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Chandrayaan propulsion , lander Module separates

After 34 days on board Chandrayaan 3  aircraft , the propulsion module separates from lander Module .

Propulsion module –Propulsion Module used to supply power to move , after GSLV ceased  .

Lander Module – consists of lander Vikram , and rover Pragyaan . The lander will attempt its soft landing on moon on 23 august .Once lander lands on moon surface , rover will come out of lander and will do  insitu chemical experiments on moon surface . The lander Module currently is in last orbit of moon , means at 100 km ankive the surface of moon .

ISRO will become fourth country to land on moon . And first to land on South pole of moon


Separation of lander and propulsoon modue


No more bulk SIM cards govt . steps in to curb fraud .

To reduce cyber frauds performed through fraudently acquired SIM cards , The department of Telecommunication ( DoT) will now mandate registration and ” indisputable verification ” of SIM dealers , it was announced on Thursday by IT minister Ashwani Vaishnav .

Recent efforts to curb fraudelant connections have led to blacklisting of 67,000 SIM dealers , 52 lakh connections , and register of over 300 FIRs .

” The data and evidence ….. showed us that there is a complicity of dealers in cyberfrauds , where attackers buy ( mobiles ) numbers in bulk , use them to call and defraud people , and quickly move to another number , SIM dealers who are found complicit with these acts will be fined ₹10 lakhs .” he said

New System

The facility to provide SIM connection is being discontinued and instead a ” business ” model  is being put in place where they have to undertake Know Your Customer ( KYC,), when SIM is being issued .

A transition period will be provided to bulk users . Government , Defence and Law Enforcement bulk subscribers will continue to be exempted of it .



Now drones to monitor , quality of assets produced at MGNREGS worksites

Increasing its surveillance at worksite under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme ( MGNREGS ) , the Rural development ministry will be pressing for drones into service to monitor both the progress and quality of work .

According to the Standards of Procedures released by th Ministry , the dorned will be used for four types of monitoring ; surveyin the ongoing work ; inspecting the completed work , impact assessment and special inspection in case of complaints .

” There are several cases of corruption in MNREGA work where machine being used in palce of workers , many receive wages without doing work , or work beyond the approved list being undertaken , and so on . Drones will be helpful in such. Assam for real time monitoring and for garnerig. evidence , ” a senior ministry official said .

Drones will be used by Ombudsman within every district , ombudsman is responsible for complaints and its disposal .

Ombudsman will use the facility of drone virtually .A centralized dashboard to store the videos and photos collected from the drones for data analysis and reporting will also be created .


CJI asks if petitioner want SC to assess govt ‘wisdom’ in repealing Article 370 .

SC on Wednesday hearing the petition. on abrogation  of article 370 told that it will only examine  whether abrigation is constitutionally valid or not , it will not examine govt intention behind this .

Speaking. for petitioners Advocate Dushayant dave told that after dissolution of Constituent assembly of Jammu and Kashmir in 1957 , govt power to abrogate 370 ceased .

CJI told that even after 1957 , how successive constitution orders were passed even after fabolition of Constitient Assembly .

Article 370 that gave special status to J&K was abolished by parliament in 2019 . Article 370 told that any change in article itself should be done by president only after consulting Constituent Assembly of J&K . Constituent Assembly of J&K  was dissolved in 1957. So petitioners are telling that abrogation was invalid .


Bilkis Bano case : SC asks why remission policy is ‘selective ‘.

SC on thursday asked Gujrat govt why the policy to release prisoners were applied “selectively ” . ” Why is the policy of remission applied selectively ? Opportunity to reform and reintegrate must be given to every prisoner not only to few prisoners ,” Justice Nagaratha queried .

Bilkis Bano case – 11 prisoner who were convincted in raping Bilkis Bano and murdering her family members were realised following change in govt laws . The PIL about this was filed by CPI leader Subhashini Ali and Mahia Moitra of TMC .


President Murmu launches Warships Vindhyagiri

President Draupadi Murmu launched Vindhayagiri , the last in the series of three project 17A( alpha ) frigates built by the Indian Navy at the Kolkata based Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineering (GRSE) .President described a move towards achieving Atmanirbhar Bharat .


With huge allocation , tech , will transform judiciary , says CJI

Chief Justtice of India  reacting to Advocate Dushayant Dave that Lower courts needed a technological boost said that huge fund allocated for 3 rd phase of e court project under budget will transform judiciary .In budhet around ₹7000 crore has been allocated .


Who Chief asks nations to unlock power of traditional medicine

 Speaking at WHO’s first global summit at traditional medicine as part of G20 health ministers meet WHO director general Tedros Gherebeyanes urged countries to work towards unlocking traditional medicine and provide evidence and action based suggestion that could be interpreted into global strategy .

WHO global center for traditional medicine is headquartered in Jamnagar , Gujrat .

Health minister Manshulh Mandviya also participated in this He launched , advantage healthcare India Portal .


Flood forecast app launched by water Commission

The Central water Commission launched an app called ‘ Floodwatch ‘ , which can forecast the chances of floods a day in advance . It also provides seven day advisory on floods at various locations .



129 arrested in Pak after mob attacks churches Christians

The police man in eastern Pakistan arrestted 129 Muslims overnight after a Muslim mob attacked churches and homes of Christian minority over descretion of Koran .

One Church was burnt while three vandalized and 3 vandalized while at least two dozen homes torched or badly damaged in jaranwala city  of Pakistan’s Faisalabad district .

Military had to be called to control law and order situation in city .



China assures support for Sri Lanka’s debt relief ahead of crucial IMF review

Srilankan Prime minister Dinesh gunawardena is currently in Kumming , China where he is chief guest at China South Asia exhibition .

in Southern Yunnan Province . Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday “vowed  that China will help Srilanka effectively address chasllege of financial debt ” according to a statement from Statement by Srilankan Prime Minister’s office .

Earlier China has refused to be a part of 17 creditor countries  formed in May this year to negotiate Srilanka foreign debt .


Xi calls for patience as Economy struggles

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has called for patience in a speech released regarding economic recovery . In his speech he has said that western countries are ” increasingly in trouble ” because of materialism and “spiritual poverty ” .

Data released on Tuesday had showed getting slump in factory and consumer businesses .



Civilian vessel from Ukraine nears Turkey

A civilian Cargo vessel sailing from Ukraine reached coast of Bulgaria in Thursday , the ship was sailing in defiance of Russian blockade . The ships  destination is Turkey .

Earlier weekend Russia had attacked another ship .


Ports in black sea




Libyan Militia leader freed after deadly clashes that killed 55 .

A Libya. Militia leader whose detention had  sparked violence has been released .


Ten including motorist s , killed in plane clash on Street in Malaysia

Iranian filmmaker faces prison for screening film without permission


Fighting stereotype

Court guidelines on gender typecasting can be a catalyst for change

About the editorial :

Recently SC issues a  Handbook on Combating Gender stereotypes that claims to fight inequalities laying down dos and don’ts for judicial decisions Making and writting .The book helps judges to identify ”  incorrect ideas” especially about  women and gives them alternate correct world to use . The editorial talks about those words .


Incorrect words used by Judges and it’s alternates

Affair – a relationship outside marriage .

Adulteress – A woman who has engaged in relationship outside marriage

Many word which are incorrect or derogatory or give wrong idea has been dropped ” chaste ” woman , ” dutiful ” wife , ” housewife ” ; has been repaleced by plain ” woman ” , ” wife ” and ” homemaker ” .Words like ” effiminate ” and ” faggot ” has been dropped .

The other thing court has removed is like woman who doesn’t wear traditional clothes and smoke , drink are asking for trouble .

It is wrong the court adds to assume women are ” overly emotional , illogical , and cannot take decisions .” It is also stereotypical presumption that all women want children.Other is that woman has to do household chores .



Noble Intentions

Artisan s need a ready market for their products , not just affordable credit

About the editorial

The editorial talks about PM Vishwakrama mission the editorial talks what additional efforts need to make , what are some drawbacks that artisans can face .

About PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Under this govt has allocated ₹13000 crore for five years . Artisans and craftsmann in 18 categories can avail lowns upto ₹3 lakh in two tranche at very low interest rate . Also training will be provided to improve the skill  and technology under their categories .The scheme will help about 30 lakh artisans and Craftsman in five years . The artisan include barber , blacksmith , Mason , carpenter , toy maker ,

Challenges before PM Visbwakarma


The editorial talks about deeper challenge that is the cause of misery of these traditional artisans .Lack of demand for their products which has led to their poor conditions one reason . Govt need to address this challenge govt needs to address this challenge only then PM Vishwakarma will be a success .

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