Summary of The Hindu 13 SEPTEMBER 2023 Current Affairs

Nipah breaks out again in Kerala claims two lives

Nipah scare has returned Kerala , with two deaths being. Reported from Kozhikode district .

Teams of National Institute of Virology ( NIV ) and ICMR has been despatched to Kerala.

Health Minister Manshukh Mandviya said that it will as not a new virus and we had experiencd it earlier and Patients are being managed and there is no need for exported drugs for now .

Kozhikode district has set up a control room and people there have been advised to wear masks .

Nipah virus is transmitted from animals such as pigs or bats , to human and from human to human . The symptoms of Nipah virus are fever , muscle pain , and respiratory problems . A infected person can be asymptomatic but can be carrier of Nipah .

Fatality rate of Nipah is higher .

Retail inflation eases ; food prices still bite

India’s retail inflation eased slightly to 6.83% in August. , from the 15 month high of 7.44% in July , but the rise in food prices remained elevated at around 10% and Rural consumer price inflation remained higher than 7% .

The year on year rise in vegetable prices , which soared 37.4% in July , eased a little but still was 26.1% high year on year basis .

SC refers plea against sedition law to a constitution Bench

The supreme court on Tuesday referred petitions challenging sectoon 124A , the provision for the sedition in the Indian Penal Code ( IPC) , to a five judge constitution Bench . It refused govt demand to wait for words on Bhartiya Nyaya Samhita , bill .

Farmers to reach SC against Indo US deal on Polutry

During recent visit of US President Joe Biden for G20 . India and US decided to end disputes over import of Poultry products and to reduce import tariff on apples , almonds , chickpeas and lentils . Farmer s and. Traders have raised alarm fearing that it will harm interest of farmers and small and medium industries working under poultry sector .

Farmer union has told that it will approach SC in this regard . 

Rajnath lays foundation of Nayoma airfield near the LAC in eastern Laddakh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday virtually laid foundation stone for the Nyoma airfield in eastern Ladakh near the like of Actual Control ( LAC ) .He Laos inaugurated Nechiphu tunnel on the axis of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh .

The Nyoma airfield is to be developed at a cost of ₹200 crore , will boost air infrastructure on Laddakh. , and augment the IAF’s capability along the nothern border .The defence minister exceeded confidence that yhenaitffield whic will be one of the world’s highest , would prove to be a gamechanger in Laddakh and augment IAF’s capability along the nothern border .


Noyoma airfield in eastern Laddakh

South Korea keen on joining QUAD , says envoy Chang Jae bok

South Korea is keen on joining the QUAD and the bail is now in group g’s court , Chag Jae bok , the South Korean envoybto India season d on Tuesday .

On bilateral front , he said India and South Korea are negotiating the expansion of the CEPA ( Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement ) and had so far held 10 rounds of discussion , but there were lots of unresolved issues .On ease of doing business he said that he expect Indian authorities to make business environment more conducive for Korean businesses .

Farmers are Anna Datas , protect their rights and future , says president

President Murmu on Tuesday inaugurated a global seminar organised by International treaty on plant Genetic Resources for Food and agriculture and Food and Agriculture Organisation ( FAO ) on Farmer’s right .

She called for concrete steps to be taken to conserve traditional seed varieties and eco – friendly farming practices .

She presented Plant Genome saviour farmers Recognition award for 2020– 21 to Patapi Amma , a tribal farmer from Vithura in Kerala .

One Jawan , militant killed , three injured. Rajauri encounter

One militant and an Army Jawan were killed and three security personnel – two Army Jawans and a J&K’s Police special Police Force – injured in ongoing encounter in Rajauri district of the PirPanjal Valley on Tuesday .

Preliminary reports say that Two or three militants were encircled following a tip -off , Army says that additional troops are I. Place to prevent militants from escaping .


Rajauri makes bkudary with PoK

Revamped Budhha circuit set to host MotoGP Bharat

Budhha International Circuit in Greater Noida will host 13 th round of 2023 Moto GP championship .


2300 dead , many missonf as flash flood hit Libiya city

At least 2300 people were killed and thousands were reported missing in Libya after catastrophic flash floods broke river dams and tore through eastern coastal city .Torrential rain from the storm Daniel caused the

Massive destruction shattered the city of Dernah . Home of about 1,00,000 people , where multi storey buildings on the river  anks collapsed and houses and cars vanished in the raging waters . Libyan emergency service has said that more than 5000 are still missing while 7000 are injured . Red Cross has said that number of missing people hitting 10,000 .

Derna is 250 km east of Benghazi .


Libyan City Dernah is about 250 km from Benghazi

North Korea’s Kim arrives in Russia to meet Putin

North Korean leader arrived in Russia on Tuesday . Making a rare foreign trip and his first since pandemic Mr Kim’s private train left for Russia from Pyongyang on Tuesday .

Mr Putin is attending the Eastern Economic Forum in Vlodivostok . However location of their meetings is not disclosed .

Experts say that Moscow will likely seek artillery shells and antitank missiles from North Korea will likely seek artillery shells and antitank missiles from North Korea , which wants advanced satellites and nuclear powered technology in return .

Kremlin spolesperson Dmitry Peskov said the two leaders would ” co-operate  on sensitive areas that should not be subject to public discourse and announcements ” .

Last week USA had warned that North Korea would ” pay a price ” if it supplies Russia weaponry for the conflict of Ukriane .


Form Pyongyang to Vlodivosto

India urges Srilanka govt to keep its promises on Tamil issue

India on Tuesday said that progress made by Srilanka  , on its commitment to fulfills the Tamils aspirations , was ” inadequate” and urged the island nation to ” work meaningfully ” to keep its promises .

India’s representative told this in 54 th session of UN Human Rights Council  ( UNHCR ) in Geneva .iIndia , reiterated Power devolution under 13th Amendment to conduct Provincial elections to restore life and dignity for Tamils in Srilanka.

India is consistent with its remarks , last year it had put same demand in UNHCR . 

Iran acknowledges detention of sweden

Iran’s judiciary confirmed on Tuesday that it was holding a Swedish national. , Saying he had ” committed crimes ” in the Islamic republic . Last week EU had said that Sedisj diplomat Johan Forbes , had been detained in Iran for more than 500 days .

EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said last week that the bloc is pushing ” relentlessly ” for the Sweden’s release . 


Probe and Probity

Investigating agencies must avoid being drawn into political congestaton

About the editorial

The editorial talks about recent arrest of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu in corruption case .The editorial hopes that the case Is genuine and not a case of Vendetta politics .

Why Chandrababu Naidu was arrested Andhra Pradesh – CID ( AP- CID ) has arrested Chandrababu Naidu of charges of siphoning about 312 crore of fund for skill development scheme to shell companies , based on fake envooces .

The Court has sent Chandrababu for 14 days of Police custody ..

What editorial talks

Jagan Mohan Reddy of YSRCP and Chandrababu are arc rivals in Andhra Pradesh . The editorial hopes that the curre t cases is genuine and not for political purposes  

No filter

Prior approval requirement for initiating corruption probes is not desirable  

About the editorial

The editorial is about recent SC judgement in which it has withheld it’s own 2014 judgement I. which section 6A of Delhi Special Police Establishment ( DSPE)  Act has been made void .

About section 6A of DSPE act

CBI was established under DSPE act in 1961 .

Section 6A of DSPE act says that CBI will have to take permission of central government before filing a case when the officer is of rank joint secretary and above .

CBI looks into economic crimes , crimes related to corruption and other special crimes .

In 2015 SC had declared 6A of DSPE void .

Recent SC judgement

Recently SC held its own 2014 judgement , helding Sections 6 A void . It also told that CBI can use ,6 A to be void in retrospective manner ,means even in cases prior to  2014 it can held section. 6A void and start investigation .

Govong teeth to investigative agencies is a must .and Judgement is in right spirit .

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