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THE HINDU 13/05/23
Inflation – Slips to on 18 month low of 4.7%
India’s Retail inflation slid 18 month low to 4.7% in April.
Last Year on April it had hit 7.8%
Urban CPI                                           Rural CPI
March 2023            5.9%                                               5.5%
April 2023                 4.85                                             4.7%
Consumer Food Price Index.
March – 4.8
April- 3.84%
Higher Inflation in Pulres, Personal Care. Products still remain a
concern. Milk price are other area of worry which is on surge.
CPI- Consumer Price Index, it shows the inflation In prices Consumer
has to pay.
It accounts for rise of prices in food, education Health, Housing etc.
Food has weightage of around 43% in this.
RBI has appear tolerance limit of inflation as 6%
RBI raises policy rates to control inflation. In recent Monetary Policy
Committee (MPC) Meeting RBI declined to raise prices.
Hindenbarg Case: SC may give 3 months to SEBI to finish
SEBI had asked for 6 months more. To complete its investigation in
Hindenburg Case. However, court said that it can give 3 months to SEBI
to submit its report.
SC told that Justice Sapre. Report has been received and it will read it
on Sunday and list SEBI for Monday.
March 2- Sc had formed an expert committee headed by Justice SAPRE
to investigate casual factors and existence, if any, of regulatory failure.
Which led to investors ‘losing crores due to volatility in securities
market following Hindenburg report.
SEBI and other agencies were directed by the court to cooperate with
the committee and provide it with all “material and requisite
SC on Monday will direct SEBI on this farther.
SC question W.B. ban, T.N. alert on The kerala story.
SC asked west Bengal government to Just icy its decision to ban The
Screening of “The Kerala Story” while the other states which are
screening the film is facing no problem.
To Tamil Nadu also it has asked about the steps taken to
maintain law and order for screening of film.
Earlier Tamil Nadu had issued a state of red alert, which prompted
cinema hall owners hat to screen the film amid fear of violence west
Bengal had banned screening of film.
Filmmakers reached SC to lift the ban. SC have given May 17 to West
Bengal and Tamilnadu to file their reply. Next heaving will be on 17th
The Kerala Story was released on May 5.
SC tells Courts not to rely on April 26 order on default bail.
Default bail- It is provided to an accused when police fails to file
chargesheet within two days or in – one cases 90 days of arrest of
April 26 Order – A 3 Judge bench in “Ritu Chhabaria as Union of India”
had held that the Central agencies can not deny accused person their
right to default bail by filing multiple supplementary chargesheet.
The Judgement had held that.
The right to default bail under Section 167 (Z) of the CRPC is a
Fundamental right flowing from article 21 of the Constitution.
Article. 21 – Fundamental right of life or personal liberty.
Rita Chhabaria Case – Ritu Chhabaria was under CBI Custody on
corruption charges. CBI was getting his custody renewed by filing
supplementary chargesheet.
The person never got the default bail this.
Enforcement Directorate (ED) filed an application in court of recalling
26th April Judgement, Contradicted its own past Judgment.
May 1 – SC Bench directed courts to “defer” any decision an default bail
pleas filled on strength of “Ritu Chhabaria Judgement” on April 26.
On May 4, The Court extended its interim order to May 12.
May 12 – SC said that default bail I Pleas can be decided independent of
“Ritu chhabaria Judgment”.
Lack of Committees against sexual harassment is disquieting
says SC.
The SC on Friday in Judgment said there is a “session lapse” and
“uncertainty” in the implementation of “protection of Women against
Sexual Harassment (POCH) Act” leaving many working women choice
but to leave their jobs.
A Bench of Justice AS. Bopanna and Hima kohli in a 62 page judgment
cited recent. Report that out of 30 sports federation only 16 have
constituted ICC (Internal Complaints Committee).
Under POSH Act – Ministries, Departments, Govt. Organizations,
Authorities, PSU- Institution has to form Internal Complaints
Committee (ICC), Local Committee (LC) and Internal Committees (ICs)
Under the act. The information of their committees should be on their
Women facing sexual harassment at there can go there and file their
Court has given 8 Weeks to comply and file affidavit in top courts.
Cyclone Mocha to be severe, but little threat to India : IMD
IMD has classified MOCHA as “Very sever. Cyclonic storm”. It will how
its fury mainly on Myanmar coast and Bangladesh coast. India is going
to be least affected.
Ten- Kuki legislators from Manipur demand “Separate
Ten KUKI MLA — from Manipur has demanded separate
administration for KUKI and other SI Tribes in Manipur. They have also
accused the current govt. for current violence.
Starting that to live among majority meities is a death in itself.
The MLA- said “ Our people can no longer exist under Manipur as the
hatred against our tribal community has reached such a height that
MLAs, Ministers, Pastors, police and Civil Officers, Loumar, Woman and
even children were not spared”
“As the state of Manipur has miserably failed as , we seek
of Union of India a separate. Administration under the
constitution of India” the statement said Manipur legislative
assembly has to MLAs.
Tribes (ST)                                                   60
Kuki                        Naga                  Metie         BJP- 32
MLA – 10                  10                                     NPP- 7
Others- 21
– Ahead of a-20 meet, Srinagar gets its first pedestrian market.
POLO View is the heart of city G-20 To urism . meeting will be
head on 23 May in Srinagar.
– CBSE results : 87.33% students clear class 12.
93.12% Students pass class 10.
Thiruvannath Puramm (99.98%) has topped the list
Girls have outperformed boys.
– He orders Scientific Survey of ‘Shivling’. In Gyanwapi Case
Allahabad High Court has ordered Archeological Survey of India
(ASI) to conduct scientific. Survey to determine the age of shivling
found in Gyanwapi.
– Monitoring Pilot ‘Yatra’ Says congren Rajasthan in change. Senior
congren leader sachin Pilot started “Jan Sangharsh Yatra” from
Ajmer to Jaipur.
Conquress has termed it a “Personal” one and party was “Keeping
an eye” on it.
– Welfare without discrimination is true seculenirh, says Modi.
PM Modi lay foundation sore of projects worth Rs. 4,400 Crores.
PM Modi allotted houses to PMAY beneficiaries.
Aviation ‘easing Watchdog put India on watch list for
NCLT’s Go First Order.
The global aviation leasing watchdog has placed India on a watch
list, assigning it “negative” out book following NCLT’s order
barring lessors and lenders from reprocessing planes of Go Air
under imolvency prion.
NCLT’s order “ has raised concerrs among lessors and creditors
regarding risk anocieted with leasing aircraft in India” a official
Risk of U.S defaults adds to slowing global economy’s
woes: Malpass.
David Malpass is world bank is world Bank President.
Islamabad HC grants. Bail to Imran, bars police
from regretting him.
Former Pakistan minister Imran Khan was granted bail by
Islamabad High court.
“The Court has granted Imran Khan two week interim bail and
directed authorities not to arrest him in the ( I raft) Case”
Earlier he was arrested by Ravagers by orders of NAB. Pakistan
Supreme Court had told his arrest “illegal” and released him.
PM shehbaz sharif on Friday questioned Supreme Court’s Irnoting
relief to Mr. Khan. He said “ If you want to keep favouring this
‘Ladla’ then you should also release all the dacoits behind the
bars in country. Let this be free for all”
Fierce fighting. Renews in Gaza as truce hope fade.
Violence that broke on Tuesday when Israel killed 3 top militant of
Islamic Jihad militants group continued on Friday.
Heavy rocket launching from Gaza city could be seen. Israeli Air
Force bombed Gaza city. Israel announced that it was “striking
Islamic Jihad targets” in the densely populated Palestinian
Till now 30 plestinons have died while 90 has got
wounded. International community has called for de-esclation.
The European Union is pushing for “ Immediate comprehensive
cease fire.”
Rusia acknowledges retreat north of Bakhmut I
Wagner chief calls it a “rout”
Moscow acknowledged on Friday that its forces have retreated
from battlefield city BAKHMUT after a new Ukrainian Counter
offensive, in a retreat that is headed by Wagner forces. Russian
Defence Miniotry spokes person told that “
Russian forces have repeated to regroup. While wanger chief told
that they were routed by Ukrainian forces and tanks.
Battle for BHKHMUT
Has been going for months WAGNER
Group is fighting from Russian side.
China to send envoy to Ukraine, Russia as part of peace
China is sending a special envoy to Ukraine and Russia is tasting next
week to help a political settlement of Ukraine crisis.
Li Hui – china’s special representative for Eurasian affairs and a former
ambassador to Moscow will Visit Poland, France and Germany.
Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson said.
China says that US and NATO are escalating the war. Earlier its peace
plan was rejected by west citing china’s. friendship with Russia.
Last months Xi Jinping had called Ukraine President Volodymyer
Zelenskyy . and had pushed for Chinese plan to end conflict.
Ayush collaboration with ICMR for scientific validation is right
– What the editorial is all about?
Recently Ayush ministry and ICMR has collaborated to undertake
quality human clinical trials to Ingrate evidence on the benefits of
using AYURYEDA along with modern medicine. The editorial talks
that it is a step in right direction.
– About recent collaboration of AYUSH and ICMAR.
AYOUSH- Ayurveda + Yoga + Unani + Siddha + Homeopathy.
Ministry of Ayush looks into all these traditional treatment
ICMR – Indian Council of Medical Research.
It conducts trail on redieine, conducts research in medical field.
Ministry of AYUSH has collaborated with ICMAR to undertake
quality human trial to generate evidence. Based benefits of using
AYUSH medicine along with modern medicine (evidence based
Initially it will be restricted to AYURVEDA- Later it will test Yogu,
Unani, Siddha and homeopathy.
– How will it work?
A committee will be formed which will decide which disease will
go under trial. Two separate trials will be wndueted.
Simultaneousness. In Its Patients will be treated with modern
medicine. In the other patient will be treated with modern
medicine along with AYURYEDA.
– How The collaboration will help?
ICMR has expertise in trial and validation of medicine. AYUSH
medicines lack a established scientific validation in modern times.
this is a handle in AYUSH come out of the Limitation. It will help



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