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ð  With PM flying to Paris India approves plan to buy 26  Rafale M-Jets

of PM Modi visit to France on Thursday, Defence Aequisition council (DAC),
chaired by Rajnath Singh accorded approval for the procurement of 26 additional
Rafael M. Fighter, and 3 additional SCORPENE submarine.



Rafael procured will be used by Navy and over aircraft carriers.

ð  India-France tig geared for next 25 years, says PM Modi.

an interview he gave to les echoles” PM Modi made a strong pitch for the
overhauling of the international political-economi C architecture and described
India as bridge between west and global south PM Modi said that there is a
“feeling of Afguish” in the Global South about the economic leadership that
global south is facing he said that president maron also also shares his view
“the right of Global South has long been denied”. He asked for India’s bid for
permanent membership.

India-France ties

called france as longstanding and time-tested friend of India for 25 year later
on reaching Paris PM addressed Indian community in a packed stadium he called
that Tamil being the world oldest language and a statues of saint-poet
Thiruvallunar will be installed in france. PM Modi s chief-guest of Baisaille
Day celebration to be celebrated on 14 July, Friday.

ð  Yamuna Makes further ingress, Delhi facing crisis


day after water level hitting 60 year high, Yamuna continued its rise in Delhi
on Thursday. Floodwaters submerged aeas close to the river’s flood plains,
arterial roads and hit city’s water supply More than23,00 people were evacuated
water supply was hit as  Govt had to
close 3 out of 4 water treatment plants schools, colleges has been closed
employees have been told to work from 


modi talked to V.K. Saxena, L0G of Delhi, seeking updates from flood situation.

ð  European parliament asks India to act prompthy to end Manipur

European Parliament on Thursday passed a resolution on Manipur violence the
resolution has following major demands from Govt of India.

project all religious minorities, such as Manipur’s Christian community and to
pre-empt any further esculation”

repeal UAPA in the line of UN Universal periodic Review”.

of external affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arinday bagchi. Called EU move
“unacceptable” and reflection to a :colonial mind-set” “Indian authorities at
all levels,  including the Judiciary are
seized of the situation in Manipur and are taking steps to maintain peace and
harmony and law and order,” Mr. bag chi said.

ð  BJP March ends in clashes with Bihar police, one dead.

sigh, a BJP leader from Jehanabad died allegedly after the lathi charge by the

was taking March on reply of 10 Lakh jobs promised by state govt. but just
minutes after walking they were intercepted at Dak Bunglaw chauraha, when the
protesters tried to go past the barricade, lathi charge was launched several
other BJP. Workers were injured in this.

ð  Ukraine war not a priority of G-20 presidency, says India.

sherpas meeting is going in HAMPI G-20 sherpa from India, Amitabh Kant here
told that Russia-Ukraine war is not the priority of G-20 Mr. kant liste India’s
priorities as “develop mental issus, growth, more financing from multilateral
institutions, technological transformation and supporting the Un’s sustainable
development Goals (SDGS)” Also India is pitching for  African Union (AU) getting 21st
member of G-20 the summit will be held on September 9 and 10 in New Delhi. 

ð  Over 70,000 stromded people in Himachal. Pradesh taken to safety.


least 70,000 people has been affected by floods in Himachal Pradesh, including
those in chandrataal lake area in the Lahul-spiti district have been evacuated
in a rescue
  operation that lasted close
to 60 hrs, CM sukvinder Singh shkhu said on Thursday.



are underway to evacuate, 10,000 individuals who are stranded in kasol-Tirthan

least 91 people have lost their lines in rain –related incidents, in Himachal
pradesh June 24. The state had seen as many as 53 landshids and 33 instances of
lash floods

ð  Proposed national research foundation to tap CSR to address finding

ð  About National Research Foundation (NRF).

of arm NRF has ben discussed in new education policy 2020 (NEP, 2020).

– NRF intends to act as a co-ordinating body between researches, various govt
bodies, and industry into the maintree of Research.

will operate with a budget of 50,000 crore with 36,000cr comping from PVT
industry while 14,000 crore coming from govt sources. There it still confusion
how will the private recent live to NKE India still  spends only about 6% of GDP on Research and
development India wan’t to king it to more than 1.5%

clarity still requires that how govt wants to bring private sector

ð  Congress leaders to organize Padyatra against Afnipth scheme in



 The US secretory of state Anotony Blinkar and China’s to foreign policy official wang yi  met on the sidehines of ASEAN talks being held in Jakarta.


ð  First over the counter birth control pill gets FDA approval.

The food and Drug industry (FDA) in the US has approved first one –a-day Opill, the nationals first over-the-counter birth control pill, in a landmark decision.

Opill – N69 by pcrrigo an Ireland based company.

ð  Google launches chat GPT rival bord in EU and other nations.





Headline – The 50th GST council meet lifts the fog on many areas; execution hold key.

ð  What the editorial is all about?

The editorial is regarding 50th GST council on Thursday. It has unravelled some major issued hanging for a long tie such as regarding GST appellate tribunal and GST a online gaming industry. Some other major changes is GST rates were also applied.

ð  Decision regarding GST Tribunal.

GST Tribunal was formed to lower the burden of disputes related GST rates and other related issues. Centre has cleared appointment norms for GST Tribunal and in 4 to 6 months govt says that it will be operational states have proposed 50 tribunal benches, but it will come in a phased manner in state

capitals major cities
and cities with high court benches.

ð  On decision regarding online gaming.

committee had finalised GST levy of 28% on the face value of all bets placed on
Online games, casinos, horse racing etc. with many gaming industry terming it a
death knell of expanding gaming industry, but the decision was pondered by GST
council since 2020.

Nirmala Sitharaman acknowledged that GOA and Sikkim rely heavily on
casinos-drives tourism revenues.

ð  Other rate changes in GST.

Drugs imported for
some rare disease and cancer had been exempted from GST charges.

Foods and beverages
in cinema halls will now attract a lower GST of 5% (earlier GST 18%)

GST on sports utility
vehicles has been in creased from 20% to 22%


here are four major GST slabs 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%.

– NATO must change the very paradign that set the Ukraine conflict in motion.

ð  What the editorial is all about ?

editorial is about NATO’s recent summit held in Lithuanian capital vilinas. It
had drawn criticism of the editorial because of double standard it has in
inducting Ukraine as NATO member. Also its attitude towards current war is not

about Ukraine to be inducted in it?

President didn’t get any time bound assurance to be inducted to NATO. It just
got reassuring word .




Joe Biden and other NATO countries regarding their support to Ukraine in was
country like Finland got NATO membership very soon, within a year after their
application to join NATO Sweeden looks to get NATO membership soon as Turkey
has abolished any restriction in giving Sweeden NATO membership.

ð  What is criteria for a country to be inducted to NATO?

country need to fulfil some political and military demands sch as market
economy, democracy, human rights and peace.

a member to be inducted has to get green signal of all the NATO members

ð  About Russia –Ukraine conflict

ð  Rather them searching for ceasefire and peace the summit has armed
Ukraine even more, clearing gates for more violence.

Recently USA decided to send duster munitions to Ukraine Such moves will do no good in any effect to find a peaceful resolution of issue. 




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