Summary of The Hindu 20th JUNE 2024

UGC NET cancelled after ‘irregularity ‘ claims ; CBI to probe

The education ministry has announced the cancellation of UGC NET held on Tuesday , After inputs from the ministry of Home Affairs , suggested that the “ inputs of exam had been compromised “ .

The CBI would probe the issue .

Paddy MSP up by 5.35 % as centre clears hike for 14 Kharif crops

The Union government has given its nod to increase MSP for paddy by 5.35 % to ₹ 2300 per quintal for the upcoming 2024 -25 Kharif marketing season.

I&B minister Ashwani Vaishnav said that this is in clear alignment with the government’s “ clear policy “ of keeping MSPs at least 1.5 times above the production cost .

This year’s MSP hike is likely to result in total MSP implication  on government crossing ₹2 lakh crore  , about ₹35,000 crore higher than the previous season .





India and US work out strategies to scale up collaboration on critical minerals under iCET

Under Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology  ( iCET )   ,India and the U. S  is looking to “ quickly “ conclude an agreement between the Ministry of Commerce of US and the Ministry of Commerce India  to secure partnership in supply chains for graphite ,  gallium and germanium .

The iCET fact sheet says that both countries would cooperate , co invest in securing the lithium mines in Africa and South America .

India in 2023 has formed a joint venture company Khanij  Bidesh India Ltd ( KABIL ) to acquire mines abroad for India’s critical metal needs .

KABIL is currently exploring opportunities for acquisition  in Australia , Argentina and Chile .

Critical minerals are key components for EV batteries , semiconductor manufacturing , manufacturing of electronic goods etc .







India eyes breakthrough against sickle cell

India is getting closer to developing gene therapy for sickle cell disease .

And lab  testing of Gene therapy using CRISPR Cas9 is expected to be complete by January 2025 .

The information was shared by Union Tribal Minister Jual Oram .

Sickle cell Anaemia is a genetic disease in which Red blood cells are sickle cells .  Using the technology can be

It is widely spread among India’s tribal population . Government last year launched a programme to make India free from sickle cell Anaemia by 2047 .


PM inaugurated Nalanda University campus in Bihar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday    inaugurated the newly built campus of Nalanda University , an international University  , close to ruins of ancient  Nalanda University .

University was working from a makeshift campus earlier .

On this occasion. The PM said “ Nalanda is the proclamation of this truth that books may burn from flames of fire , but flames of fire cannot destroy knowledge . Nalanda is identity , respect and pride “



Ancient Nalanda University was established in 450 CE by Kumaragupta 1 . It was later revived by Harshvardhana and Pala rulers .

In 12 th century it was burnt by  Bakhtiyar Khilji .



Hamaare Baraah  gets nod for release after deleting some scenes

After the makers of the film Hamare Baraah agreed to delete certain scenes and add disclaimer at two points of  the film ,  the Bombay High court on Wednesday gave the go ahead to release the film .

The film starring actor Annu Kapur was in controversy  as  having dialogues that was against Islam .






US lawmaker call on Beijing to hold talk on Dalai Lama

A US  house delegation led by Republican chair Michael Macaul met the Dali Lama in Dharamsala on Wednesday .

Mr Maccaull said that the US will not allow Beijing in the “ succession”  of the Dalai Lama .

Michael McCaull said that US was firm against Chinese claims on the links with Tibet as “ ridiculous “

China on Tuesday had said that it will take resolute steps to safeguard it’s security and sovereignty .

The visit of US delegates comes days after the US house passed the Resolve Tibet Act   . The bill says “ The US believes that Tibet has its own Identity , language , religion , culture .

It has the right to self determination . “

Tibet is currently part of China .







Russia , N. Korea  sign defence pact , vow to assist each other if attacked

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Wednesday signed a new partnership that includes a vow of mutual aid if either the country  faces “aggression , “ .


This is the strongest deal between the two countries . The deal is somewhat similar to NATO agreements .

The two countries also decided to upgrade of their relations covering , security , trade , investment , culture and humanitarian .


Both countries are facing sanctions by West .

US have accused N. Korea of supplying arms and ammunition  in lieu of defence technology .




Iranian Revolutionary Guard declared a terrorist entity by Canadian government

Ottawa on Wednesday listed Iran’s revolutionary guard as a terrorist entity while calling on the Candians .

Canada has no diplomatic relations with Iran currently .

In 2020 , Iranian forces had mistakenly  shot down a Ukrainian flight that carried 176 passengers of which 85 were Candians . Later Iran admitted its mistake .


‘ Israel use of heavy bombs in Gaza strip violated the laws of war ‘

Israel’s repeated use of heavy weapons in the heavily densely populated Gaza strip indicates repeated violations of laws of war , UN Human Rights commission office (OHCHR ) said in a recent report .

The reports cited suspected use of 2000 pound bombs on residential buildings , schools and refugees camps .

Israel immediately criticised the report telling that the report was aimed at singling out Israel , while shielding Hamas .











A torrid crisis

A prolonged summer should be classified as National Disaster

The editorial is about the prevailing heatwave situation in northern India .

The days and nights  temperature has remained above 3-6 degrees above what used to be at this point of time of year .

The monsoon till now has been below normal .

Monsoon will reach Northern India between 25 june – 1 July .

On June 17 , the Power Ministry announced that demand in Northern India had surged to all time high of 89 GW .

About 25 -30 % of electricity had to be imported . Delhi is facing one of the worst water crises .

The editorial says that central government and states should declare prolonged heatwave a  natural disaster .


The power consumption recorded has been





Caste away

Efforts to end caste discrimination should do more than hide caste identity


The editorial is about the recent report of K Chandru on caste violence in TamilNadu.

The report recommends prohibition of wristbands , rings , tilaka that represent caste among students .

Students must not use bicycle that is painted to show caste reference .

School names should not bear any caste appellation.


The committee recommends the government to appoint a social justice Monitoring committee to push for topics to include social justice , equality and non discrimination in school syllabus .

One of the suggestions that can be done away by the government is to abolish mid-day kitchen and set up a Central kitchen in every block and panchayat .




How will AI that predicts the protein structure changes the Life sciences


How every protein folds is an important question for researchers . To understand the basic problems like how a cell works , how an organism works etc  it is important to understand protein unfolding.


Google Deepmind’s Alphaphold 3 is working nicely to unravel the problem of protein folding.

And other problems related to protein structure .

Alpha Fold 3 uses AI to unravel the protein structure .








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