn’t agree on Mr Rutte candidacy .

NATO has 32 member countries . Most of them are European countries . Turkiye being the only Asian country to be a NATO member.



In Sri Lanka , Jaishankar reviews energy projects EAM. S Jaishankar is currently in Sri Lanka .

EAM S . Jaishankar along with Srilankans President Ranil Wickramshinghe on Thursday inaugurated Maritime Rescue Coordination Center ( MRCC ) and handed over houses built by Indian assistance .


He held meeting with Srilankan leadership . The projects under focus were :

  • Proposed plan to link petroleum pipelines between the two countries , advancing gas and oli exploration .
  • It was announced that construction of the Sampur power plant is set to commence on July 2024 .

This is the first foreign trip of S. Jaishankar after elections . He also met his Srilankan counterpart Ali Sabri and leader of Opposition. Sajith Premdasa .


Hamas can not be eliminated , says Israel’s top army spokesperson

Israel’s top army spokesperson on Wednesday said that Hamas can not be eliminated .

In an interview with an Israeli broadcaster Rear Admiral Danial Hagari said ,” To say that we are going to make Hamas disappear is to throw sand in people’s eyes . If we don’t provide an alternative , in the end , we will have Hamas . “

He further added ,” Hamas is an ideology . We.cannot eliminate an ideology . “

His comments were quickky rebuffed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who has defined his goal as destruction of Hamas’s military and governmental capabilities .





French Chinese aircraft to hunt down universe’s most powerful explosions

Space Variable Objects Monitor ( SVOM ) a French Chinese telescope satellite will blast of this month on a mission to hunt down gamma ray missions .


The SVOM mission is to use its X ray vision to track down the source of gamma ray burst .


Gamma ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the universe . The light from these explosions have travelled billions of years to reach earth. The mission can tell the answer of the universe when the universe was young.


The mission shows the scientific cooperation between west and China , when the relation is strained in current times .


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