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Kuki body to reimpose blockade on key highways

The committee of tribal unity ( COTU ) , Kangkopki , said in a statement that highways would be blocked in protest against the failure of government of India to protect the Kuki Zo community and it’s ” failure to ensure free movement of goods meant for the hill districts “

Last week three Kuki Zo village volunteers were killed in the Naga dominated Ukhrul district .

The blockade announced is going  to be over Dimapur – Imphal national highway 2 from the early hours of Monday .The blockade is likely to affect valley areas where Meitie people live .

A senior official told that another route in the south to supply medicine and vaccine has been blocked by Meitie community .

Highways of Manipur

Appointment of Manipur HC chief justice delayed

The appontment of Delhi High Court judge , justice Siddharth Mridul , as the chief justice of Manipur High court remains in limbo , six weeks after SC collegium proposed  his name on July 5.

Within days of collegium recommending justice Mridul file had been sent by the center to the Manipur govt for consent .However , no consent has been heard from Manipur govt .

Chief Justice of any state is appointed by President after consultation with Chief Justice of India and governor of the state .

The collegium of supreme court clears the name , then it is sent to state govt , and then it is sent to union govt for final approval . However the time limit set for the approval of state govt is six weeks otherwise it will deemed to be passed from them . No time limit is there for approval by center .

Pulses prices may spiral as deficient rain Mars sowing

Tomato Prices may be cooling from recent highs , but pulses could play the next spoilsport ,below par monsoon in August has dragged down th sown area for pulses in Kharif season by almost  10% from a year ago .

In July vegetable prices had surged by 37% causing inflation figure to reach 7.4% . The prices of pulses have also risen in recent months with prices speeding up 13.3% in July from 10.6% in June .

After second deboost Chandrayaan 3 , on glide path to moon

The lander Module of Chandrayaan 3 , is expected to touch down on the surface of moon around 6.04 PM on Wednesday , the ISRO said on Sunday .The event will be live telecasted from 5.27 PM on Wednesday .

Chandrayaan – 3 completed final deboosting ( slowing down ) of the module in early hours of Sunday .

” Chandrayaan – 3 Mission : The second and final deboosting process has successfully reduced the (lander Module ) orbit to 25 km  into134 km ” ISRO posted on X .

Payment crisis leads to uncertainty over Russian defense deals .

Major defense deals with Russia , especially that of th S-400 have already seen delays in due to war in Ukraine continue to face uncertainty over  the efforts to resolve payment crisis .

Currently , payment worth around 3 billion dollar are held up in and central banks are working to resolve it . 3 of the five S 400 contracted under 5.43 billion dollar deal in 2018 have been delivered but the other two are delayed and there is no clarity over the revised schedule .

India Russia used to do trade in Rupee Rouble . But as India buys a lot from Russia mainly oil , defense , technological products while Russia buys very less from India . So Indian rupee that used to be paid by India for its purchases has been held in Russia banks unused . This has created balance of payment crisis .

SC judgment delivered four decades ago counters President’s rule in J& K .

A one page judgment pronounced by a constitution Bench of the Supreme court is proving to be a thorn in govt’s claim that ” breakdown of constitutional machinery ” in Jammu and Kashmir led to president rule under article 356 in December 2018 and heralded events leading to abrogation of Article 370 and abolition of state of Jammu and Kashmir .

The 1971 judgment once a governor dissolves assembly and assumes pier of the state , there is no question of president taking over by”  on the basis of failure of constitutional  machinery ” under article  356 .

In Jammu and Kashmir (j&k ) the governor dissolved assembly in November 2018 , president rule was imposed in December and then in August 2019 article 370 was abrogated .

1400 tonnes of onion sent to markets , buffer stock raised to 5 lakh tonnes : govt

The center enhanced buffer stock of onion from three lakh tonnes to five  lakh tonnes on Sunday . The National Cooperative Consumers federation of India will sell the produce by ₹25 a kg from Monday . The center of Saturday , imposed a Dutty of 40% on export of onion .

” The measures taken by the government such as procurement of buffer , targeted release of the stock and imposition of export duty will benefit farmer s and consumers by assuring remunerative prices to onion farmers while ensuring continuous availability to consumers at remunerative prices .


FIFA women World Cup

Spain beats England (1-0) in final

Winner Spanish team



Luna 25 ,Russia’s first lunar mission in 25 years crashes into moon

Russia’s Luna 25 spacecraft crashed into the moon after it spun into uncontrolled orbit , the countries ROSCOSMOS space agency told said on August 20 .The pilotless aircraft was aiming to land to land in the south pole area of moon , an area where people believe could be important reserves of forzen water and previous elements . It had been expected to land on August 21 .

On August 19 , ROSCOSMOS said that it lost contact with Luna 25 after spececraft ran into difficulties and reported an ” abnormal situation ” .

Implication of failure

This was Russia ‘s first mission to moon since 1976 . Russia is first country to send a satellite and send man in space . So some say it Russia’s decline of space power .

South pole of moon is has been under scrutiny to scientific community , many thinks that the craters over there can contain water and other elements .

India’s Chandrayaan 3 is scheduled to touch down south pole on 23 august .


Kyiv welcomes Netherlands decision to handover F 16s .

Two days after US allowed that it’s exported F16s fighter jets can be given to Ukraine .

Neitherland and Denmark has announced its decision to hand over Ukraine it’s warplanes .

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte said ” The Netherlands and Denmark commit to transfer of F16s to Ukraine once condition of such a transfer have been met “

Zenelsky said the decision is ” absolutely historic  powerful and inspiring to us ” .The Dutch and danes are leading plans to train Ukrainian pilots to fly the US made aircraft .


US has strict rules on sale or transfer of weapons by its allies .

 Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has said Moscow will regard  western F16 jets sent to Ukriane as a” nuclear ” threat because of their capacity to carry nuclear weapons.

F16 fighter jet

Pakistan’s President refuses to sign new national security law

Pakistan President Arif Alvi has refused to sign into law two bills that law two bills that would give would give authoriies more power to prosecute common man for acts against state and military .

” I did not sign Official secret amendment bill 2023 & Pakistan army Amendment bill 2023 as I disagreed with these laws ” Mr. Alvi wrote on X .

Pakistan law ministry has called this move unconstitutional .

Mr Alvi is supposed to be close to Imran Khan .

In Pakistan if the bill is passed by both houses and is not signed by President within 10 days the bill becomes law .

” As the President didn’t sign and return the bill within 10 days , it becomes law ” Caretake law minister Ahmad Iran told in a news conference .


North Korean hackers target S Korea – US military drill


Election Selection

The Congress needs to be truly representative for viable bod for power

About the editorial

The editorial is about recent  induction of Congress Working Committee( CWC) members . It analyzes the induction of newly elected members


About CWC member induction

It was much awaited after election of Mallikarjuna Kharge as CWC president .

About half inducted are from SC, ST , OBC community . Some important names are Shashi Tharoor , Sachin pilot , Former Punjab CM Charanjeet Singh Channi .The other members members are Kamleshwar Patel from Chhattisgarh , Damodar Narsimha from Telangana .

Induction of leaders from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh is going to play a crucial role in upcoming elections .


Way Ahead

Long awaited elections within party and election of its working committee members is just some primary work just a slow beginning there is more to be done if Congress really wants to be be focus among Opposition party for 2024 elections .







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