Summary of The Hindu 17th MARCH 2024

7 phases poll fest to kick off on April 19

·         The Election Commission ( EC) on Saturday announced the poll schedule for the General election .

·         Elections in India will be held in seven phases from April 19 to June 1 .

·         Simultaneous assembly polls will be held in Andhra Pradesh ( A.P.)  , Sikkim , Odisha and Arunachal Pradesh Of the 96.8 crore electors eligible to cast votes , 1.82 crores are first timers .

·         The dates for polling for the Lok Sabha are on April 19 , April 26 , May 7 , May 13 , May 20 , May 25 and June 1.

·         In Bihar , UP and voting will take place in all seven states .

·         The counting of votes will take place on June 4

·         Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim will go for Assembly polls on April 19 ,while Andhra Pradesh will go for Assembly polls on May 13 .

·         Odisha’s assembly polls will be held in four phases with voting on May 13 ,May 20 ,May 25 and June 1 .

·         This will be the second longest polling exercise in India’s polling history .

·         This is the first time in a general election that people above the age 85 years as well as those with more than 40% disability will be able to vote from their own homes .

Model Code of Conduct ( MCC)  :  With the announcement of polling dates , Model Code of Conduct has come into force . CEC flagged the challenge of ‘ four Ms’  : Muscle Power , Money Power , Misinformation and MCC violations .


Standing on cusp of history – PM Modi said that  he was ready for the polls . He said that the contest was between NDA that ushered a  “ glorious turnaround “ and the opposition that was “ rudderless “ .


Set to take on and ‘  unseat ‘ BJP , says INDIA leaders

The parties in the Opposition bloc welcomed Lok Sabha poll dates and said they were ready to take on the BJP to unseat it from power .



On Elections in J&K –  CEC Rajiv Kumar said that Assembly Elections  in J&K will not be possible at this point of time due to security requirements .

But he indicated Assembly elections to be performed soon after the

Indian Navy warships rescues 17 crew members of hijacked merchant vessel  ;35 pirates surrendered

·         Indian Navy on March 14 rescued  vessel named Ruen from  pirates .

·         Maltese based vessel Ruen was was hijacked on December 14 and taken to Somalian waters , was turned into pirate vessel as was being used as a pirate ship .

·         The vessel was intercepted by Pirate ship INS Kolkata  about 2600 km from Indian Coast . Pirates were forced to surrender . Vessel has been sanitised and crew members rescued .

BRS leader Kavitha sent to ED custody in Electoral bond case

·         A Delhi Court remanded K Kavitha for 7 days of custody . K Kavitha   , daughter of Telangana Chief Minister K chandrashekhar Rao has been accessed to be involved in Excise scam case by ED .

Kerala moves SC for stay on citizenship act and it’s rules


Home Ministry bans several outfits in J&K under UAPA

·         Union Home Ministry of Jammu and Kashmir banned Jammu and Kashmir Freedom League ( JKFL ) , and Jammu and Kashmir People’s league ( JKPL )  associated with the seapratist conglomerate Hurriyat Conference under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act ( UAPA ).

·         The ministry said that these othanisations were involved in  incitong terror and abetting secessionism in Jammu and Kashmir .

Gulmarg vying to become global winter sports venue

·         Gulmarg in Kashmir is vying to become venue of International events  such as Asian Games this year . It is hoping to get certified by International ski snowboard Federation ( FIS ) to be the training ground of ski mountaineering

·         Ski Mountaineering will make its debut in Olympics in 2026 Italy .

·         Khelo India Winter Games is being organized in Gulamarg for last four times .

·         The major sports that can be perforemed in Gulanrg are Snowboarding , Alpine Skiing , Nordic Skiing and Ski Mountaineering .


Kyiv strikes rock Russia on second day of Presidential polls

·         As Russia is going polls , the attack by Ukriane has increased . Two persons died in Russia ‘s Belogorod .

·         Attack has prompted officilas to close , schools and shopping centers in Belogorod .

UN agency laments plight of children in Northern Gaza

·         One in three children under three years of age is of the modern Gaza is acutely malnourished and famine is looming , the main UN agency operating in the Palestinian enclave said on Saturday .

·         “ Children Malnutrition is approaching fast and reaching unprecedented levels in Gaza“,UNRWA ( UN Reliefs Work Agency for Palestinian Refugees  ) said.

·         Western countries have called Israel to do more to allow in aid , with the UN saying it faced “ overwhelming  obstacles “ , including cross closures , onerous vetting and restrictions and unrest inside Gaza .

Saudi crown prince affirms full support for crisis hit Pakistan

·         Saudi crown prince and defacto leader Mohammad Bin Salman on Saturday , assured newly elected Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif of full support  for Pakistan , which has been ongoing a tough economic phase .

·         Earlier Saudi Arabia has supported Pakistan in maintaining its FoRex Reserves .

·         Saudi Arabia rolled over  3 billion dollar in deposits at the state Bank of Pakistan .


With Agni V test , India makes the MIRV capability

·         On March 11, PM Narendra Modi announced on social media the successful flight test of Agni V ballistic missiles with Multiple Independent Target  Reentry Vehicle ( MIRV)technology  by DRDO ( Defense Research Development Organization ) , under “ Mission Divyastra “ . It placed India within small group of countries with this technology .

·         Currently US, Russia , China , France and UK has this technology .

·         With MIRV a missile can deploy multiple warheads  and hitting multiple targets independently .


Who will benefit from the new CAA rules

·         On March 11 , The ministry of Home Affairs in a notofied Citizenship amedment  Act ( CAA ) to get implemented .

·         According to the rules six existing communities Hindu, Sikh , Christian , Buddhist , Parsi and Jain from three courtied Pakistan , Afghanistan and Bagladesh   , who are reading in India will be given citizenship.

·         The process of application is online , however verification in citizens will be done by Intelligence Bureau ( IB ) . The applicant has to show at least one proof that clarifies that they were  citizens of either three countries in the past .

Implication of CAA in different states

·         Many Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan and Pakistan had their Visas and Passport expired and their application for citizenship pending for long . The population of such Hindus is around 80,000 .

·         In West Bengal , a section of Matua sect who had migrated from Bangladesh , celebrated the implementation of CAA . There are about 2.8 crore people but first they will have to show their proof of connection with Bangladesh .

·         In Assam too there are  about 19 lakh Hindus who had came from Bagladesh . Earlier while Preparing NRC of Assam 19 lakh Hindus were left out . These will be potential beneficiaries .

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