Summary of The Hindu 15th FEBRUARY 2024

Center calls for talks , farmers want better offer

·         Center has invited farmers for another meeting .  As protesting farmers continue to clamp at different location in Punjab and Harayana .

·         Farmers have asserted that meeting will be fruitful only if government has something ‘ positive ‘ to offer .

·         Farmers have a long list of demands including legal guarantee on Minimum Support Price ( MSP ) .

·         On Tuesday , scores of farmers from different parts of Punjab started their “ tractor trolley “ March to seize Delhi , as they came near Shambhu border of Haryana police barricading forced them to stay at the border .

Centre uses British era law to block internet

·         Home ministry used the Temporary Suspension of Telecom Services ( Public Emergency or Public safety ) Rules ,2017 and Indian Telegraph Act ,1885 to suspend internet services at 20 police stations in Punjab .

·         This is the first time that the central government has issued such orders to block the internet outside the national capital .

·         During CAA protest in Delhi Center had suspended internet using same power .

·         CPI ( M ) ,CPI  , Congress are all supporting farmers demand , and has called for support to farmers movement.

PM inaugurates Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu at ne temple

·         PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday inaugurated first stone temple in UAE in Abu Dhabi .

·         The temple is built by  Bachosanwansi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha ( BAPS ) at the cost of ₹700 crore in 27 acre site .

·         Speaking at this occassion  PM Modi said “ I hope that the BAPS temple will become a symbol of communal harmony and global unity for the whole world “ .

Congress old timers , loyalist to return to Parliament via Rajya Sabha route

·         Congress released a list of 10 candidates that will be brought to Rajya Sabha from various states .

·         Former Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi filed her nomination from Rajsthan , this will be her first stint to Rajya Sabha after being a member from Lok Sabha several times .

·         Ajay Maken , G . C. Chandrahsekhar , Sayeed Nasir Hussain , Renuka Chaudhary , Ashok Singh are among those who   are in the Congress’s list .

Govt plans mega summit to woo global investors

·         The government is planning to conduct a mega Global Investment Conference this year, that hopes to bring back who’s who of global investment world .

·         The event can be organized in Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi later this year .

·         This will be the first time govt will be formally inviting global investors on such a large scale .

·         “This could be India’s own Davos “ said a senior offical .

·         Davos is famous for organizing World Economic Forum ( WEF ) every year .

BJP got 90% of all corporate donations in 2022- 23 : report

·         The Bhatiya Janta Party received nearly 90 % of all corporate donations worth ₹680 .49 crore , that five national parties together got  says a report by Association of Democratic Reform ( ADR ) .

·         The report focusses on donation received above ₹20,000 .

·         The BJP received ₹719.85 crore , Congress received ₹ 79.92 crore .

·         There is 12.09 % rise in donation from previous Financial year .

TamilNadu passes resolution against delimitation ,’ One Nation, One Election ‘


Former Indonesian General Subianto claimed poll victory

·         Preliminary polling results of Indonesian election is out . Former defense minister Subianto emerged victorious in the results .

·         Mr Subianto got 57 % of all votes .

·         Official results will come on next month .

·         Mr. subianto in his address said “ This victory should be the victory of all Indonesians “ .

Israel forces say it has  ‘ begun series ‘ of airstrikes in Lebanon

·         The Israeli military said on Wednesday it’s fighter jets “ began a series of strikes in Lebanon “ , raising fears of war between the two countries .

·         The attack came after seven persons were wounded in a Hezbollah attack in the town Safed on the Israeli side .

·         Fighter jets struck a series of “ Hezbollah targets “ in the areas of Jabalia El Brain , Houneh , Dunin , Adchit and Sawwaneh , the military said .

·         Israel and Hezbollah have been fighting at the border since the Israeli operation started in Gaza , but the fighting has not been intense .

·         Fears have grown of a full blown conflict between Israel and Hezbollah .

Turkey’s Erdogan visits Egypt as ties are back in full swing

·         Turkey’s President Erdogan held talks in Cairo with Egyptian President Abdel Fateh El Sisi.

·         This brings ties between Ankara and Cairo back on track .

·         Egypt and Turkey has had frosty relationship in recent past . Turkey has long been backer of Pan Islamist Muslim brotherhood group which has been outlawed as a terrorist organisation .

Maldives deport 186 foreigners , including 43 on criminal charges

·         Maldives has deported 186 foreigners , including 43 Indians , 83 Bangladeshis , 25 Srilankans and 8 Nepalis .

·         They have been accessed of committing crimes such as VISA violatons and drug offences according to media report .

·         The news of deportation has been reported by Adhandhu news  Channel of Maldives .

PML -N allies are mulling a 25 member cabinet in Pakistan

·         Discussion is underway in Pakistan  on composition of new government . It is expected that Shahbaz Sharif will be Prime Minister . There will be 25 minister initially   with 15 from Pakistan Muslim League  – Nawaz ( PML – N ) and 10 from other parties  .

Ukriane says it’s forces destroyed Russia. warship in Black sea

·         Ukriane on Wednesday said that it “ destroyed “ another Russian warship named “ Caesar Kunikiov “  of the coast of Crimean Peninsula .

North Korea fires multiple cruise missiles as part of weapons trial

·         North Korea fired multiple cruise missiles on Wednesday.  ,North Korea announced it had tested a new control system for a multiple rocket launcher , these it said will have an increased “ battlefield “ role.

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