Summary of The Hindu 1st APRIL 2024

Democracy is in danger , warns opposition

INDIA bloc leaders held a big rally in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan . The rally was organized under the name “ Loktantra Bachao “ , .

The rally was organised in solidarity ofnth arrest of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and former Jaharkajnd CM Hemant Soren .

Trinamool Congress also participated  in the rally , to recommit themselves to the alliance   .

Rahul Gandhi , Priyanka Gandhi and many alleged govt of misusing central agencies .

Congress ‘callously ‘ gave away Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka : PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday came down heavily on Congress over ceding of Katchatheevu island to Sri Lanka in 1974 by then Indira Gandhi government .

Citing a news report PM Modi posted on X “Eye opening and startling ! , New facts reveal how congress callously gave away  Katchatheevu “ .

Recently BJP Tamilnadu chief Annamali filed a RTI query in this regard ,the query says how a RTI reply give conflicting claims soon after independence .

After agreeing to cede the island to Srilanka in 1974 , Indira Gandhi informed the then Tamil Nadu chief minister and late DMK leader K Annadurai .

The Congress and DMK are in alliance .

Importance of Katchtheevu

 In 1974 , Katchatheevu island was given to Srilanka  . Island is important , as many Indian fisherman who goes for fishing around the island face arrest by Srilankan Navy .

The area around the island is a major fishing ground .

President Murmu confers Bharat Ratna on L K Advani

President Draupadi Murmu visited  residence of LK Advani  , where he was conferred of Bharat Ratna award .

Congress has accused PM Modi of disrespecting President Murmu after a photo emerged in which Modi was seen sitting while President in stading position.

A record 60 traditional products from across India granted GI tag

Over 60 products from across India has been given GI tag . This is the first time that such large number of products has been given GI tag .

Assam — 19 products from Assam has been given GI tags . It includes six traditional crafts from Assam  – Asharikandi terracotta craft , Pani Meyeka Craft , Sarathberi metal craft , Jaapi , Mishing handloom products , Bihu Dhol

Varanasi ,–  Several products from Varanasi has been given GI tags . This includes Banaras Thandhai , Banaras Tabla , Banaras Shehani , Benaras Lal Peda , Banaras Lal Bhawamirch

Benaras Thandhai was introduced centuries ago as an offerring at Kashi Vishwanath temple on Mahashivratri , holi , Rangbhari Ekadasi etc .

Tripura – Pachra Rignai , and Matabari Peda

Meghalaya –Garo Textile weaving , Meghalaya Lyrnai , Meghalaya Chutbichi

Till date 635 products has been given GI tag ..the first GI tags was given to the famous Darjeeling Tea .


Israelis take out their largest protest since start of the war

Nearly tens of thousands of Israelis gathered outside the parliament building in Jerusalem on Sunday  . It was the largest protest since the war with Hamas started in October 2023 .

The protesters were demanding that the government reach a ceasefire deal to free dozens of hostages .

A talk regarding the ceasefire in Gaza has started in Cairo  .

Meanwhile , the World Food Programme WFP , has urged Israel to open its border to allow aid delivery

Russia keeps up attack on Kyiv’s energy infrastructure

Russian airstrike in Lviv and Odessa has left many residents without power .

Russia recently have launched heavy attack on power plants of Ukraine cities .

Ukrianian air force has said that it destroyed 11 Shahed drones and nine of 14 cruise missiles launched from Russian side .

Meanwhile , 5000 children were evacuated from Russia’s Belgorod region bordering Ukraine .

Phillipines leader orders boost maritime security  as China tension rises

Phillipines goveenement has ordered his government to strengthen maritime security to confront a “ range of serious challenges “ to territorial integrity and peace . However , China has not been mentioned in the order .

Conflict between Phillipines and China has increased in South China sea .

China claims almost all of South China sea , however its claim overaps with the claims of Phillipines , Vietnam  , Indonesia , Malaysia and Brunei .

Territorial claims by different countries

Sri Lanka allowed free and fair probe in easter 2019 bombings , says Ranil

SriLankan President Ranil Wickramshighe said that governnent has allowed free and fair investigation for independent execution of Justice in 2019 Easter Sunday bombing .

In 2019 , 270 people were killed in successive balst in Churches in Srilanka .

National Tawheed Jamat ( NTJ ) linked with ISIS took the responsibility of the attack .

Thousands suspects were arrested but none has been tried in court till date .

The then President M Srisena was accused of negligence of not acting on intelligence received before the attack .

The courts ordered Mr.Srisena to pay renumeration to families of victims .

Bulgaria and Romania takes first step into Europe’s Visa Free Zones

Bulgaria and Romania joined Europe’s vast Shenzhen area where there was free movement on Sunday . This will allow those traveling  from Bulgaria or Romania to other parts of EU by sea or air to travel without any security or Visa checks . However after veto by Austria , the new status will not apply for land routes .

Schengen Area – This is an area among EU countries that has abolished border controls a t their mutual borders . Means that anyone can travel without any VISA  , or in case of some outsider a single VISA will be required .

This helps unrestricted trade and communication among EU countries .

There are countries which are not part of the EU but have adopted free movement under the Schengen Area . These countries are Switzerland and Norway .

Romania and Bulgaria in Purple .

Islamabad willing to work with US , for peace 

Pakistan attaches high value to its relationship with US and that it wants to work with Washington to achieve common goal of peace and prosperity in the region , this was said by Pakistan PM in a message in reply to Joe Biden’s recent letter to Pakistan PM .

Pakistan PM bans red carpets at official events to save funds

Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif has banned the use of red carpets for government events , reserving them exclusively for diplomatic receptions , as part of austerity measures to cut down unnecessary expenditure in the cash strapped nations .

Last week , Mr Sharif and some cabinet ministers had voluntarily decided to forgo  their salaries and perks as part of Govt’s efforts to forgo austerity .

World’s most powerful laser points to uncharted arenas

World’s most powerful laser has been built in Bucharest  , Romania .

This was built by French Company Thales under European Union’s Infrastructure ELI projects .

The possible inventions include treating nuclear waste by reducing nuclear waste , cleansing up debris in Outer space .

Experts say that the 21st century is going to be about lasers .


Hardik Singh and Salima Tete named Hockey India player of the year 2023

Hockey India Awards :

     Player of the Year , men – Hardik Singh

     Player of the Year , Women – Salima Tete

At this occasion Hockey India ( HI ) also announced the revival of Hocky India League ( HIL ) in January 2025 .

Indian Open Golf Tournament

1 st — Winner – Keita Nakajima ( Japan)

2nd – Veer Ahlawat ( India ) , Sebadtian Soderberg ( Sweeden ) , Johannes Veerman ( USA ) .

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