Summary of The Hindu 20 SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

India denies any role in Nijjar’s killing in Canada

India on Tuesday denied any role in killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada . Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) in a statement said that it had no role in Killing of Nijjar on ” Canadian soil ” . Also the allegation made by Canadian President Justin Turdeau in this regard was to divert attention from Khalistani Activities in Canada .

Earlier  Canadian PM Justin Turdaeau in Canada’s Parliament accused India of murdering Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil . He also said that he had raised the issue during bilateral meeting with PM Modi on the sidelines of G 20 .

Senior Indian diplomat in Ottawa was expelled .India in retaliatory move has expelled Canadian High Commissioner in New Delhi , and has given five day time to leave India .

Hardeep Singh Nijjar was chief of Khalistan Tiger Force ( KTF) , on 18 june he was killed in Surrey city of Canada by unidentified gunmen .

Nijjar was wanted by National Investigation Agency ( NIA ) in link with terrorist funding and operation in Khalistani Activities in India .

US ” deeply concerned ”

Over allegation by Justin Turdeau that India was behind the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil , US state department spokesperson said that US is ” deeply concerned ” and that ” It is critical that the perpetrators be brought to Justice ”

Government introduces women’s reservation bill in the Lok Sabha , PM calls for consensus

Govt on Monday introduced women reservation Bill in Lok Sabha . The Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam ( Hindi name of Women reservation bill ) will pave the way of one third reservation in Lok Sabha and Assembly .

Among one third reservation. , there will be one third reservation for Scheduled Caste ( SC) and Scheduled Tribe ( ST) women. The law will be in force for 15 years .

The bill however will be implemented only after 2026 delimitation , which will be conducted on basis of new census . Only from. 2029 the bill can be implemented to full .

Currently there are 82 women MPs in Lok Sabha , after introduction of bill the number would rise to , 181 . Currently 15 % women are in Lok Sabha while 10 % women are in Assemblies .

PM Modi told that he hoped to get a consensus over the bill in Rajya Sabha .

Congress raised demand of OBC reservation in one third women reservation 

Modi calls for fresh Chapter

Parliament shifted from old Parliament to new Parliament . With Old Parliament to be called Samvidhan Sadan now . PM Modi called it to start a new chapter without partisanship bitterness .

Vig on Tuesday after a function in Central hall of Old Parliament , left old parliament building with nostalgia and went to new parliament building by foot .

Center floats new Science award

Center is instituting science awards based on Padma Awards

The Rashtriya Vigyan. Purashkar to have three Vigyan Ratna , 25 Vigyan Sri ,25 Vigya Yuva – Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award  and Three Vigyan team award will be given .The winners will be announced every year on May 11 , which is National Technology day and will be awarded on August 23 , which is National Science day .

The information accessed in this regard has not been made public , it was accessed by the Hindu 


Biden asks world to stand up to Russia ‘s naked aggression ‘

Addressing UN General assembly  ( UNGA ) , US president Joe Biden warned against ” trying” to appease ” Russia’s. ” naked aggression ” .

Annual UNGA is going in New York . Some major countries like Britain , China , France are absent this time .

Ukrianian President Vlodmyr Zelensky addressed UNGA first time after war with Russia .

Zelensky criticises Moscow of ” weaponize ” the food shortage on the global market in exchange for the recognition of same if not all all captured territory .

He accused Russia of genocide and kidnapping  Ukrianian Children .

Azerbaijan launches operation in Karabakh vows to fight ‘until the end ‘

Azerbaijan on Tuesday launched military operation in Nagorno Karabakh , Az rbaijan warned that ” it would continue until the end ” .

The attack is launched when the  broker among these two countries Russia is itself engaged with Ukraine .


Armenian PM said that it was”  ground offensive ” , Azerbaijan pounded mountainous territory with. Artillery , combat aircraft and combat drones .

Azerbaijan defence ministry said ” localised anti terrorist measures has been launched in the region ” using ” high precision weapons ” .

Armenian separatist said 25 people including more than five citizens have been killed , while 80 wounded .

Nagorno Karabakh is a ethnic conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan . Nagorno Karabakh is geographically surrounded by Azerbaijan , and also recognised as part of Azerbaijan . But it has majority Armenians whose demand is that the region be transferred to Armenia .

The region is autonomously controlled by Republic of Artsakh .

Around 38000 people had died in first conflict in the region during. 1988-94.

France and Germany back EU enlargement plan

France and Germany the two largest economies of Europe has pushed a new proposal fro enlargement. Of European Union

Ukriane , Western Balkans and Moldova are frontrunners of for the membership , About 10 members are in process to integrate their laws in European Union .EU currently has 27 members.


Balkan states and Ukraine are potential candidate for getting EU membership 

Elon Musk considers all X users monthly fee to “combat bots “


Serious Allegations

India and Canada state at downturn https Charge after Turdeau”charge

The editorial is about recent accusation by Canadian PM Justin Turdeau that Jagjit Singh Nijjar was killed by ” Indian Agents” on the. “soil of  Canada ” . Canada expelled a senior Indian diplomat over this , in a retaliatory move India also expelled a senior Canadian diplomat .

Concerns regarding relationship

The relationship between the two countries has never been that low . Canada is memeber of NATO and ” five eyes ” , a intelligence grouping that has memebers of it as USA , and Australia also . Both USA and Australia has expressed concerns over these accusation by Turdeau .

India’s stand

Nijjar was involved in Sikh riots during 90s , he was wanted by Indian NIA  , a red corner notice of Interpol is also against him . Such person hiding in Canada speaks of volumes of Candaian view on Indian concerns . The effect is going to be wider as there about 8 lakh Sikhs living in Canada .


Asian Giant

India used Cricket Asia Cup as a Preparatory platform

The editorial is about recently concluded Asia Cup . India won the trophy eighth time , since its inception .

About final

Final was totally one-sided with Srilanka getting out at mere 50 . Mohmmad Siraj was lead bowler who scalped 6 wickets giving only 21 runs . India chased down the total in just 6.1 overs .

Positives for Indian team

India seemed not that settled before start of the tournament but it played well . KL Rahul hitting a Century after a long injury was among the positives .Bumrah showed his form and fitness . Kuldeep Yadav was the main bowler from Indian sides for that tournament 

The upcoming series with Australia will be challenging and the main test is world cup to be played in October November .

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