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ð  NITI Aayog report says 13.5 crore people lifted out of
multidimensional poverty.

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to recently released NITI Aayog report called “National multidimensional
poverty Index : A progress review, 2023” on Monday about 13.5 crore people cam
out of multidimensional poverty during period between 2015-16 and

2019-21                NFHS-4


major points in NITI Aayog report

India registered a
decline in 9.89% in multidimensional poor from 24.85% in 2015-16 to 14.96% in

About 13.5 core
people came out of multidimensional poverty.

Rural areas witnessed
fastest decline in poverty from 32.59% to 19.28% due to decrease in
multidimensionally poor in Bihar in Bihar, UP, MO, Odisha and Rajasthan.

Bihar, Jharkhand,
Meghalaya, UP, and MP top the chart in multidimensional poverty.

Delhi, kerala, Goa,
and Tamil Nandu have least number of multidimensional poor.


poverty in urban areas has seen decrease from 8.65% to 5.27% during same
period. “Uttar Pradesh registered largest
decline in number of
poor with 3.43 crore people escaping multidimensional poverty.

poverty index measurement (MPI)

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India follows UNSDG
(UN-sustainable Development Goal-2030) in reducing poverty and simile social
welfare programme.

ð  Delhi dispute : SC may send case to constitution Bench.

supreme court on Monday said that it may refer Delhi government’s petition over
centre’s ordinance to a constitution bench. The 3 Judge bench observed that the
major point is whether the ordinance amounts to constitutional amendment by any
other route.

– General Tushar Mehta however said that court should wait till the ordinance
is put in parliament this monsoon session. He further said that parliament has
overriding powers to make laws even on subjects regarding which the legislative
assembly of Delhi would be competent to enact laws centre further said that
post 11 may SC order, to give authority on pasting to Delhi Govt it had started
a “Rampage” and a “Witch-Hunt” was started against officers. Important
documents were being destroyed from several ministries.

ð  Name for opposition alliance, a common secretariat likely today.

party meet is going on in Bengaluru. Leaders from 26 political parties
participated in this. The parties include congress, DMK, NCP, Shiv Sena (UBT),
MDMK, RJD, JD(U), SP, TMC, PDP, IUML, CPI, CPICM, National conference JMM etc.

party meeting held last month 15 political parties had participated today the
name of opposition alliance, a common secretariat will be announced. Several
committees will be formed to draft comman minm programme.

ð  38 parties to join NDA meet today, Nadda says opposition gathering
“selfish and hollow”

get together in Delhi on Tuesday will bring 38 parties.

major political parties that are going to participate in this is Lok Jan Shakti
(Chirg), AIADMk, etc.

president called opposition meet “hollow, based on selfishness’ with neither a
leader nor good intentions”

ð  U.S. hands over 105 antiquities to India following agreement.

 The US on Monday
handed over 105 trafficked antiquities to India. The repatriation ceremony was
held at the Indian consulate in New York and the antiquities would
  soon be transported to India.

PM modi’s state visit last month India and U.S had agreed to work for a
cultural property agreement that would help prevent illegal trafficking of
cultural artefacts, in future the restitution of the artefact is a part of the

ð  Differences emerge on KUKI seeks separation from after a statement
by kuki Inpi Manipur  (KIM), the apex
Kuki body specifically seeking a separate state under Article 3. The Indigenous
Tribal leaders form (ITLF) too decided to specify “separate state demand” or
“union territory demand” many other Kuki Zomi group also are coming to a
consensus towards separate state demand in their meetings sources from this
group has said that a consensus on separate state demand would soon be

ð  SC asks Manipur govt to approach HC against Internet restoration.

court on Monday told Manipur Govt. to approach state High court to reconsider
its decision to restore Limited internet service.

Manipur HC had ordered to lift internet ban and provide internet with restriction
live ensuring “static IP, banning of W, -Fi/ Hot, blocking of social media,
websites and VPNs at the local level, removal of VPN software from the system
and prohibiting installation of new software by any user and enforcing physical
monitoring by concerned authority/officials”

is highly concerned about misusing internet, or misuse of social media which
may create further violence in state. “Any rumour may ignite the situation”. SG
Tushan Mehta said in SC asking fo complete internet band




ð  Russia ‘exist’ Un- brokered deal to export Ukrainian grain Via Black

kremlin on Monday said that it was existing a major allowing Ukrainian grain
exports hours after drones struck Rusia’s only 
briage connecting its mainland to crimea Pensisula.

Russia pulling out of Grain deal

Pulled out of an agreement that allowed Ukraine to export its gain by black sea
despite wartime blocked.

deal was brokered last year by Tuskeg and Un. The deal was thought to be
crucial for global food supply chain. As Ukraine is one of the major exporter
of wheat.

KERCH bridge blast

Kerch bridge connects
Russia mainland and crimeg. The Bridge was hit by drone.

 Russia authorities
said that a civilion couple died president Putin has called for tough action
against terrorist act

terrorist attack was committed on bridge last night” of course there will be
response from Russia. The defence ministry is preparing relevant proposals” Mr.
Putin said in a televised remark.

bridge was supposed to be used by Russian military, however putin told that
Russian military was not using the bridge “for a long time” last year Ukrainian
attacks had damaged the bridge heavily.


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ð  Netanyahu presses ahead with plan to overhaul courts ahead of
expected protests

coalition govt on Monday pushed for a countries plan to overhaul the country’s
Judiciary, despite growing opposition from within the country’s military and a
wave of man protest expected this weak.

the Bill

will limit Judicial oversight on some govt decisions, and legislation. It has
drawn criticism from country military reservists in elite units, including the
Air force and cyber worfare force. Many of these have warned to boycott govt services
and told that they will not loon for duty.

Netanyahu however told “In a dem democracy military is subordinate to the
elected govt and note the other way round. In subordination is country to
democracy and country to the law”

ð  Sunak increases regulation of under performing universities

Sunak on Mondau yowed to “Crack down” o “Rip off” dcgress. Regulating the
ability of poorly performing universities to admit students.

new plan, UK’s  education regulator will
be able to limit the number of students in those universities which fail to
reach certain earning bench mark for their graduates.

ð  Second Alzheimer’s drug shows promise




Eli Lilly & co
has made a drug named ‘donanemab’ which is seeking FDA approval. The drug when
released would convincingly slow Alzheimer’s disease.

other drug for Alzheimer is “Lequembi” from Japanese drug maker Elsai.

Alzheimer’s brain starts deteriorecting patient start forgetting every thing.

in old age.






are both risks and benefits in the rupee-dirhan settlement system

the editorial

and UAE central bank has signed a MoU on July 15, to do further trade through
Rupee-Dirhan transaction. The editorial talks about it.

ð  About the agreement

and central bank of UAE has agreed upon a France work for enabling the use of
two countries, thus reducing dependence on dollar, or euro for trade.

per MoU signed all current account payments, including those involving exports
and imports and certain “Permitted” capital account transarctic could be
settled wither using Rupee on the Oirham. The two central bank will put in
place a local currency settlement system and later interlink their payment

of uring Rupee-Dirhan settlement

will be successful only when more businesses adopt it. India’s trade with UAE
has increased whopping 15% from 2022 after signing of comprehensive economic
partnership Agreement  (CEPA). Currently
India buys more from UAE, then UAE does from India. It means that UAE will have
surplus Rupee in their account, which they can use only in ministry in India, A
risk for UAE.






ð  Alcoraz seems to have ushered in a new era in men’s terries

the editorial is all about?

ð  The editorial  is regarding

editorial is about recent wins in Wimbledon by carlos ALcaraz in men’s singles
and marketa vorscova in women’s singles.

ð  Wimbledon’s men’s


Carlos Alcoraz, 20 year old Spaniard defeated 23 time grand slam champion NOVAK DJOKOVIC the final was a thriller that went five sets and lasted five hours. Alcoraz, current world no.1 and US open champion is only multi grand slam champion to defeat DJOKOVIC. ALcoraz shows filling of void created by absence of such as Roger Federer, and Rafael Noda

Wimbledon Women’s

Marketa Voscuova (Greckosolovahia) defeated the favourite Olis jabeur

(Tunisia). Vosscova became the only unseeded player in open era (since 1968) to win Wimbledon.

Vorscona ranking was 42 and Jabeur ranking was 6 in Wimbledon. 24 year old vorscova showed her teracity and defeated jabeur.

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