Summary of The Hindu 17th OCTOBER 2023 Current Affairs

SC refers electoral bonds case to 5 judge constitution Bench

SC on Monday sent the electoral bond case to a five judge constitutional bench . The next hearing will be on 31 St October over the bench . The case has been pending for over eight years . CJI told ” we are here to decide the case ” . Showing that court is taking the case seriously . And a decison on this will be made soon.

The petitioner has following points

     In electoral bond the name of buyers of bond are kept anonymous and it should be made public .

     Electoral bond has opened gates of huge funding to political parties and this

political corrupting will increase .

     95% of electoral bond sold has been in favour of one political party .

The electoral bond was passed as a money bill in 2017 .Buyers of bond’s name has been exemted from disclosure .

HC acquits accused in Nithari killing cites shoddy probe

Allahabad High Court on Monday acquitted the two accused of Nithari village in Noida village in Noida 2006 , citing shoddy probe by investigating agencies .

A bench of two judges acquitted Surinder Koli and Moninder Singh Pandher . Surinder Koli was acquitted in 12 cases while , Pandher was acquitted in 2 cases .

The court  expressed disappointment  at the investigation particularly into the disappearance of first victim .It said that the case was mainly based on  confession of the two accused . ” The casual and perfunctory manner in which arrest , recovery and confessions has been dealt with is most disheartening to say the least ” . It said that investigating agencies failed to probe the angle of organ trade , despite being recommended by a committee .

Investigation in this case is betrayal of our bloc trust by respective agencies .

In 2006 , village of Nithari near Noida became infamous when several children’s were going nd missing . police caught Surinder Koli who confessed  of this .

SC declines to end 26 week pregnancy

A three judge bench on Monday declimed the demand of a pregnant woman for 26 weeks  to terminate her pregnancy . CJI D Y Chandrachud said that the woman cannot claim ” absolute overriding right ” to abort , especially when her multiple reports from AIIMS had said that pregnancy was not a cause of immediate danger to her life or that of foetus .

Petitioner had argued that she  was physically , mentally and economically unable to deliver or raise a baby . She is in depression after birth of second child .


Gaza hospital reach breaking point as Israel ground invasion looms

Palestinian in besieged Gaza has taken shelter in Schools and hospitals , the food water is running low . More than one million Palestinians have fled their home to southern Gaza .

All eyes currently is on Rafah border between Gaza and Egypt , where trucks carrying essential items have been waiting for days .

Fatah border was closed following air strikes by Israel .

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian sheltering Gaza are living on less than one litre water supply per day . Hospitals are running down with essential medicines , fuel suppllyband ventilators .

The Gaza health ministry said that till now 2750 Palestinians have been killed and about 9500 wouded thus far .

Israeli airstrike have pulverised the entire neighborhood . Street by streer fighting which is expected when Israel will carry it’s ground invasion wlis expected to cause more casualties .


Fatah is a Gaza City at border with Egypt

Muslim boy killed in Illinois hate crime motivated by hate crime

Youngest ever president elected in Ecuador vows to ‘ restore peace ‘

Daniel Noboba  has won election held in equador with 52 % votes in his favour . He will be equadors next President . Mr. no iba vowed that ” tomorrow we work to rebuild a country that has been hit by violence , corruption and hatred . ” Ecuador has seen gang violence as it falls between cocaine hub of Mexico , Peru and Columbia .

In August Presidential Candidate Fernando in Villacencio was mowed down in barrage of sub machine gun fire by Gangsters .

Poland’s pro EU opposition tipped to win parliament polls

Court orders partial gag order against Trump in poll case

A  federal judge on Monday barred Donald Trump from targetting US prosecutors , court staff and potential witnesses .involving in a criminal case .accussig hin trying to overturn 2020 election loss .The order bars , Mr Trump from targetting special councel Jack Smith , prosecutors  and court staff.

Israel military confirms 199 hostages abducted by Hamas

Israeli military has raised the figures of those abducted by Hamas from Israel and taken to Gaza strip . Military has raised figures from 155 earlier to 199 ..

Arab league chief demands an end to Gaza military operations

The Arab League chief demanded an end to military operations in Gaza strip , and said the siege of enclave is ” depriving the Palestinians of their human rights ” We demand the opening of safe corridors ” said Arab league chief .

Blinken seeks common front in Israel after tour to Arab nation

US Secretary of state Antony Blinken returned from the tour of 6 Arab nations hoping to build a consensus  .

Cricket gets shot in the arm as IOC approves it for 2028 LA Olympics

At  141 st Olympics committee meeting , cricket has been included for Olympics 2028 in Los Angeles ( LA ) .

Cricket got unanimous vote among 101 members .

The other sports that has been inclded are Squash , Baseball Softball , Lacrosse and Flag football .

Cricket will be six team affair with , with IOC or ICC yet to decide on a qualifier format .

Both men and women cricket has been  included in T20 format .

Strong challenge

The Congress supplant the BJP as key competitor to the BRS in Telangana

The editorial about assembly elections to be held in Telangana . Before election in Karnaktaka , BJP was thought to be the main rival of Bharath Rashtra Samiti . Winning of Karnataka election with massive margin has filled Congress of renewed hope and confidence .

Both Congress and BRS has promised a slew of freebies and welfare schemes in their election promises .BJP on the other hand has realised corruption , family politics and developmental issues .

The editorial says that it seems that Congress can be the main rival of BRS in election .

In 2018 assembly elections out of total 119 seats BRS ( then TRS ) won 88 , Congress won 19 and AIMIM won 7 seats .

Delay as tactic

The center should avoid timelines to avoid friction with the collegium

The editorial is about  conflict between Center and Judiciary over appointment of Judges .

Recently Govt has assured Supreme Court that it would soon appoint Justice Siddharth Mridul and Chief Justice of Delhi High Court . Also transfer of Manipur High court judge Justice AS Murlidharan to Calcutta High court will also be considered soon .

Recently Justice Kaul has observed that center is not clearing about 70 names that has been cleared by collegium but is held by government .

Though according to collegium system center has to clear all the names recommended , it many times delays in clearing names .

Supreme court in April 2021 order had told govt to take 4 weeks maximum to clear the names and raise any objection .


The appointment of SC and HC judges is by Collegium system . 5 senior most supreme court judges forms the collegium , and a majority of 4-1 is required to pass the names of new judges to be appointed . After clearing the. Name by collegium it is sent for clearance to president .

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