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THE HINDU 15-5-2023


 ð  Centre announces Praveen Sood as new CBI Director.

As current CBI chief Subodh kumar Jaiswal’s tenure is coming to and end on May 25. Dopt (Department of Personel and Trainning) has confirmed Praveen sood as new CBI director. He will be at the helth of CBI during 2024 General elections.

Sood by was chosen      PM Narendra Modi

CJI Dy. Chandrachud

Leader of opposition (congress) Adhir Ranga choudhary

ð  With 6.9% year-on-year growth goods exports rise 451 billion in 2022-23.

India’s goods exports has been revised petroleum shipment is the main driver for the high revision of export data.

Goods                                                New

Earlier exports 2022-23                              Revised

447.46 billion dollar.                         451 billion earlier

Goods import, 2022-23                              Now

714.04 billion                                    714.24 billion

The import data remained almost unchanged the change is export data is because of change in March 2023 export data.

March 2023 goods exports earlier   March 2023 Goods exports revised

38.38 billion                                               41.9 billion

ð  IMD issues fourth heat wave alert for the KONKAN region.

Indian Meteorological department (IMD) has declared heatwave in various regions of Maharashtra including Mumbai, Palghar, Thane, Konkan, Central Maharashtra and vidarbha.

This is 4th heatwave alert for konkan and first in May, the IMD said.

On May 12, several areas of Maharashtra recorded temperature above 93oC. Summer is expected to be brutal this year.

“Along with heat wave warnings, there is a need to issue clear directives to citizens at city and district to avoid going out in afternoon hours particularly for senior citizens and children and take other basic pre cautiongry measures. Madhavan Nair Rajeena, Farmer secretory ministry of earth sciences told.

ð  Go First pilot vexed over DGCA’S rule on one year notice period.

DGCA rules tells that Pilots need to give one year prior notice before leaving the Airline. Similarly, officers need to give six months prior notice before leaving the airline.

Failing these it will be considered “act against public interest” because of likely “cancellation of flights and harassments to passengers” but pilots say that rule is biased in favour of airlines, and that the DGCA has no locar standing to interfere in an employee-employer relation.

Bankrupt Go Air pilots and staff are unable to leave the airline, despite delay in payments and high demand in other airlines such as Air India.

Last week, NCLT had accepted insolvency plea for Go Air It has released an interim moratorium under which lessors, yendors, airports and regulators were barred from taking any extreme step against the airline.

ð  Amid crisis, Manipur CM, four cabinet colleagues, state BJP Chief rugh to Delhi.

Manipur CM Biren kumar, State BJP chief Sharda kumara and four cabinet colleagus reached Delhi on snday they are expected to meet PM Modi and home Minister Amit Shah.

Earlier 10 MLAs from Kuki-Mizo-Zomi-Chin group had demanded separate administration of tribal population (Kuki-Zomi-Mizo). 7 of there MLAs belong to BJP.

Out of 60 seats BJP has 32 seats in Manipur. If 7 MLAs shift from BJP it can lead to fall of BJP government.

ð  Bail orders should not be too long or come too late as both violete personal liberty: SC

SC has held that orders of courts is bail cases should neither be too long and elaborate nor come too late as both violate the constitutional mandate of Personal liberty.

The court also sai8d that once a case for bail is reserved for order the pronouncement of the devision should not take too long. Every day of waiting is dent on personal liberty of an condertrial.

SC also said that Judges should not deliberate into extensive deliberations on the merits of case or evidence involved. Such “long” debates at the stage of bail may prejudice the case itself for accused.

ð  New CLP asks kharge to pick next Karnataka CM.

The Karnataka congress legislature party )CLP) meeting on Sunday, was preceded by intense lobbying, it based a one line authorizing the president of the All India congress committee, Mallikarjun kharge, to choose the new CM of the state.

CM Siddarmaiah and congress chief D.V. Shiv kumar both are in the race of becoming the CM.

ð  10 die after consuming spurious liquor in  Tamil nadu.

ð  9 arrested for lynching Bihar worker in Kerala.

The incident occurred at kizhi ssery, near kondotty, in kerala on Saturday. The Bihar labourer was suspected as theif and bitten to death.


ð  Erdogan takes early lead in Turkey’s Knife-edge vote

Turkish president recep Tayyip erdogan took an early lead on Sunday in a landmark election that could extend his two-decade grip on power or put the mostly muslim nation on a more sector course.

State opwned Andoan news Agency showed Mr. ergodan gaining 51% of vote and his secular rival Kemal killicdarglu trailing with 43%

                             1st round     60%   Seats

AK party                                            republican People’s party

(Justice and Development Party)       (Secular party)

Erdogan                                            Kemal Killic darglun

Leading – 51% vote                            43% vote

2nd round of voting will happen on May 28. 40% of ballot will be in race in 2nd round.

Erdogan is in power for over 20 years and he is said to be maker of Turkey.

Turkey is a NATO member and one of the most important country’s for of the most important country’s for Europe and Middle east both Russia.

  ð  IMRAN SLAMS PAK ARMY, says if should be ashamed for jumping into politics

Imran khan in his first address after Islamabad High court set him free came heavily on Army. He said army should be ashamed for jumping into politics.

“I kept Pakistan’s flag high world over. Never has ISPR made such a statement. You should be ashamed of yourself you have jumped into politics why don’t you form a political party”.

Earlier Director-General-Inter services public relations (DG-ISPR) major General Ahmad Sharif Chaudhary had called him “hypocrite” ISPR → It is media and PR wing at Pakistan’s armed forces. in a strong statement he said” “Listen to me. Mr. DGISPR ……. You were even born when I was representing my country in the world. You need to be ashamed of yourself for calling me a hypocrite and anti-army”.

ð  Ceasefire between Israel and militant’s in Cuoza appears to held after days of fighting.

A fragile ceasefire Israeli forces and militants in the Gaza strip  appeared to be holding on Sunday after a five-day dash that killed

33 palestinious and two people in Israel. On Saturday Egypt brokered the ceasefire.

The latest round of attack started on Tuesday after Israeli Jets killed 3 top commanders from Islamic Jihad Millitant group.

 Gaza strip-is Palestinian controlled, with population of around 20 lakh.

West Bank has population → 30 lakh

ð  Three killed, roofs form off as cyclone MOCHA makes land fall in Myanmar.

Cyclone Hocha made its landfall on Sunday afternoon near sittwe in Myanmar. Many from low lying area had been shifted to Monasteries, Pagodas, Schools and other high areas.

The storm Damaged houses, electrical transformers, cell phone towers, boat and lampoasts in sittwe.

SITTIWE town has 3 lakh population about 4,000 have been shifted to other cities while about 20,000 are sheltering in different buildings such as monasteries, pagadas, and schools

ð  Russia says two military commanders killed in a battle.

Russia defence ministry told that two of its commanders were killed while fighting near Bakh mut.




The congress can learn more from the BJP,s loss than from its win.

ð  What the editorial is all about?

The editorial talks about karnatka election result. It tells that BJP lost because of lack of co ordination and raising divisive issue.

It tells congress to strengthen further.

ð  About recent Karnatka election results:-

Total seats – 224

Congress     BJP             JD(S)          Others

135             66               19                 4

The editorial tells that BJP could not look into the issue of unemployment, and regional issues such as promotion of Nandini Milk. BJP also become dependent on religious issues.

ð  What congress need to be doing ahead?

The congress needs to move beyond the tired rhetoric of the old order and frame a new paradigun that is inclusive towards the regional, religious, class and caste diversities of the country. It has made an experimental beginning in karnatka. It needs to further strengthen for 2024 polls.




 Policy maker cannot afford to drop their guard on inflation.

ð  What the editorial all about?

Recently inflation date released about April was 9.7%. this was 18 month low. The editorial talks about still higher inflation in different food products that need to be tackled.

ð  What is CPI inflation? What are its different components?

Consumer price index (CPI) inflation is the inflation in prices for retail consumers for various commodities

                  CPI               Weight       

 Food and beverages → 45.9%

Pan, Tobacco and Intoxicates → 2.4%

Clothing and footwear → 6.5%

Housing                         → 10.1%

Miscellaneous                → 28.3%

 (Health, Transportation, education etc)

Food                     → 39.1%

ð  What recently released data showed about inflation?

Inflation in April was recorded as 4.7%. it is 18 months low last year on 2022 April inflation was 7.8%

Among Food

                   April            March

Oils and fats – 12.3%     -7.86%

Cereals            13.7%     15.3%

Prices of vegetables and fruits have eared on basis.

Prices of Pulses remain a major concern.

ð  Concerns regarding inflation ahead?

Though current inflation is below upper threshold tolerance.

RBI’s Monstary policy committee (MPC) flogged last month concern regarding Monsoon. Monsoon this year will have 4% less rainfall, also el Nino concerns are there it will reduce rainfall.

There factors may increase inflation.



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