Summary of The Hindu 16th NOVEMBER 2023

39 killed as bus falls in deep gorge in J&k’s Doda

39 passengers were killed and 17 injured  when a bus rolled down in Chennai valley in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir .

The bus was traveling from. kishtwar to Jammu . A total of 56 people were traveling from Kishtwar to Jammu .

Modi launches scheme for most backward  of the scheduled tribes

PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched ₹24000 crore  PM – PVTG Development . He also launched PM Mission and Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra on govt scheme saturation on last mile in tribal district .

The PM also released 15 th installment of PM KISAN payout to farmers .

PM said ” today we are reaching 75 Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group ( PVTGs ) who have been deprived of even basic facilities so far .” “I don’t want to add numbers . I want to bring people together . ”

India sees 6.2 % rise in good exports in October

Tribal body in declares ‘self rule ‘ in a few districts of Manipur

The indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum ( ITLF ) , representing the Kuki Zomcommunity in Manipur  , has announced ” self rule ” in the district dominated by community members . The tribal community will have a separate chief minister  , and the government official who were forced out of Manipur capital  , Imphal , when ethnic violence erupted on 3 may , will be given responsibilities .

ITLF general secretary Muan Tombing told The Hindu .

” We do not care if the center does not recognise us . The Kuki Zo people in Tengnoupal , Kangkopki and Churachandpur districts will have self rule . We have no expectation from Meitei Manipur govt . ”

Home minister has held several talks with ITLF since may 3.

FATF team in India to hold on site review meeting

A Financial Action Task Force ( FATF ) is in India to evaluate if authorities have put in place and effectively implemented the required legal framework against snt money laundering and terror financing .

FATF will prepare a report from its findings , the report will be discussed during June 2024 plenary .

FATF has purpose to combat money laundering and terror financing  . FATF evaluates countries s according to Terror Financing and Money Laundering , it helps countries to formulate laws to curb Money Laundering and Black

FATF has 40 members . FATF has categories of blacklist and greylist .

Blacklist include countries who are

Proposed criminal code gives more immunity to defense personals

IMEC a win win situation for all states involved : Finance Minister

India Middle East Europe Economic Corridor ( IMEC ) is ” win win situation  ” for all states told FM Niramala Sithamraman

Gold drives trade deficit to a new high

India’s monthly goods trade deficit in October widened to all time high of 31.46 billion dollar .The increase was mainly caused by increased import of Gold , oil and electronics . Gold import almost doubled to push India’s October trade deficit .

Festive season is thought to be the reason behind increased import of Gold .


Hundreds trapped inside Gaza Hospital after Israeli raids

Israeli forces on Wednesday raided Gaza ‘s largest hospital Al Shifa . Israel says that the Hospital is a Hamas command post nestled under civilians . Hamas and Gaza health officials has however denied such charges by Israel .

The Israeli military said that it was carrying out a ” precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area in the hospital ” .

The health ministry said that 40 patients including 3 babies ,have died since Shifa’s emergency generator ran out of fuel on Sunday .

Another 36 patients are at risk of dying as there is no fuel in the incubators  ., according to the ministry . UN estimates says that there is around 2300 patient and staffs in the hospital initially .

The white house renewed it’s concerns for the safety of civilians shortly after the raid begun ” We  do not support striking a hospital from air and we don’t want to see firefighter in the hospital , where innocent people , sick People , trying to get medical care they deserve are caught in the crossfire . National Security Advisors spokesperson told .

UN humanitarian Chief and WHO in separate statements have criticized the attack .

So far number of dead in Gaza has crossed 11,300 .

Stop the horror ‘ UNICEF chief says on her visit to Gaza strip

Canadian PM Turdeau tells  Israel that ‘killing of babies ‘ must stop


Spain PM urges Israel to end  ‘indiscriminate killing ‘ in Gaza

UK’s top court rejects Sunak’s Rwanda deportation policy

UK’s Supreme Court on Wednesday told that under the proposed policy of UK govt in which the illegal asylum seekers has to be sent to Rwanda has loopholes . UK’s Supreme Court said that there is clear ground to believe that ‘refoulement ‘ could occur i.e. genuine refugees could could be returned to their countries of origin and unsafe circumstances .

‘Stop the boat ‘ is a major policy plan of UK government . Under this illegal asylum seekers will be sent to Rwanda , from where they can go where ever they want or stay in Rwanda . They can also apply for any other countries other that UK . UK govt has given. 140 million to Rwanda for this .

UK govt is looking India to put in safe list , means illegal migrants from India will not be deported to Rwanda .

China , US pledge to step up climate efforts ahead of major climate UN meeting

A joint announcement on the eve of meeting between US President Joe Biden and China”s President Xi Jinping in which the two countries have pledged to accelerate their efforts to address climate change .


China and US has pledged their to accelerate their assets to

‘Greenhouse gasses hit record high in 2022 ‘

Greenhouse gas concentration reached a record high in atmosphere in 2022 , with no end in sight of rising trend , the UN warned on Wednesday .

UN’s World Metrological Organisation said that three green house gasses Nitrous oxide ,methane and Carbon Dioxide – all broke records last year .

France issues arrest warrant for Syrian President


France has issued international arrest warrants for Syrian President Bashar Al Ashad and , his brother and two army generals for their alleged involvement in a war crime and crimes against humanity , including 2013 chemical attack on rebel held Damascus 

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