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Hindu 19/05/02023

Congress ends uncertainty chooses Siddharamaiah as CM

Congress on Thursday announced the M.siddharamiah will be next CM of Karnataka . D.K. shivkumar will be deputy CM. The swearing in ceremony will be held tomorrow several leaders such as Mamta Banarjee,Nitish Kumar,Sitaram ,D Raja, Sharad Pawar, Tejaswi yadav is expected to participate in this .

Meghwal replaces Kiren RIJIJU as law minister

Modi govt of Thursday removed Kiren Rijiju as law minister . Arjun Ram Mghwal has been made minister of state law and justice with independent charge . Mr Rijiju has been allotted Ministry of earth sciences. State legislature’s finding that it was cultural heritage and tradition of people A five judge bench was giving its verdict in petition filed by animal welfare activists and organization.

May 2014—-SC struck down state law in favor of jallikattu and banned it .

8 January2016—-ministry of environment and forest permitted Jallikattu under certain condition

14 January 2016 —- SC rejected MOEF order and stayed ban

January 2017—- protest against ban a Jallikattu was held in Chennai and several part of tamilnadu. Several were arrested during their protest.

21 January 2017—- governor of TN issued and ordinance in favor of Jallikattu.

23 january 2017—- TN assembly banned a bill in favor of Jallikattu demanding PM’s permission to exempt it from prevention of cruel to animal (1960) act.

24 January 2017— Animal welfare activist challenged it in SC .

18 May 2023—– SC validated Jallikattu.

JALLIKATTU—– it is a traditional sports event involving bull. It is practiced as part of PONGAL festival in Tamilnadu . The bull is released in crowd and the participants attempt to grab bull humps and attempt to bring the STOP. There are some cases in which participants died or injured. Animal welfare organization were telling that the sports is cruelty to animal and should be banned .

SC sets aside west Bengal’s ban on the Kerala story

SC on Thursday set aside the ban imposed by west Bengal govt on screening of “The Kerala Story” the court asked the producers to clarify in a disclaimer that the firm is a “fictionalized account of events” and no “authentic data” was present to back that 32000 women were concealed to Islam. SC directed Tamilnadu govt to provide adequate security measures for threats and cinema goers. “you are saying that the ban on the film is on the basis of 13 people—— you get any 13 people ,they will say ban any movie unless you are showing them cartoons” CJI DV chandrachaud told west Bengal govt. SC refused to immediately lift and interim stay by Patna high court on caste based survey in Bihar. SC Bench said that as the case is schedule for 3 July hearing date ,it should not intervene at this point of time. Earlier Patna had passed an order to Bihar Govt not continue with caste based survey. High court had said that such survey comes under central govt jurisdiction and state govt can not conduct it. Bihar govt had went to SC against this. Next hearing of case is 3July in Patna High Court.

Govt clears appointments; Mishra , Vishwanathan to be sworn as SC judges today. Prashant kumar Mishra, and V.K. vishwanath will be sworn today as judges of sumpreme court. Their names were cleared by new minister Arjun Ram Meghwal soon after holding office. India is planning to hold QUAD meet in Japan, says foreign secretory. Foreign secretory Vinay Mohan Kwartra said on Thursday that India was planning to hold QUAD like summit on the sidelines of G-7 in japan . on Friday PM Modi will depart for 3 nation visit. He will participate in G7 in Hiroshima ; he will go papua and new guinea from Japan where he will lead summit of the forum for india pacific Island co operation (FPIC). Then in last leg he will reach Australia and will have bilateral talks along with talk with business leaders in Australia

. Centre pushes vaccination as lumpy skin ravages cattle

Maharashtra, Uttrakhand ,Karnataka ,Sikkim combined has reported around 10000 new cases for lumpy skin disease .increased vaccination has been called by ministry of animal husbandry. It said that despite recent surge the disease is under control .center has also sent teams in Maharashtra, Uttrakhand and Karnataka to analyses the situation . centre has called for increases push for vaccination. Till now about 9 crore cattle have been vaccinated and recovery rate is 94%. Lumpy skin disease (LSD)—— it is caused by virus in cattle’s In 2022 about 97000 cattle died of it between july and September it is one of the main reason behind increased prices of milk and milk product.

Bring back Kohinoor from the UK parliamentary panel notes in its report Parliamentary Panel last Monday adopted a rep[ort “Heritage theft –the illegal trade in Indian antiquities and the challenges in retrieving and safeguarding our tangible culture heritage”. The panel urged Ministry of culture to “follow global pratia and make all efforts to ensure precious historical artifact’s are returned”. Cultural ministry officials said the committee that while the efforts were being made to bring stolen artifact. The issue with KOHINOOR is continue as it was gifted to British in 1849. In a affidavit in SC in 2016, cultural ministry said that diamond cannot be reclaimed as it was given as a gift. However in face of story public outrage it backtracked and said that it was hopeful with rgards to KOHINOOR return to INDIA. KOHINOOR—– it is one of the largest cut diamond in the world.Nadir shah in its 1740 invasion looted it. Later it was with maharaja Duleep Singh, who gave it to british in 1849. Kohinoor used to be in crown of Queen Elizabeth II. But recent coronation of king George and Camilla saw Kohinoor being replaced by some other gem. It is thought that it was done because of fear of public resetment

Rohingya refugees in India under arbitrary detention denied exit permission A report prepared by the Azadi project and other NGO’s. released a new report titled “a shadow of refugees: Rohingya refugees in India” The report has following main points.

  •  India is not allowing exit permission for rohingya refugee state with UNHCR and permitted by 3rd country for resettlement.
  •  The Rohingya in India are vilified as “illegal migrants” and live in constant fear of deporting back to Myanmar.
  •  The report recommends India to formally. recognize the Rohingya in India as “refugees with a right to asylum rather than a illegal migrants.

ROHINGYAS in india ———Rohingya originally belong to Rakhine state in Myanmar. Many of them fled to other country during 2017 genocide by Myanmar army. They are mostly Muslim, Bangladesh has highest 740000 rohiyanga refugees.

About 40000 Rohiyanga reside IN “India .they are mainly located in jammu,hydrabad,Nun and Delhi UNHCR has issued identity cards to rohiyangas refugees to protect them from arbiter deportation and arrest. However in India

UNHCR registration do not offer protection. United nation HIGH COMMISSIONER ON REFUGEES
(UNHCR)—it aids and protects refugees, statelet people and assist their voluntary repartition

Joint efforts needed to stop smuggling of artifacts says MODI

PM Modi while inaugurating the international Museum Expo in national capital, said that smuggling of artefacts should be stopped by joint efforts “ there should not be any such artwork in any museum of any country which has reached there is an unethical way” PM Modi said around 1200 measures use participants in various segment in the expo.

Srinagar G-20 meeti school closed politicians minorities put on alert.

G-20 tourism working group meeting will be held I Srinagar next week ahead of this security has been tightened up . teams of elite national securities (NSG) and MARCOS marine commandos has been developed in Srinagar .several school in the “vulnerable pockets” have been closed for next week. Members of minorities migrant workers and mainstream politicians has been put on high alert.

Modi to inaugurate mew parliament building on may 28.

The building is four stories and have coast around ₹970cr. It was constructed by TATA project LTD


Pak police besiege Imran Khan’s home as deadline expire.

Pakistan police had given a 24 hour to deadlines to Imran Khan to hand over suspect, wanted in violent protest. The deadline expired at 2PM on Thursday. Police suspect that would about 40 suspect who vandalized public property and Army’s property while Imran Khan arrested was hidden in Imran khan’s house. PTI,Mr. Khan’s party has invited reporters to be house to itness and police raids. Later,mr.khan addressed his supporter saying that the police can only search his house with search warrant not barge in creating chaos”

Papua New Guinea to sign securities pact with US:PM

Papua New Guinea will sign a securities pact with US that gives American troops access to the pacific nations ports and air ports it leaders said on Thursday. PM James Marape told that two agreement focusing on defense cooperation and maritime surveillance has been agreed upon for signing.

Two dead in sunken Chinese vessel; Indian navy deploys P-8I for search

Two crew of capsizes Chinese deep sea fishing vessel are confirmed dead Chinese ministry or transport said on Thursday . Indian navy has deloused its P-8I aircraft as search and rescue (SAR) operation are underwater despite bad weather. Navy’s and vessels belonging to India,Australia,China,Srilanka,Philipines have participated as SAR IN UNDERWAY. Chinese embassy has acknowledged help from India.chinese vishing venel LU PENG YUAN YU 028 had 17 chinese , 17 Indonasian and 5 Philipine nationals on it had sent distrened signals afte which SAR operation is underwater

Syria’s Assad arives Saudi Arabia for Arab league summit

Syria was reentered in Arab league recently after its explosion in 2011. Israel deploys heavy police force ahead of testy Jerusalem march




The editorial talks about formation if govt. in Karnataka with question of who will be CM resolved , its time to focus on promises it head made.

About Karnataka new CM

M. siddharamiah will be the CM of Karnataka.he was at this position 5 years back.DK shiv kumar who is Karnataka congress chief was also a valid contender for CM post but will be Deputy CM now. He will hold Karnataka congress chief post as well.Holding two post is not common in congress but for DK Shiv kumar it has been agreed. The choosing of CM show a big role of Mallikarjun kharge in congress.

Way ahead

Karnataka govt should look into implement welfare measures. Also congress should work with Karnataka model ahead.



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